10-year-old boy helps his mum deliver his baby brother and saves his life in the process 10-year-old boy helps his mum deliver his baby brother and saves his life in the process
10 year old Jayden Fontenot will have an amazing story to tell his little brother about saving his life on the day he was... 10-year-old boy helps his mum deliver his baby brother and saves his life in the process

10 year old Jayden Fontenot will have an amazing story to tell his little brother about saving his life on the day he was born.

Fontenot not only helped his mother, Ashly Moreau, 36, deliver his baby brother on the bathroom floor of the family’s home in Sulphur, Louisiana, his swift actions to grab a nasal aspirator from the kitchen also helped save the newborn’s life when he initially wasn’t breathing.

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Moreau told TODAY:

“I said to Jayden, ‘You’ll always have a special bond with your brother” . “I’m just so proud of him. He saved our lives.”

Moreau was also bleeding profusely during the birth, and the baby was initially in the breech position.

Moreau said she had gotten up to go to the bathroom on the morning of Aug. 11 when her water broke. She said she was shocked because her baby’s due date wasn’t until Sept. 20.

She said she astonished when she looked down and saw the baby’s feet sticking out of her vagina, which meant the boy was in the breech position, which increases the risk of complications.

Her fiance, Kelsey Richard, had already left for work as a mechanical engineer at that time, so Moreau called for her 10 year old son, Jayden and asked him to go next door to get his grandmother, Francis Soileau.

Unfortunately for her, Soileau had just undergone back surgery and wasn’t able to walk, so she called 911 as Jayden quickly ran back home to help his mother.

Moreau continued. She said: “I said to Jayden, ‘You’re going to have to deliver your brother, and we have to do it fast because the baby’s feet are turning blue and he can’t breathe”. “He said, ‘Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.”’

Moreau was also bleeding profusely from what doctors later told her was most likely her placenta detaching from the wall of her uterus because of the premature birth.

“I was crying, but I just tried to stay calm and collected,” she said. “Jayden was so calm that it made me more calm. I could see he was scared, but he knew he had to do it.”

Jayden helped move the new baby, Daxx out of the breech position by gently rotating him while his mother gave him instructions.

When they finally got the baby out properly, Daxx wasn’t breathing. So Jayden rushed into the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator that Moreau uses on her 11-month-old daughter, Remi, and quickly returned help his mother start pumping air into Daxx’s nose and mouth.

The baby began breathing just about the same time that emergency services arrived with an ambulance that took them to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

Her fiance, Richard then joined them after rushing from work.

Daxx has been progressing well and should be home with his parents by now because the Doctors kept him under observation for one week.

In recognition of his heroism, Jayden was honored at Maplewood Middle School on Monday by the mayor and first responders from Sulphur.

“Every time I think about it, I just cry”. “I don’t think Jayden understands what he’s done and how big it is.” The proud mum said.


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