How This Dad Handled His Daughter’s Temper Tantrum Is So Admirable How This Dad Handled His Daughter’s Temper Tantrum Is So Admirable
Temper tantrums — they’re something that every parent or former child (aka everyone) is familiar with. Who can forget the times that they threw... How This Dad Handled His Daughter’s Temper Tantrum Is So Admirable

Temper tantrums — they’re something that every parent or former child (aka everyone) is familiar with. Who can forget the times that they threw a fit because they couldn’t get the bouncy ball they wanted or the candy bar they saw at the register? Tantrums, as embarrassing as they are to parents, do happen all the time, and how this dad handled his daughter’s temper tantrum at a Walmart is so admirable.

Temper tantrums can be a little mortifying to parents, which is why some parents choose to take their children out of the store and let them get it out of their systems in the parking lot. Just like Ohio native and massage therapist Terrel Rico Relz Crawford, who chose to go live on his Facebook page while his 3-year-old daughter, Ari, had a tantrum on the hood of his car — an all-too-common scene for some.

In the video, Crawford calmly talks to his daughter and she stops her crying to listen to him. “When we go back into the store, are you going to listen?” he asks. “Because everyone sees you acting a fool.”

He reasons with her, stating that they don’t have to go back into the store if she wants to keep crying. “We don’t have to walk around the store with your mom, that’s a privilege,” he tells his daughter.

“See, when you spoil your kids, this is what happens,” Crawford tells the camera. His honesty (and willingness to admit that he spoils his daughter) is refreshing on so many levels.

Crawford then explains his reasoning for taking his daughter to the parking lot to the camera:

Crawford continues with his sage advice, stating to viewers: “If [children] don’t learn by you teaching, then who are they going to learn by?” He instructs his daughter to “wipe the stress” off her face (so sweet) and tells her to pull herself together before ultimately calming her down and making sure she is alright to head back inside. And by the time they’re ready to walk through the doors of Walmart, Ari is dancing, smiling, and ready to go.

It is his truthful reasoning with his daughter (and the camera) that has made Crawford’s video go viral on Facebook accumulating over 21 million views and 300,000 shares in the weeks since he posted it (and probably partly because Ari could not be any more adorable, even in her post-tantrum state).

The reasoning behind his method for handling the tantrum isn’t something learned in psychology books — it’s all about understanding where his young daughter is coming from, according to the Mansfield News Journal. “We all learn as we grow,” Crawford told the Mansfield News Journal. “You’re learning as a parent just as the child is learning as a child. You’re always learning, whether your child is 2 or 22 or 42, you’re still learning to be a parent to that type of child.”

Science shows, according to NPR, that tantrums have a pattern and rhythm of anger and sadness, which can help parents, like Crawford respond more effectively. According to NPR, one study found that once parents are able to figure out those patterns of emotion (like Crawford seems to have mastered) they can detect when their child is going through these emotions, and will know when to intervene with their child’s tantrum.

According to TIME, parents should ride out the periods of when their child is angry and then intervene when their child is sad. This allows parents to have more control when it comes to their child’s tantrum, getting rid of the embarrassment and feelings of helplessness that they might encounter. Pretty neat, huh?

Ari is certainly not the first kid to have a tantrum in the middle of a store (this tantrum, for instance, video shot in the store’s toy department in 2011 has over 8 million views on YouTube). But, this video is unique due to Crawford’s expert handling of the situation. It’s refreshing to see a parent handle such a big situation in such a reasonable manner — his real-life example of dealing with a tantrum is one that people can watch and learn from when handling an inevitable pint-sized fit.

Obinna Onyia

  • danielle

    2017-09-01 #1 Author

    lord jesus 😂 i have this problem now .


  • Deziana

    2017-09-01 #2 Author

    He did the right thing I would have told my daughter the same exact thing


  • Missy Goodz

    2017-09-01 #3 Author

    We definitely can benefit from more fathers like him .Especially when it comes to daughters


  • Catera

    2017-09-01 #4 Author

    That’s how your suppose to handle a crying child not yelling at them good job dad 💯


  • Markeise Brown

    2017-09-01 #5 Author

    Very respectable.


  • Adrian Ojeda

    2017-09-01 #6 Author

    I love it! Everyone parents differently, whatever works


  • Maecy Aredal

    2017-09-01 #7 Author

    Thats too funny 😊😂


  • Honee Reid

    2017-09-01 #8 Author

    This is simply beautiful. Great job DAD!!!!!!!


  • Briona

    2017-09-01 #9 Author

    Wowthats amazing


  • Giovanna

    2017-09-01 #10 Author

    Well Said starts at home ❤️


  • Victoria

    2017-09-01 #11 Author

    i really learned how to handle when my baby trys to act out


  • Shania redd

    2017-09-01 #12 Author

    He handle this well … can’t wait to try this with my child . 😍😍


  • Eva Motley

    2017-09-01 #13 Author

    That’s good guidance


  • Alyssa Brooke

    2017-09-01 #14 Author

    LOVE his parenting skills ! Exactly how you should handle the situation.


  • TeaAsha

    2017-09-01 #15 Author

    I love how calm and patient he is with his daughter ! He doesn’t yell and scream at her ,he simply explains his actions and gets a better understanding with her!


