Video: North West don’t like her brother Saint and it’s hard for me – Kim Kardashian says Video: North West don’t like her brother Saint and it’s hard for me – Kim Kardashian says
Kim Kardashian West has revealed that her daughter North, 4, is not a huge fan of her little brother Saint, 1, and it’s evidently... Video: North West don’t like her brother Saint and it’s hard for me – Kim Kardashian says

Kim Kardashian West has revealed that her daughter North, 4, is not a huge fan of her little brother Saint, 1, and it’s evidently a problem for her.

‘I don’t know if it’s because she’s the older sister. I don’t know what it is,” Kardashian said while co-hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” alongside Ryan Seacrest on Monday. “I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother and it’s so hard for me.”

The reality star also explained that jealousy is an issue for North when it comes to her younger brother.

“I thought it was like, ‘OK, a couple months; she’s just warming up to it.’ She got so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that stuff. Now, the phase isn’t going away!”

Kim, who first became a mom in 2013, told Ryan Seacrest North thinks she’s “outsmarting” her whenever she tries to exclude Saint.

“She’s like, ‘We’re having a tea party. No boys allowed. Dad can’t come. No boys!’ She’ll slam the door on her brother’s face, and he’ll just start crying.”

Saint “likes to imitate her now,” the 36-year-old reality star continued. “So if she’s crying, then he’ll just start fake crying. I’m like, ‘One of you! I can’t pick up both of you and figure it all out!'”

Watch the interview below..

Henry Okafor

  • Melissa Tisdol

    2017-08-29 #1 Author

    I’m afraid Braelyn will be like this with my


    • Tyaria

      2017-12-05 #2 Author

      wow! i wish her the best in the future


  • Elisha

    2017-08-29 #3 Author

    My kids are the same but my son is the oldest


  • Raneshia ezell

    2017-08-29 #4 Author

    Somebody sounds too spoiled


    • Tyera

      2017-10-24 #5 Author

      I know right but I don’t think it’s cute to publicly announce that my


  • Yolanda

    2017-08-30 #6 Author

    Sound just like my babies


  • India miranda

    2017-08-30 #7 Author

    Hopefully its just a phase that will go away. She should be teaching her to love and accept and include her baby brother always


  • Tamesha

    2017-08-30 #8 Author

    Awww I guess she was used to being the only child .


  • Angel No.-Mack

    2017-08-30 #9 Author

    Wow that’s crazy that she would use that technique just to get people to retweet something she posted on Twitter. That let you know now the type of mother she’s going to be. Very sad very very sad.


  • Fatima

    2017-08-30 #10 Author

    My youngest son is the same you.


  • Lori

    2017-08-30 #11 Author

    I don’t have this issue yet but my duaghter hatea or me to give any other child my I can only imagine. My big sister just started liking me 😂😂😂


  • Lori

    2017-08-30 #12 Author

    My sister hate me as a baby she just started liking me my daughter hates for me to touch another baby so I can only imagine!


  • Ishyona

    2017-08-30 #13 Author

    I’m afraid of my kids growing up because are my babies


  • rose’Lyn

    2017-08-30 #14 Author

    IWas Just Like That


  • Sharla

    2017-08-30 #15 Author

    Poor thing! She’ll get use to him..


    • Victoria

      2017-10-16 #16 Author

      Yes she will my daughter was like that at first when them being so young its normal to a child when as adult we automaticaly know when we dont like some one


  • Courtney Mckinnie

    2017-08-30 #17 Author

    Hopefully she will get better soon!


  • Charveina

    2017-08-31 #18 Author

    She would get over it, its a phase she going thru. My son use to do it to his sister. Now he cant get enought of her.


  • Charveina

    2017-08-31 #19 Author

    My son use to be the same way. Now he is her best friend. Give her time she will get over it.


  • Charveina

    2017-08-31 #20 Author

    My son used to be the same way. Now he us her best friend. Give her time she will get over it.


  • Cori Robinson

    2017-08-31 #21 Author

    My niece is like that around other kids that wants my attention.


  • Trish

    2017-09-01 #22 Author

    My two get along great thank god!



    2017-09-02 #23 Author

    I hope my daughter gets along with my next one!


  • Cassie

    2017-09-02 #24 Author

    they’re siblings, this is only the beginning 😂


  • Angel

    2017-09-02 #25 Author

    Some kids stay in that phrase a little longer than normal. I got worried because my daughter adjustment period was longer than expected


  • Kayla

    2017-09-07 #26 Author

    North has no choice but to get use to Saint 🙄 She has a baby sister on the way


  • Marcella

    2017-09-07 #27 Author

    I am glad my son loves babies and we shouldn’t have this problem lol


  • Elyza

    2017-09-08 #28 Author

    I hope she will loves babies.


