Woman gives birth while standing in the middle of the street, picks up her child and walks away Woman gives birth while standing in the middle of the street, picks up her child and walks away
A Chinese woman shocked onlookers when she gave birth standing in the middle of a street, then picked up her child and walked off... Woman gives birth while standing in the middle of the street, picks up her child and walks away

A Chinese woman shocked onlookers when she gave birth standing in the middle of a street, then picked up her child and walked off like it was the easiest thing in the world.

The shocking moment was captured on video. The woman was out grocery shopping when she went into labour unexpectedly. She began screaming after her water broke and she gave birth right there with the help of some women.

She did not bother to crouch in order to birth her child but stayed standing through the ordeal. A few seconds later, the baby is seen in the video dropping from between the mother’s legs to the ground, leaving the woman’s long dress stained in blood as anxious voices are heard calling for help.

After she had been attended to on the scene by some nurses, the woman picked her child and her bag of groceries and walked off. The dramatic birth happened in the city of Yunfu in southern China.

Watch the video below…

Obinna Onyia

  • Bina Walters

    2017-09-06 #1 Author



  • Agbedina Raliat IY

    2017-09-06 #2 Author

    My sister once gave birth in d house,she bath d baby herself,put her on her back and started cleaning the whole place…We were all shocked when we got back from church that Sunday morning..Her fourth child tho…Well she’s an army officer…she gat too much power n strength..


    • Debrann Meeks

      2017-09-06 #3 Author

      That’s amazing! I could hardly move the next day after my second.


    • Dboss Jb’s Queen

      2017-09-06 #4 Author

      Wow is labor that easy 😂😂😂😂this is so amazing I wish I don’t have contraction at all and give birth smoothly 😂😂😂😂


    • Jeniffer Del Rosario

      2017-09-06 #5 Author

      IT’S HER FOURTH?! I had my first, I was so calm to the point where my baby literally popped out before I even got to the maternity area. My ass was partying was too much at my own baby shower I didn’t know I was having contractions lmfao


    • Dboss Jb’s Queen

      2017-09-06 #6 Author

      Jeniffer Del Rosario wow u were so lucky


    • Favour Michael Chioma

      2017-09-06 #7 Author

      Who cut the cord?


    • Gracee Dioso Santos

      2017-09-06 #8 Author

      Favour Michael Chioma that’s my question too who cut the cord?


    • Agbedina Raliat IY

      2017-09-06 #9 Author

      Well that’s d same question I hv always wanted to ask her after I became a mother myself because I was small then and didn’t hv idea of what delivery Is all about but i’m sure she did because nobody was in d house with her.


    • Karen Yearsley Kenny

      2017-09-06 #10 Author

      Wow couldn’t move with first and you know I still wouldn’t it’s time for you to heal


    • Benedicta Atta

      2017-09-06 #11 Author

      Thats great


    • Benedicta Atta

      2017-09-06 #12 Author

      I Love her l want her to be my Friend


    • Sabrina Lowe

      2017-09-06 #13 Author

      Favour Michael Chioma…my mother gave birth to my younger brother at home and his cord was cut by itself…god did that.


  • Elizabeth Ashley Matias

    2017-09-06 #14 Author

    That’s not her first baby that’s why she’s like hold up I still got things I gotta do lol. Amazing props to body of a woman.


  • Amaka Beaut

    2017-09-06 #15 Author

    Is possible God can do it


  • Medium Ndlovu

    2017-09-06 #16 Author

    I gave birth to my first at home with my husband


  • Saly Thiam

    2017-09-06 #17 Author



  • Mary Donato

    2017-09-06 #18 Author

    Fabulous… blessed that she is healthy and so is the baby. There was a medical person there helping her in the video.


  • Diamond

    2017-09-06 #19 Author

    Never seen anything like this but god bless her !


  • Grace Nwangoro

    2017-09-06 #20 Author

    It could only be Papa God


  • Shiela

    2017-09-06 #23 Author

    It’s so amazing how she handle the situation 😍 i salute you 😊😊😊


  • Shinteria Holman

    2017-09-06 #24 Author

    It must didn’t hurt her she’s tough like me labor pain isn’t that painful as people make it to be


  • Favour Michael Chioma

    2017-09-06 #25 Author

    Who cut the cord


  • Jm Smile

    2017-09-06 #26 Author

    Nobody can walk upright after giving birth, like she sneezed. This is NOT true


    • Bennie Uko

      2017-09-06 #27 Author

      You may be wrong some women are actually very strong.