  • Cassie

    2017-09-01 #16 Author

    i love this, he did right.


  • Samara

    2017-09-01 #17 Author

    Yup how i do my daughter now she has a bad temper


  • Eryannah

    2017-09-01 #18 Author

    Aww This is so cute ❤️


  • Andaria

    2017-09-02 #19 Author

    He handle it well and i will be trying this on my twin grandkids


  • Jenica Alexis Singalawa

    2017-09-02 #20 Author

    Hahaha! So cute 😍 I hope my husband do the same thing with Gia 😅


  • Minorka Mercado

    2017-09-02 #21 Author

    Double thumbs up for this dad!👍👍 im gonna try this attitude break on my kid.👏💯


  • Kathyjames Bunke

    2017-09-02 #22 Author

    Omg I wish more dads had brains & compassion like this man & more parents taught their kids better!! God bless this dad!!


  • Kaykay

    2017-09-02 #23 Author

    I would’ve been screaming with her like you happy we both can do this HAAAAN AAAAN ANN 😂😂😂


  • Shanience 😘

    2017-09-02 #24 Author

    Thats So a true I use this same technique with Mys son.


  • mmaddy

    2017-09-02 #25 Author

    great job 👏👏👏 amazing its so very nice how he handle it


  • Pamela Dayuru

    2017-09-02 #26 Author

    that’s awesome, thumbs up


  • precious gold

    2017-09-02 #27 Author

    Nice talk #gooddad


  • Oyinlola Raji

    2017-09-02 #28 Author

    I applaud his approach to getting the child to calm down. That is how you do it! 👏🏽 you can tell he loves his baby and she loves him back. Kudus to the man.


  • Juanisha

    2017-09-02 #29 Author

    Too cute 😍 Reminds me of my daughter and her father 💪🏽❤️


  • Akeem Mcelrath

    2017-09-02 #30 Author

    I guess this what I have to look forward to lol I have a 3 month old daughter


    • Brenda

      2018-10-10 #31 Author

      Oh yeah, they all do it especially in Wall Mart.


  • Franchezka gabriella ferrer

    2017-09-02 #32 Author

    Too cute reminds me of something 😊


  • Franchezka gabriella ferrer

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    Wow 😊 Too cute reminds me of something 😊


  • Renee

    2017-09-03 #34 Author

    This was so cute


  • Kiara Shepherd

    2017-09-04 #35 Author

    This is my fiance with out toddler😍😘😍😘


  • Kwesi

    2018-08-18 #36 Author

    What is there to say,he’s raising his child….sadly the white media likes to always show black people in a negative aspect and some black people are so eager to keep that narrative going.


  • Jeff A

    2018-09-02 #37 Author

    Great job dad. You handled the situation in a calm manner and your daughter learned that you will no tolerate her screaming in Walmart


  • Laura

    2018-09-07 #38 Author

    Great father! Great lesson. It worked with my 2 and I was blessed with 2 grandchildren who NEVER gave me problems in the store.
    Too bad I can’t borrow this father to pass around to some family members and their children 😉


  • Brenda

    2018-10-10 #39 Author

    He is awesome😁, I wish my dad was like him. My dad beat the shit out of us for everything we did. He’s a very good dad and person you can tell.


  • Keikeeo50

    2019-01-13 #40 Author

    He’s cool. Baby girl is blessed to have both her parents there for the trip to Walmart.
    If you’re alone with your age 2..5-3 and up child who’s screaming uncontrollably because they’re told they can’t have the toy or candy or whatever it’s up to you the outcome. You can either go about your shopping, ignorie the screaming child & check out when you’re good n damn ready or you can push your cart to customer SVC & explain that you must leave and that if you don’t return in 15 or 20 minutes would they kindly return your groceries or home goods back to the shelf.. Take the child out and do what our good dad did, return for your items and have a fab day. Or….. Take the child home, This could get very time consuming & inconvenient for a single parent but whatever you do PLEASE don’t just let the child scream uncontrollably for 30 minutes while you block her out, ignore her etc. Every time I’m in Walmart there’s at least one but usually more screaming children who’s mother gets so frustrated she yells at the child or worse, slaps her which causes the screaming to escalate. I’ve seen situations where one or both parents yell or slap their crying child & I just want to ask the adult if they really thought yelling or hitting their kid was going to get the screaming to cease.
    Just last week I was in Costco buying a new phone. A couple with 2 little girls (I’m estimating the older one was 6-ish & the younger maybe 3) completely ignored both girls while they listened to a salesman pitch them the new iPhone. They completely ignored the girls & the tiny one screamed and cried so loud the guy helping me( ok, & me too)was driven to distraction! We were incredulous this was happening in front of us. After 20 or so minutes of this, snot was literally streaming from the baby’s red, tear stained face to the floor! I fished a hanky out of my bag and approached the girls. When I smiled down at the poor thing, my hand outstretched with the hanky, she raised her arms for me to pick her up which I did damnit! Well, that finally got the attention of the mother who walked towards us. I handed the child off to the woman. No way was I putting her down! I said, “it’s ok baby girl, mom’s here NOW”. Unbelievable & unfortunately way too typical.


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