Mother Dies Who Refused Abortion and Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life Mother Dies Who Refused Abortion and Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life
A UK mother who sacrificed her life to save her unborn son’s has died. Tasha Trafford was first diagnosed with a rare form of... Mother Dies Who Refused Abortion and Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life

A UK mother who sacrificed her life to save her unborn son’s has died.

Tasha Trafford was first diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in December 2012. After treatment, she went into remission; but her cancer returned in 2015. At the time, she was 16 weeks pregnant with her unborn son, and her doctors urged her to abort him and begin chemotherapy. But the then- 33-year-old refused.

Now, the Daily Mail reports Trafford has died. She spent 11 precious months with her newborn son. Her father recently told the news outlet that his daughter died on Nov. 12, 2016 – just one month before her son Cooper’s first birthday.

Here’s more from the report:

The 33-year-old had desperately wanted to to be there for Cooper’s first birthday.

Her father, Dai Gallivan, was just grateful his daughter got as long as she did with her son.

‘She had him for 11 months,’ he said.

‘She knew what was happening but we didn’t speak about it much. It was a really long illness and was incredibly hard for Tasha.’

The family said Cooper is a healthy infant because of his mother’s sacrifices. Trafford refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy until she gave birth to Cooper, hoping to protect him. She also adamantly refused to abort him.

“Doctors were blunt. They said, ‘What are you going to do? It’s you or your baby,’” Trafford said in 2015. “But living a life without ever knowing the joy of becoming a mum wasn’t an option for me. And while I know refusing chemo until the baby is born is a big risk, doing anything that might harm my unborn baby would be unthinkable.”

As soon as the midwife handed me my baby we had a lovely cuddle,’ she says. ‘Jon gave me a kiss and said, “He’s perfect.” My mum and dad, proud grandparents for the first time, were there with us, Dad taking dozens of photos. Our baby was surrounded by love.

‘It was amazing to think something so wonderful had been growing inside me as well as something as horrible as cancer. Cooper is our little miracle.

‘I always understood the risks to my own health in having him, but I never had a flicker of doubt that I was doing the right thing. I longed to be a mum and the knowledge that I would be, kept me going through my pregnancy, despite all the pain and fear.

‘I’m stubborn. I told myself I would deal with the consequences when I had to. Now I’m looking ahead hopefully, and in January I start chemotherapy again. But whatever’s in store, I’ll just face it knowing that Cooper could not be more loved, and that even if I’m not around, a part of Jon and me will live on in our son.’

Obinna Onyia

  • J’Mellybaby White Williams

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  • Beverly Shoats

    2017-09-02 #2 Author

    Good for her I would have done the same she I m sure loved her child and wanted to see her have a wonderful life this is so terribly sad but there is a reason for every action and herd was to give her child a.chance at life who knows the mom may have passed away anyway with the cancer and this is a profoundly love of a mother mom may you rest in peace knowing your child is safe God bless you for eternity amen


  • Monae

    2017-09-02 #3 Author

    The scarfices as parents we have to make.


  • Michelle Ann Juntura

    2017-09-02 #4 Author

    A mother’s sacrifice really show her true love for her child. 💖


  • Eleanor Parsons

    2017-09-02 #5 Author

    Do sad


  • Daidai

    2017-09-02 #6 Author

    Awww this so sad


  • Kianna

    2017-09-02 #7 Author

    God bless that’s really sad


  • Joyce Ducusin Tabay

    2017-09-02 #8 Author

    i will do the same, to save the baby ☝


  • Donnasweetheart Riley

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  • Alice Percentie

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  • Brenda Sullins

    2017-09-03 #11 Author

    A Mother’s love! RIP♡


  • Mai Sei

    2017-09-03 #12 Author


  • Lydia Gonzalez

    2017-09-03 #13 Author

    So sorry RIP ..


  • Lashell Jones

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  • Jhane

    2017-09-03 #15 Author

    Your a hero 🙂 a little angel is so blessed to have a mother like you!


  • Jasmine

    2017-09-03 #16 Author

    This was a sad article, made me tear up ☹️


  • Jasmine

    2017-09-03 #17 Author

    This was a sad article, made me tear up ☹️ The things a mother would do for her own.❤️


  • Omolara Abimbola Olanrewaju

    2017-09-03 #18 Author

    She’s brave


  • Tshepang Mokhele

    2017-09-03 #19 Author

    Genuine love


  • Rhiz

    2017-09-03 #20 Author

    The love of the mother is unconditional❤️ Salute to you ❤️


  • Jasmine

    2017-09-03 #21 Author

    Thats sad but she has a good heart😘


  • Idoo Rose Tonka

    2017-09-03 #22 Author

    Rest on


  • Jhenn

    2017-09-03 #23 Author

    This story touched my heart! If i am in the same situation, i would also do the same without thinking twice! I am a mother and my baby is my life


  • Lizen Beypi

    2017-09-03 #24 Author sad!Me too had undergone treatment of chemotherapy for nearly 2yrs.n after that during the process of regular checkup n tests I got pregnant but I kept secret to the Oncologist n instead visited to the Gynaecologist.
    Then he told me to test all the necessary blood tests n Sonography.And by God’s grace everything was fine in the result.Then I went for a regular health checkup n finally got a very cute n healthy baby boy.Now he is nearly 4 months old.I thank God for his wonderful blessings!!


  • K Williams

    2017-09-03 #25 Author

    Wow!!Thats bravery at its best I would have done the same for my child as well 🙂


  • Iryn Craig Kababy

    2017-09-03 #26 Author

    True mother


  • Keyala Palmer

    2017-09-03 #27 Author

    She made sure nothing would happen to her child now or in the near future


  • O’Tasia hall

    2017-09-03 #28 Author

    Praying for the families ❤️❤️


  • Botshelo

    2017-09-03 #29 Author

    That’s a touching story. I respect Tasha no one could have done that ,I believe so. She’s a strong woman she struggled from illness just to save her son and knew she would die if she does not get a treatment , that’s what I call a “sacrifice “. May her soul rest in peace


  • jonalyn carlos

    2017-09-03 #30 Author

    that is the real love..a mother’s love


  • Tasha

    2017-09-04 #31 Author

    May God Bless her and her new bundle .


  • Princess

    2017-09-04 #32 Author

    Mothers love. She doesn’t want to loose the cute little baby.
    Mothers are adorable.


  • Progress

    2017-09-04 #33 Author

    Mothers love. Really touching. She didn’t want to loose her little child. She took the risk. Mothers are so adorable.


  • JANEE Scott

    2017-09-04 #34 Author

    Lord Jesus only you knew!! Praying for her family!!! Hard pill to swollen!!!


  • nicole daily

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    true loved ♥i feel her.. I can do anything for my baby because that what mama’s goal.


  • Tavionna Flanigan

    2017-09-04 #36 Author

    That is so sad. That goes to show you a mother’s love is unconditional she was willing to give up her life for her baby. R.I.H


  • Cielo Lachica

    2017-09-04 #37 Author

    You can never question a mother’s love..


  • Regina Macauba

    2017-09-04 #38 Author

    This is truly a mother’s sacrifice. We love you Mommy! 😘


  • Jubril Muhammad

    2017-12-26 #39 Author

    Rip you’re such an hero 👊👊


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