This little miracle baby was born ‘without’ a brain, but before passing away she touched the hearts of many This little miracle baby was born ‘without’ a brain, but before passing away she touched the hearts of many
If you were given a choice to adopt a child who had a short time to live, would you be brave enough to do... This little miracle baby was born ‘without’ a brain, but before passing away she touched the hearts of many

If you were given a choice to adopt a child who had a short time to live, would you be brave enough to do so? For this couple, the choice wasn’t too hard to make, as for them, “the priority is life.” They knew that the baby deserved every chance at life.

Allison and Josh Lewis thought that they were adopting just one baby. On their way to North Carolina to take custody of the baby, however, they received an unexpected phone call from their adoption attorney telling them that the mother of the baby was having twins! Their happiness didn’t last long when they were told that one of the twins was born with abnormalities and may not survive.

Allison recounted the first time she laid eyes on the twins on her Facebook page: “When we finally arrived, we found a small, but healthy, baby boy cuddling with the nurses on the postpartum floor. But in NICU lay a precious three-pound darling whom we would soon find out was born without a brain. The doctors looked at us with eyes of sorrow and compassion and said, ‘you don’t have to take her. We know this isn’t what you signed up for.’”

Weighing 3 pounds (approx. 1 kg), baby Ava Lewis was born with just a brain stem, short of a brain. The couple was given a choice: take the baby girl or leave her.

“But that tiny, sick baby girl deserved every chance at life she could have and that was our priority. Her life,” Allison told Independent Journal Review.

So, with a conviction that “life is the priority,” Allison and Josh opened their arms wide to welcome Ava, along with her twin brother, Sam, into their lives, even though the couple from Birmingham, Alabama, were already blessed with four biological kids, and one adopted child.

Baby Sam was healthy, while Baby Ava grappled with seizures, pain, irregular heartbeat and breathing, and would sleep for days on end.

The couple knew Baby Ava wouldn’t live long; hence, they were resolute in giving her a fulfilling life, and creating memories with the other five siblings in the house. Baby Sam was also given lots of cuddling time with his twin sister, Ava.

Doctors told them Baby Ava couldn’t survive birth. But, the “feisty little thing” has defied all odds.

“She [a medical staff person] said what makes a person a person is not there. Medically, I understand what she’s saying, but she totally has a personality,” Allison said, according to

She passed away on May 19, 2016, when she was six months old. The Lewis family had had the privilege of accompanying Ava throughout her short 178 days on Earth.

“The reality of this journey is that it’s wrought with both overwhelming joy and immense sorrow,” she wrote.

Baby Ava was buried in a tiny, wooden casket, lovingly crafted by her adoptive father.

Obinna Onyia

  • Ursula

    2017-08-30 #1 Author

    Wow. These is a beautiful story. There are some beautiful people in this world. Tear jerking.


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    God bless this family🙏


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    Awww so sad sweet baby


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    Awww what a strong little baby god bless her and the family for being so loving and caring 💖💖


  • Imani Carrington

    2017-08-31 #8 Author

    She is so beautiful & precious. It really touches my heart to see what she had to go through. I feel for her family and send my prayers out to them. May she rest in peace. You will always be beautiful baby 💕


  • Kiana

    2017-08-31 #9 Author

    What a blessing that the family took on this role even though they didn’t have to. God rest her soul.


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    This is so touching . Godbless this baby 😍


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    God bless this family lord 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾It breaks my heart I’ll pray for this family


  • Irene lising

    2017-08-31 #12 Author

    What a beautiful story and so touching this baby has given the chance to be loved and cared by two loving parents before god take her away, These people had a good heart <3


  • Courtney

    2017-08-31 #13 Author

    This is so touching. Baby ava is a fighter. God bless you baby!! 😘


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    Wow this is a touching story . God bless this family


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    Touching but heartbreaking. Prayers Up!


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    This bring tears to my eyes ☹️😪


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    Soo Sad My Condolences Goes Out To The Parents 😘🤞🏽 ..


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    Praying for the family


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    2017-09-01 #22 Author

    Such a gorgeous baby. This a very touching story. :(. My condolences to the family, may she rest in peace. You’re in a good hands little girl with our creator. God Bless to the family. 🙂


  • Dayzunique Ramos

    2017-09-01 #23 Author

    Wow this is such a touching story! These adoptive parents have a such a good heart to take on such a big responsibility! They will forever be blessed 💕


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    I was teary eyed upon reading this story 😢😢😢 We love you baby 😘😘😘


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