Outrage as mum considers giving up her son for boyfriend Outrage as mum considers giving up her son for boyfriend
A mum has been slammed online for seriously considering giving up her son so that she can marry her new boyfriend. Writing to Dear Wendy’s... Outrage as mum considers giving up her son for boyfriend

A mum has been slammed online for seriously considering giving up her son so that she can marry her new boyfriend.

Writing to Dear Wendy’s ‘agony aunt’ column for advice the mum said she was ‘feeling stuck’ about a dilemma.

“I’m a 30-year-old divorcee with a son. I have joint custody with my ex-husband. My boyfriend, who is also divorced, has a daughter who is under the sole custody of his ex-wife,” the woman explains.

mum slammed giving up son

“My boyfriend already proposed to me, but, one month after proposing, he wants me to give up seeing my son.”

But instead of fuming, getting upset about the request, or simply telling him to bugger off, the mum seems to seriously be considering the request, admitting she had thought about giving up her son when she remarried.

“But how am I supposed to answer to my parents? My mother has depression and my father has cancer. I don’t want them to be sad knowing that they will lose a grandson,” she says, explaining she’s been given a few weeks to think about it.

outrage mum asks dear wendy about giving up son

“My boyfriend told me when we started dating that he could not accept my son, and I know not all men can. I want to be with my boyfriend and yet I can’t bear to let my parents feel sad because of their illnesses. I also have a mother’s guilt in me because my son loves me so much. What should I do?”

Well, Wendy did not hold back in her response telling the mum she needs to “get help”.

“Yeah, no sh*t you have ‘mother’s guilt’,” the columnist replied.

“You’re willing to give up the little bit of time you have with your son, which is already a depressingly small amount, for a monster of a man who doesn’t see his own child and doesn’t think you should see yours? Shame on you.”

She also couldn’t believe the mum would use her parents’ illnesses as the reason to ‘maybe’ keep seeing her own son.

“Please, please get yourself to therapy and figure out what … is wrong with you that you would behave in such an appalling, disgraceful way. Get help.”

dear wendy slams mum for giving up son

credit : https://au.be.yahoo.com/lifestyle/parenting/a/36810505/outrage-as-mum-considers-giving-up-her-son-for-new-boyfriend/

Obinna Onyia

  • Brendy Davids

    2017-09-04 #1 Author



  • Liz Lee

    2017-09-04 #2 Author



  • Kaiumeka Wattree-Jackson

    2017-09-04 #3 Author

    The thought wouldn’t cross my mind. EVER!


  • Elizabeth Ashley Matias

    2017-09-04 #4 Author

    How is this shit even a question? Will you give up the person who grew inside of you. Who you nurtured when he was born. Who sees you as his entire world for someone who is ok with you disregarding a piece of your body your flesh your soul for a marriage that may or may not work. Ladies if this is ever a issue in your life think twice better yet yeah give that baby to someone who is going to love hard and unconditional on that baby because you as a mother to that child can’t do it then girl that baby doesn’t need you and i hope your man plays you with someone who who didn’t turn their back on their child.


  • Ntsiuoa Koneshe

    2017-09-04 #5 Author

    Mayb in the next world not in this 1


  • Leona Dodd

    2017-09-04 #6 Author



  • Ukay Chi Nemerem

    2017-09-04 #7 Author

    God forbid


  • Tiffany Taylor

    2017-09-04 #8 Author

    Oh wow………


  • Marion

    2017-09-04 #9 Author

    Omg. I could never do anything like this. This is so sad and not worth marrying anyone. If he can’t accept her child, she shouldn’t even getting married to him being something to think about. So sad .


  • Yahaya Titilayo Aishat

    2017-09-04 #10 Author

    When am not mad.i wld rather remain single.


  • Jane Malesi

    2017-09-04 #11 Author



  • Patience Rasakanya

    2017-09-04 #12 Author

    No not @ all even if his a billionaire


  • Sandra D. Butler-Dupree

    2017-09-04 #13 Author

    Hell naw


  • Donnett Mclean

    2017-09-04 #14 Author

    Stupid question kmt


  • Grace Akogwu

    2017-09-04 #15 Author

    As 4 me I cnt o


  • Marcia Thompson

    2017-09-04 #16 Author

    Hell No


  • Brenda Diaz

    2017-09-04 #17 Author

    Thats crazy


  • Tilly Matildah Moseki

    2017-09-04 #18 Author

    I won’t du such a thing.


