Baby saves mom’s life before being born, but after birth, they learn something heartbreaking Baby saves mom’s life before being born, but after birth, they learn something heartbreaking
A Seattle mom is calling her baby girl her “saving grace” after the mother’s own life was saved by her child before she was... Baby saves mom’s life before being born, but after birth, they learn something heartbreaking

A Seattle mom is calling her baby girl her “saving grace” after the mother’s own life was saved by her child before she was even born. Now, the little girl is herself facing death, as she was born with a rare condition, which could kill her by the age of three. Meanwhile, mom can only hope to create as many precious memories for her daughter as possible in the time they have left.

Twenty-two-month-old Willow Rae Porter has inclusive-cell (I-cell) disease, an ultra-rare condition that severely affects her heart, breathing, digestion, and joints. The disease could very well lead to a premature death.

Despite Willow’s medical condition, her mom, 23-year-old Katie Hanson, has her daughter to thank for saving her life even before the little girl was born.

“Willow was my saving grace, if I wasn’t pregnant I would never have known I was developing cervical cancer,” Hanson told Caters. “I was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy, but Willow saved my life I wasn’t going to value myself over her, so after giving birth I had three inches of my cervix removed.”

Recalling how the family reacted when doctors announced Willow’s condition, Hanson recalled, “When we got Willow’s diagnosis, it was crushing, in an instant our whole world was turned upside down as we prepared for this life limiting diagnosis.

“The best-case scenario is her living to ten years old, the average is between three and five and often less, her diagnosis is less than two in a million—currently there are 72 confirmed cases in the world.”

According to Hanson, even a common cold could kill her child due to the disease.

Willow nevertheless has already learned to say “momma” and “yeah,” even though most sufferers of I-cell are mute.

The disease is caused by lysosomes of the body’s cells being unable to break down certain fatty substances and specific complex carbohydrates because of misdirection of enzymes that signal the breakdown process.

“The lysosomes are supposed to be breaking down the bad stuff in her body, but because the enzymes are misdirected and hyperactive the build-up in her tissue is happening all over her body,” Hanson said. “Her gums are the area where you can actively see the build-up happening as they are very thick and rigid causing a constant phase of teething as they continue to grow.”

“What you can’t see is the build-up is also happening with in the joints of her hands, wrist, arms, and knees causing stiffness and discomfort as well as enlargement of both her liver and spleen.”

Hanson has been trying to create memories for her daughter in the time they have left together. “Now we’re trying to make as many memories with her as we possibly can, as the memories someday will be all we will have left.

“My main focus is taking things one day at a time and I’m thankful for each and every second we get with her, we’re living a life without regrets and not taking things for granted.”


Obinna Onyia

  • Dianka Arnold

    2017-08-31 #1 Author

    This just breaks my heart but God knows what’s best..I’m most definitely praying the the baby and her family!!!


  • anya Williams

    2017-08-31 #2 Author

    😇they are both blessed


  • Chika Etareri

    2017-08-31 #3 Author

    Read porter are a blessed child, u are covered with the precious blood of Jesus Christ Amen


  • Gabrielle umali

    2017-08-31 #4 Author

    Hi baby your such a blessing🙏🏼🙏🏼😘


  • Kaylah .

    2017-08-31 #5 Author

    Prayers for the little baby.


  • Kena Jones

    2017-08-31 #6 Author

    I witnesssed a case like this during my pediatrics clinical rotation. It’s truly heartbreaking but the effect these children have on you is something out of this world. I often wonder about the child I had the great opportunity to me. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


  • Myesha

    2017-08-31 #7 Author

    Beautiful Baby Girl God Bless You


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  • amber

    2017-08-31 #11 Author

    God bless her shes such an angel I tear’d up reading this. So sad


  • Chanarda

    2017-08-31 #12 Author

    Aaww strong mother I love this 😍😍😍


  • jonalyn carlos

    2017-08-31 #13 Author

    very heart warming news, she is a warrior


  • Virtue Otemea Asare-Danso

    2017-08-31 #14 Author

    God is guiding u


  • Queen P

    2017-08-31 #15 Author

    Such an angel. Prayers are powerful. God bless you, baby! In Jesus Name, you’ll be healed. ❤️