  • Stephanie

    2017-09-08 #29 Author

    I hope my sons other brothers won’t be like this, but I can see it


  • Brooke Forrester

    2017-09-09 #30 Author

    I think my girl would react the same that’s why no more baby’s for me


  • Orinhannah

    2017-09-11 #31 Author

    Every cold is different eh…


  • Miranda

    2017-09-12 #32 Author

    Luckily things have gotten better for us. Juliana was the only child until I had her younger brother. At first she was jealous because I used to breastfeed her and I had to stop when I found out I was pregnant with my son. When I would breastfeed him, she would want to be by me and cling on us. But now she loves her brother and she’s so defensive when it comes to him.


  • Earlisha Mcnary

    2017-09-12 #33 Author

    Im sure she loves her brother but she use to having all the attention shes a baby she will be fine and he want remember


  • Ramo

    2017-09-14 #34 Author

    She will like him,she is just jealous and think that is on 2nd place .tipically for big brothers 🙂


    • Demecia

      2017-11-13 #35 Author

      Yeahhh I Think So As WeII


  • Angel

    2017-09-14 #36 Author

    My my daughter did this to my son…


  • Ashanti

    2017-09-14 #37 Author

    She will like him


  • Alexandra Booker

    2017-09-18 #38 Author

    Maybe it’s still a phase and is just taking a little longer than expected. Eventually she’ll warm up to him, they’re related after all.


  • William

    2017-09-20 #39 Author

    lol that’s how some kids


  • Joeyanna

    2017-09-21 #40 Author

    This is how my friends daughter is 🙄 They eventually get over that though! Now she loves her baby brother 🙂


  • Reina

    2017-09-21 #41 Author

    They Are To Cute But That Crazy She Loves Her Brother Deep Down Inside 😍


  • Kimora mcbryde

    2017-09-25 #42 Author

    Aww, as she gets older she will show some affection.


  • Jewel Marie

    2017-09-26 #43 Author

    Awee she’ll learn to love her brother, it’s a new adjustment for her since she’s been an only child.


  • Cristal Era Ginolos

    2017-09-28 #44 Author

    As North grow older, she’ll understand that her brother is not her rival.


  • Cristal Era Ginolos

    2017-09-28 #45 Author

    As North grows older, she’ll understand that her brother is not her rival.


  • Era

    2017-09-28 #46 Author

    She’ll get used to him and she’ll learn to love her baby brother.


  • Porcha Smith

    2017-09-28 #47 Author

    I thought my son would be the same way seeing as how there’s a 7 year after difference between him and his sister but he loves her and is very helpful


  • Hillary janne

    2017-09-28 #48 Author

    This is how my nephew is, he eventually get over that through😝


  • Sydnee

    2017-09-29 #49 Author

    I think north is the cutest! She looks like a doll


  • Wanikka

    2017-10-03 #50 Author

    They will be ok..gotta plan activities that includes the both of them


  • Neka

    2017-10-03 #51 Author

    I’m scared my daughter is going to be like this once I have my son in November


  • Ryneisha allen

    2017-10-04 #52 Author

    He will grow out of it it’s just a stage what a Beautiful family ❤️


  • Dariel

    2017-10-07 #53 Author

    It’s just a phase…they’ll be bestfriends later on when he gets older


  • Lena

    2017-10-07 #54 Author

    Awww … she’ll get out of this phase they’re both soo cute


  • jenny Angelah Gourdet

    2017-10-09 #55 Author

    i hope she loves babies! ohhh


  • Raven

    2017-10-10 #56 Author

    I really hope Dj doesn’t be like that. I don’t think he will but that’s what I’m afraid of if I have another one


  • Christina rey

    2017-10-14 #57 Author

    Im afraid to have another baby because i feel like elyas would be jealous


  • Teresa

    2017-10-14 #58 Author

    I know my baby will be jealous if I had another baby !


  • Mahogony

    2017-10-17 #59 Author

    I hope my daughter isn’t like this to her little brother.


  • Tashalee

    2017-10-17 #60 Author

    She’ll grow out of it. She’s just not used to being in the house being the only child now she has another little baby taking all the attention.


  • Pamie Narine

    2017-10-18 #61 Author

    I guess she just likes attention just like her mother…, kid tend to be like that way when a new baby is introduced into the family. Just adjust to your role as a mother of two kids nw and share the love and attention equally between them both.


  • Jason

    2017-10-19 #62 Author

    Damn smh that’s deep


  • Aisha fair

    2017-10-19 #63 Author

    This is one of my biggest fears for my next child lol, the first is so used to getting al the attention


  • Aleia

    2017-10-19 #64 Author

    Aww… North is so used to being the only child she isn’t feeling that sibling vibe.. lol I hope she grows out of it.


  • Precious Black

    2017-10-21 #65 Author

    North is just spoiled and acting like a big sister they have years to argue and fuss with one another because me and my brother are 7 years apart and he mock me and get on my nerves but I love him dearly.