  • Tilly Matildah Moseki

    2017-09-04 #19 Author

    Emmie motsamai


  • Rosa de Boer

    2017-09-04 #20 Author

    What kind of a mum is this? You never ever choose a man above your child never ever you should not even think about it, and to use your parents as a reason to keep seeing your son because you would feel quilty they loose a grandson what about yourself it is your own blood and you only talk about your son loving you so much Don´t you love your son? I think you don´t because otherwise you would choose your son above all


  • Mai Sei

    2017-09-04 #21 Author

    a big no no!


  • Shenchu Beryl Maley

    2017-09-04 #22 Author

    Hell to the no


  • Regina Robertson

    2017-09-04 #23 Author

    HELL NOO!!!… no thought about it!!


  • Fatimo Adetunmobi

    2017-09-04 #24 Author

    I can’t give up my kids for any marriage, “Love me, love my dog” is the adage.


  • Ahmed O Amina

    2017-09-04 #25 Author

    She is heartless….. Stupid woman……. Don’t worry that child will definitely use it against u…..


  • Yanique So Bless Nicky

    2017-09-04 #26 Author

    U crazy as hell


  • Naomy Mike

    2017-09-04 #27 Author

    I dey craze


  • Angela Taylor

    2017-09-04 #28 Author

    Exactly, my babies always come first n no I wouldn’t give up my babies to be with any man they ain’t worth it


  • Misa

    2017-09-04 #29 Author

    That’s horrible!!


  • Rhonda Colorite

    2017-09-04 #30 Author



  • Patience Chidinma

    2017-09-04 #31 Author

    Hell no. Never


  • Monica Ogbonna

    2017-09-04 #32 Author



  • Monay Brown

    2017-09-04 #33 Author

    Hell No because your child will stand by you when no one else will.


  • Sheila Mawusi Asem

    2017-09-04 #34 Author

    Never in my life.


  • Lawal John

    2017-09-04 #35 Author

    It’s a pity to see hear and see how cruel step fathers and stepmothers can be. I pray GOd I will be alive to raise my children


  • Natlee Sullivan

    2017-09-04 #36 Author

    That would woman is fucking crazy i will not put nobody over my son no way


  • Andrew Cato

    2017-09-04 #37 Author



  • Bonnie

    2017-09-04 #38 Author

    Hell nah . my baby will always come first before anybody especially a man .


  • Crystell woods

    2017-09-04 #39 Author

    Wow is she serious


  • Tennille Myers

    2017-09-05 #40 Author

    No way will I ever make an awful decision like this


  • Laklyn

    2017-09-05 #41 Author

    So sad that she even had to think about giving up her son for a boyfriend. She should of instantly turned him down when he told her he couldn’t except her son.


  • Cinny t.

    2017-09-05 #42 Author

    If a man makes you choose between him and your son then that’s not the man for you. I could never put thought into a request like this. My son and I are a package deal.


  • Vivian Miller

    2017-09-06 #43 Author

    H too non


  • Viorica Draghici

    2017-09-06 #44 Author

    Never !! I had to choose my man or my baby !! That was the best think i have done to keep my beautiful baby ! Thank GOD for that every day !


  • Maira Zulu

    2017-09-06 #45 Author

    No way.If he makes me choose then to hell with him!


  • Happy Kalaluka

    2017-09-06 #46 Author

    never what for


  • Ange Kinash

    2017-09-06 #47 Author

    Never better I stay without a man


  • Wright Matthews

    2017-09-06 #48 Author

    Never. My daughter comes first, before any man.


  • Mimie Balogun

    2017-09-06 #49 Author

    she is mad, and she did not deserve that child. pray she will not regret her action .amen


  • Moira Kemsley

    2017-09-06 #50 Author

    Get a fucking grip woman. This is your flesh and blood no man worth choosing him over little ones


  • Kathy Lilly

    2017-09-06 #51 Author

    Hell no,if that man can’t accept your child you don’t need him because he got you fool anyway it takes a low- life woman two give up her child to please anyone if you marry this man it won’t last trust me because you reap what you sow.. no man comes before my children I’m sorry that’s just the way it is I wouldn’t do it


  • Donna Callaway

    2017-09-06 #52 Author

    No way on Gods green earth


  • Juliana John

    2017-09-06 #53 Author

    Not for all the world.


  • Alison Wimzie

    2017-09-06 #54 Author

    We ‘re a package deal either us both or toodles


  • Emma

    2017-11-03 #55 Author

    What kind of man you marrying u shouldn’t of had a child if your so called boyfriend told u to give up your child. U should put your child first and tell your bf to leave. Find someone who can accept u and child


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