    • Jm Smile

      2017-09-06 #28 Author

      Maybe. I had 4 natural and didn’t have any strength to walk , where were her contractions and labor pains? That would prevent you from walking. Did she chew through the cord?


    • Stephanie Grizzy

      2017-09-06 #29 Author

      My first was all natural I didn’t feel the contractions or any pain…i wasn’t standing but I barely pushed and baby was out….all deliveries r different


    • Irene Chigozie

      2017-09-06 #30 Author

      I gave birth to my baby normal I feel the normal pain but after my delivery I was the one that took myself home I walk around that day I even eat hot EBA n pepper soup I never felt weak many people were surprise saying is she not the one that just gave birth I was so strong even when my mum had our last born she was so strong n she even cook


  • Gracee Dioso Santos

    2017-09-06 #31 Author

    She gabe birth on the street and the baby fell on the floor??? Ouch for the baby! i hope the baby is fine


  • Olagundoye Omolola Josephine Awoniyi

    2017-09-06 #33 Author

    Very possible but my people it is the grace of God not by by her power


  • Ewurum Japhet

    2017-09-06 #34 Author

    I love such women.


  • Dalilah Love

    2017-09-06 #35 Author

    Wow.. I don’t think I could’ve done that. Doesn’t look like it hurts her at all.


  • Alison Wimzie

    2017-09-06 #36 Author

    Wow unreal


  • Elmarie Rothman

    2017-09-06 #37 Author

    Definitely a super woman


  • Mapule Lorraine Dibakoane

    2017-09-06 #38 Author



  • jonalyn carlos

    2017-09-06 #39 Author

    very easy to her to give birth. her pain tolerance is so high


  • Fortress Iyere

    2017-09-06 #40 Author

    Very possible my own mom have given birth that way


  • Olamma Sonia Osigwe

    2017-09-06 #41 Author

    It is very possible. There no impossibilities with God. My mom had our lad born in our village kitchen alone. I just helped her with the towels. She asked me not to tell anyone. She cut the cord cleaned the child cleaned herself, wash the kitchen with water did everything without any help or whatsoever. I also would love to experience that some day.


  • Ylona Tromp

    2017-09-06 #42 Author



  • Gift Onu

    2017-09-06 #43 Author



  • Tumelo Trevor Modize

    2017-09-06 #44 Author

    Wow God is great


  • Milena Torres

    2017-09-06 #45 Author

    In China even impossible is possible )))))


  • Petra Williams

    2017-09-06 #46 Author



  • Latifa Mariah Simmons

    2017-09-06 #47 Author

    But she mad awuh?


  • Eva Mosieleng

    2017-09-06 #48 Author



  • Ann Brown

    2017-09-06 #49 Author

    No surprise!


  • Onwuka Uzoamaka

    2017-09-06 #50 Author

    That’s grace is working


  • Ysha Queen

    2017-09-06 #51 Author

    Odeth Obed Edom


  • Amy Morgan

    2017-09-06 #52 Author



  • Seelima WaNamolo

    2017-09-06 #53 Author

    and what did she cut the placenta/ cord off with?


  • Susan Edwards

    2017-09-06 #54 Author

    O M G


  • Peppino Vampa Achieng

    2017-09-06 #55 Author

    That’s the strength of a woman


  • Mary Banks

    2017-09-06 #56 Author

    Hell naw where the cord at really hope the baby okay


  • Riedewald Dorothy

    2017-09-06 #57 Author



  • Mangalah Amanda Bandah

    2017-09-06 #58 Author

    Not possible


  • Dana White

    2017-09-06 #59 Author

    Slave women did it all the time not really a big deal unless there are other health problems to contend with


  • Rachel Abigail Thompson

    2017-09-06 #60 Author

    Because she’s a strong woman. I carried buckets of water, after giving birth to my four kids, and carried on with with my household chores. Not every woman can do that. But I’m glad she and baby are ok.


  • Anagba Jibunor

    2017-09-06 #61 Author

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  • Barbara Bell

    2017-09-06 #62 Author

    Prayers for this woman and her baby


  • Celia Rose

    2017-09-06 #63 Author

    I hope she took it to the hospital to get checked out .. it did drop onto the concrete 🙁


  • Kita

    2017-09-07 #64 Author

    This is the most hardcore thing I’ve ever seen . That’s a real woman.


  • Jay

    2017-09-07 #65 Author

    Tht is remarkable!!


  • Kha’Deedra

    2017-09-07 #66 Author

    Omgeee😭😔🤦❕I Would Of Laid There Until Someone Came


  • La’Keisha Noethtich

    2017-09-07 #67 Author

    This just shows how strong women truly are.. amazing !


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