  • Shatoya

    2017-10-22 #66 Author

    It’ll get better as time goes by she’s gonna love him when she notice you love them the same for different reasons!


  • Savannah

    2017-10-23 #67 Author

    She just needs time to realize you love them both the same. Im sure things will be different when shes older


  • Aladyia

    2017-10-23 #68 Author

    Wow hope my kids isn’t like that


  • Delana

    2017-10-24 #69 Author

    She will grow out of it I’m sure !


  • Raven

    2017-10-26 #70 Author

    Poor baby, she’ll eventually develop a bond with him.


  • Abdurahman Younis Ali

    2017-10-28 #71 Author

    North is just spoiled and acting like a big sister they have years to argue and fuss with one another because me and my brother are 7 years apart and he mock me and get on my nerves but I love him dearly.


  • Brandon williams

    2017-10-30 #72 Author

    She is used to being the baby she not The baby anymore


  • TarynJ

    2017-10-30 #73 Author

    My oldest had a hard time dealing with the news that I was pregnant and I was afraid he would never come around. Now that his brother is here he is so in love.


  • Durriya Sampson

    2017-10-31 #74 Author

    It’s apart of being a kid… she will eventually get over it🤷🏽‍♀️


  • Aisha Smith

    2017-11-01 #75 Author

    Poor Kim!!!!!! Hopefully her daughter will outgrow this phase!!!


  • Jade

    2017-11-01 #76 Author

    That’s normal for Children that been the only child for a min


  • Kimberly

    2017-11-02 #77 Author

    Very interesting


  • Tia Simms

    2017-11-04 #78 Author

    Lol how cute of them


  • Ashley .M

    2017-11-07 #79 Author

    I have a newborn thank god my oldest son is a big help being that he 8 yrs old


  • Jennifer

    2017-11-07 #80 Author

    After a while she will grow to love him .


  • Shatona

    2017-11-08 #81 Author

    My little girl is the only child and she’s jealous about everything I do so I can only imagine when I have another baby .


  • Shanita

    2017-11-13 #82 Author

    She will understand when she get older


  • Terrell Joseph

    2017-11-14 #83 Author

    I think this is common in a lot of kids only because the attention was all on her before her brother . It will only get worse when her 3rd baby arrives. Then again it might be better because it’s a girl lol


  • Gleydis

    2017-11-15 #84 Author

    It all depends on how you start a relationship among your kids. When you had your first born all your attention is on that child, but once your second born arrives then you want to give all your attention to that second member but you can’t forget that you already had a child. So even though you have to give attention to the second one, always make some time for your first one. A time that is just you and her/him. My boys love each other and help each other and they are 1 and a half years apart. And is all due to the fact that I always gave the same attention to both of them.


  • Myquea

    2017-11-17 #85 Author

    Hopefully this won’t be the case when I have another kid.


  • Keyara s

    2017-11-17 #86 Author

    Let her know mommy loves them both the same she still wants to be the baby but she will come around


  • Janee

    2017-11-20 #87 Author

    The older child is normally jealous of the younger child because they’re use to being the only child & getting the treatment that the younger child is now getting, it’s just a phase


  • Mimi

    2017-11-23 #88 Author

    My son adore my daughter and i love it


  • john omoregie

    2017-11-30 #89 Author

    lovely family, my twins are beautiful too


  • Dalemecia Maxfield

    2017-12-03 #90 Author

    My daughter was like this with my son wen I had him she’s 4 and he’s 4 months but it will get better 💞


  • Julie

    2017-12-06 #91 Author

    That’s crazy, I couldn’t imagine. Thankfully my 2 vet along.


  • Makayla Mccain

    2017-12-06 #92 Author

    In my opinion it is more so due to the fact that at a point in time she was the only child and the baby. I say this because growing up as the second to last child I loved my little sister as a baby as she started growing I became jealous because I was no longer the baby and most attention went to her. This current day my sister is the best person in my life. She needn’t worry North will come around.


  • Bree Monay

    2017-12-07 #93 Author

    After being the only child for awhile she probably thought she would never have to share… wrong! I wonder how North is gonna take the newest addition. Only time will tell.


  • Courtney

    2017-12-09 #94 Author

    It’s always like that with siblings I think. Except for my my smallest doesn’t like my oldest lol it’s a mess at times but they have their good days too


  • Taylor

    2017-12-10 #95 Author

    I bet it’s frustrating 😩


  • Kylie

    2017-12-12 #96 Author

    i Raised my niece before I had a baby of my own and she adores my son just like that ❤️


  • Shakeira

    2017-12-12 #97 Author

    I’m sure this will be Maliyah 😂 she doesn’t care to share her mommy at all.


  • Aniek

    2017-12-14 #98 Author

    Wow i wouldve thought that they got along


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