Pregnant model with six-pack denies altering pics Pregnant model with six-pack denies altering pics
Model Sarah Stage has found herself in the midst of an internet firestorm after posting a snap of herself in a bikini. The reason... Pregnant model with six-pack denies altering pics

Model Sarah Stage has found herself in the midst of an internet firestorm after posting a snap of herself in a bikini. The reason – Sarah is currently eight months pregnant – however, her belly is barely there … at all.

Sarah shot to stardom in 2015 when she shared pics of her tiny baby bump when pregnant with her first child. In June, two years after welcoming that child, son James Hunter, Sarah announced she is expecting her second child.

There’s a baby in there – apparently. Image: Instagram/@sarahstage

Just like before, the L.A.-based mom has been documenting her non-existent baby bump on Instagram, but new photos had some fans speculating whether she uses Photoshop, revealed US Weekly.

Sarah has only more month before her baby is due, but a picture posted to Instagram two days ago just beggars belief – even for Sarah.

In the shot the soon-to-be mama of two is wearing a daring white bikini. She has a slight swelling in her mid-section but little more than what the rest of us experience after a heavy lunch. Her six-pack abs are clearly visible.

And then this shot – just a few hours later. Okay. So there may be a baby in there after all. Image: Instagram/@sarahstage

The moment she posted the shot her fans/haters began commenting.

“Eat like a normal human whose pregnant you freak,” wrote one.

“That’s just plan weird,” wrote another.

“What the actual F%$#,” shared one baffled follower.

“Where is the baby?” asked yet another.

Then a second picture began to circulate on the internet. It was said to have been snapped on the same day the dazzling white bikini photo was posted. The only thing was, in the picture Sarah looked like a relatively normal, albeit trim, pregnant woman in a baggy T-shirt and boyfriend jeans.

Not surprisingly the accusations and rumours began to fly.

The model as she usually appears – pretty damn impressive by anyone’s standards. Image: Getty.

There was talk that Sarah had used Photoshop to edit out her baby bump and that while fit, was nothing like she appeared in the famed Instagram pregnancy shots. US Weekly reported that her rep denies this.

“Sarah would never Photoshop any photo,” the viral star’s rep Anthoni Allen told the magazine.

“She shares her images with her audience to embrace all different body types and her pregnancy. She’s been shamed through both pregnancies. She’s trying to put her journey out there to encourage others.”

Sarah has since posted several images and even a video of herself and she does appear to be tiny – like, seriously tiny. It would seem that she is truly is the real deal. And maybe, this is nothing more than a case of the internet on a witch hunt. Let’s face it. It’s happened before. And it will likely happen again.

In our opinion, Sarah looks to be an unusually fit and happy mama. And surely that’s a good thing?


Obinna Onyia

  • Jasmine

    2017-08-25 #1 Author

    I’ve seen stories like this and surprisingly the baby comes out healthy 😇


  • Jasmine

    2017-08-25 #2 Author

    I’ve seen stories like this and surprisingly the baby come out healthy😇


  • Daja

    2017-08-25 #3 Author

    Wow she doesn’t even look pregnant


  • Quanitra

    2017-08-25 #4 Author

    that is so cool , she’s a fit mother ❤️


  • Nokubonga

    2017-08-25 #5 Author

    I believe her some don’t even have bump when they pregnant


  • Jess Lynn

    2017-08-25 #6 Author

    People will always look for something or someone to criticize, deface, or devalue in order to make themselves feel better in some aspect or another. This model is obviously very fit and works out and eats well and takes pride in her appearance. Let’s face it we all know at least 1 woman that has always been super tiny even through pregnancy and really didn’t even start showing until almost the end of the pregnancy. But because those people aren’t famous in some way nobody makes a fuss about it at all. Here lately body shaming skinny women and very toned women is almost as bad if not worse than body shaming big women.


  • DeeLady simms

    2017-08-25 #7 Author

    She looks beautiful 😍


  • Tiff

    2017-08-25 #8 Author

    Lol now i need her body


  • DaMesha

    2017-08-25 #9 Author

    If she was already muscular before she had the kid of course she was going to shape out like this


  • KendrA

    2017-08-26 #10 Author

    I want my kids pic to go viral


  • TaSharai

    2017-08-26 #11 Author

    I seen that picture on twitter and was so fascinated by her lack of weight gain….. even her not having a baby bump. It’s like every woman’s dream.


  • Yhann

    2017-08-26 #12 Author

    i want to have a body like her hahaha kiding


  • Laquashia bush

    2017-08-26 #13 Author

    This is the most interesting thing I’ve read about


  • Ashley Buckley

    2017-08-26 #14 Author

    Wow, Ciara looks amazingly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Mother of 2 and she’s looking magnificent 💋


  • carol

    2017-08-28 #15 Author

    I didn’t show until I was eight months pregnant and gave birth to a healthy 4kg 55cm tall baby boy


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