Policeman caught slamming woman carrying baby into ground in video Policeman caught slamming woman carrying baby into ground in video
A video showing a policeman forcefully wrestling a woman holding a child to the ground has sparked outrage on Chinese social media. The altercation... Policeman caught slamming woman carrying baby into ground in video

A video showing a policeman forcefully wrestling a woman holding a child to the ground has sparked outrage on Chinese social media.

The altercation is said to have happened during a row about a parking ticket in a suburb of Shanghai.

In the video, a policeman can be seen arguing with a woman holding a young child.

As she approaches him and appears to push him, the policeman violently throws the woman to the ground, sending the toddler crashing down hard on the pavement.

Witnesses then rush in to assist the crying child as police restrain the woman.

second video shows the woman being handcuffed and appearing to have bruises and swelling to her face.

Shanghai police have confirmed the incident happened at 10.30, local time in Songjiang District of the city, and reportedly said the matter is under investigation.

The woman and child have both been taken for medical examination, according to Chinese News outlet news.163.com.

Responding to the video, Chinese Twitter users condemned the brutality of the arrest.

“No matter what she does you also can’t do this to a child,” said one comment.

“Police have a problem,” said another.

Others said the woman should not have pushed the policeman first.

Obinna Onyia

  • Patrick Okolo

    2017-09-07 #1 Author

    May God almighty have mercy on his people Amen


  • Dannii Morgan

    2017-09-07 #2 Author

    Shouldn’t have pushed policeman,that lady had a baby in her arms, he should of dealt with it much better as the way he dealt with it there was no thought for that poor child.I hope the bastard loses his job!There are good and bad police and this guy is in the wrong job if children are gonna be hurt


  • Sara Elizabeth

    2017-09-07 #4 Author

    Why would anyone love this or like this video. That’s just wrong I would have gone blistic on that cop for real


  • Marie hinton

    2017-09-07 #5 Author

    Wow smh, ridiculous asffff


  • Calvin Gilbo

    2017-09-07 #6 Author

    Fire his punk ass bitch doing that to a woman


  • Debbie Moore

    2017-09-07 #7 Author

    She had a baby in arms wouldnt have been me


  • Flora Benjamin

    2017-09-08 #8 Author

    The police man knows better, when you have are child in your ✋


  • Flora Benjamin

    2017-09-08 #9 Author

    If it were me and my child on the ground I would kick him in his face


    • Dannii Morgan

      2017-09-08 #10 Author

      Don’t you think kicking him in face would make matters worse


  • Niki Fortune

    2017-09-08 #11 Author

    Yes they both wrong at a point but the bastard over did it for Christ sake its only a child he definitely show he doesn’t have kids


  • Becc N Bret Bishop-Kinlyside

    2017-09-08 #12 Author

    Poor kid thats dangerous and scary for the poor baby


  • Rosemary Alvarez

    2017-09-08 #13 Author

    I hope they fire his ass never to be a police officer again that poor baby


  • Donna Callaway

    2017-09-08 #14 Author

    This incident is awful they are both at fault and I would like to know why someone did not take the child before she and mother were slammed to the pavement Jesus Christ that baby is so frightened.


    • Starr Monique

      2017-09-08 #15 Author

      Did he gave a notice prior to slamming her to the ground? I’m sure if he would have made an announcement to grab the baby before I slam her someone with more common sense than the pig would have grabbed the baby


  • Keyanna

    2017-09-08 #16 Author

    Omg that is terrible


  • Ange Kinash

    2017-09-08 #17 Author

    Policemen plz


  • Victor Agra

    2017-09-08 #18 Author

    Some people are not fit for police job no matter the provocation he should have acted with the safety of the baby in mind. He shd be dismissed from the police force. That woman should be charged for any harm that befall the baby for pushing a police officer.


  • Tricia Tinklin

    2017-09-08 #19 Author

    Vile little c*%t


  • Stacey Piggott

    2017-09-08 #20 Author

    Both police officers are suspended pending investigation..
    The child has bruised arms. Luckily that’s all!

    It all started because she got a ticket for illegally parking.

    So sad


  • Regina Tjiweza Meineche

    2017-09-08 #21 Author

    That’s not the way to handle a woman two man they were totally wrong that woman can’t even do anything to one man the police man are acting the woman period.


  • Ese Ighariemu

    2017-09-08 #22 Author

    Those two that called themselves police men should be locked up in a psychiatric home period. Why won’t the woman push the police when they have frightened her child in the name of issuing a ticket. Nonsense.


  • Pots Ki

    2017-09-08 #23 Author

    Were the stupid policeman fired?


  • Sasheen Barrett

    2017-09-08 #24 Author

    The police shouldn’t have slap her on the ground like that suppose he had hurt the baby that feel the baby went down really hard


  • L Beypi

    2017-09-08 #25 Author

    Yes,no matter what she did to the policeman but they should not done this to the child.It’s horrible!They should atleast respect a woman as well as have love and kindness to the child.The woman was not pushing him so harshly so,why should he knocked her down strongly to the pavement alongwith the little child?It’s so horrible n inhuman acts!Again it was also not done by only a single policeman but later on the other also joined him too.And even the public also watching them shamlessly not helping the woman in suffering.The word humanity has now gone from this earth.The two policeman must be fired from thier job.They are not suited to be a policeman as the post stands for the welfare n safety of the public.


  • L Beypi

    2017-09-08 #26 Author

    Special thanks to the video recorder who have recorded and made it viral in the social media and exposed the terrible ugly acts of the policemen to the world.So,now with that the woman and her child could get justice!!May God bless the woman and her child.


  • Hannah

    2017-09-08 #27 Author

    Wow that is so sad


  • Vianvalencia

    2017-09-09 #28 Author

    What a jerk! he deserve to be fired!


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