  • Marquis

    2017-08-31 #16 Author

    This is really heartbreaking….😔😔
    Shower her with a lot of love and let her know that we love her❤❤
    May the Good Lord see you through


  • Eburu Remilekun

    2017-08-31 #17 Author

    May the good Lord preserve very ur life in Jesus name


  • Loretta Adams

    2017-08-31 #18 Author

    Be Forever Blessed


  • Migdalia Scroggin

    2017-08-31 #19 Author

    God bless her Amen


  • Puja Prasasd

    2017-08-31 #20 Author

    Om sai ram


  • Timea

    2017-08-31 #21 Author

    God Bless You Dear, I keep praying for all of you! <3 Be strong.<3


  • Kristel C

    2017-08-31 #22 Author

    This is so heartbreaking. I feel for this mama and although I do not understand her pain, I pray that God works a miracle like I know he is able to do! 🙏🏾🙏🏾


  • Jada

    2017-08-31 #23 Author

    How sad 😭 what a beautiful story


  • LoudSmoke

    2017-08-31 #24 Author

    Wow very interesting Beautiful ❤️


  • Serria Deen

    2017-08-31 #25 Author

    This is so sad , but they are both truly blessed 🙏


  • Jeniica alexiz ballares

    2017-09-01 #26 Author

    Wow! What a beautiful baby. Godbless you baby girl. 😊


  • Alyssa Marie Amata

    2017-09-01 #27 Author

    A mother’s love. I will pray for your baby. God bless you 😚


  • kenaishia scurry

    2017-09-01 #28 Author

    Prayers for the family


  • cristel joy oli

    2017-09-01 #29 Author

    babies are always a blessing and never a mistake. she was lucky to have an angel in her arms. i will include you in my prayers baby. ❤


  • Kaylee tant

    2017-09-01 #30 Author

    That’s so sweet she never gave up on her baby.


  • Charisse Daily-Mallari

    2017-09-01 #31 Author

    You are beautiful no matter what. Keep on praying baby girl. God bless.


  • Ashley

    2017-09-01 #32 Author

    God has gave her a gift😍


  • Kaelah Beeson

    2017-09-01 #33 Author

    im praying for her 💘


  • Kendra harrell

    2017-09-01 #34 Author

    Thank heavens for babies


  • Jonetta

    2017-09-01 #35 Author

    This is so heartbreaking . I could only imagine the pain & hurt . God bless this family .


  • T smith

    2017-09-01 #36 Author

    This is too cute


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    Very Beautiful Baby ❤😘 Praying


  • Heaven

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    Prayers for both mother n child..


  • Jenica Alexis Singalawa

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    This is so heat breaking 💔 Baby girl your such a blessing.. god bless you 😇🙏🏻


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    Mothers love is the greatest love ,God bless you .❤️


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    Beautiful story 💙


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    Baby or a angel


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      2017-09-01 #43 Author

      This baby girl is such a blessings.


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    What a blessing that is good is god!


  • Notoreauna Nelson

    2017-09-01 #45 Author

    They both Are blessed!


  • Sheila

    2017-09-02 #46 Author

    Oh my God I was almost crying reading this story , I pray God help the family as my prayers is with them . BAby girl u are beautiful n a strong little one I can see the strength in her little eyes n I love that she is a happy baby , I pray may God pls hear our prayers and heal her


  • Tracy Maye

    2017-09-02 #47 Author

    This breaks my heart. Every child is a blessing! Godbless both


  • Sandriana

    2017-09-06 #48 Author

    I cried so hard while reading this. What a beautiful baby girl.


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