Nanny appears in court after video shows her allegedly throwing baby Nanny appears in court after video shows her allegedly throwing baby
A Namibian woman is facing charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder after she allegedly recklessly threw a baby she was caring for... Nanny appears in court after video shows her allegedly throwing baby

A Namibian woman is facing charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder after she allegedly recklessly threw a baby she was caring for into a cot, Netwerk24 reported.

Annemarie Theron, reservations and marketing manager at a lodge in Namibia, laid a charge at the Outjo police station in Namibia, after capturing video footage of her nine-month old daughter Laila allegedly being manhandled by her nanny.

“It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward. It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for. I can see Laila is so, so broken after everything,” Theron said.

Theron said she noticed bruises on Laila’s neck and shoulders and suspected all was not well.

“After that I sat at work, thinking about my daughter the entire day. That’s when I decided to install cameras, so that I could see what was happening when I’m not at home.”

She was shocked after watching the footage, and immediately laid a charge at the police station.

“It was quite a process, as I had to confirm with a mediator what it would mean if I made the recordings without her (the nanny’s) knowledge. The police were initially hesitant about the charges, but wanted to arrest the woman immediately after seeing the footage.”

According to Theron, the woman appeared in court on Monday. The state added the charge of attempted murder.

A police spokesperson confirmed Namibian police are aware of the incident, but would not speak to foreign media. Deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, Namibia’s head police spokesperson, wasn’t available for comment.

“I don’t want her near my child ever again, or to pose a threat to other children. What happened was horrible to witness. I realised Laila has nightmares,” said Theron.

Laila is currently attending a kindergarten during the day. She doesn’t believe all nannies are bad and says she may consider employing a nanny in the future.

Theron says support flooded in after she posted the video footage to social media.

“It was comforting to see how many people supported us. Thanks to everyone, family, friends, and strangers, it means a great deal.

Obinna Onyia

  • Naquasia

    2017-09-20 #1 Author

    This is crazy that’s why I don’t let anybody watch my child 😒


    • Teyuana

      2017-09-21 #2 Author

      This is outrageous. If this was my baby I would be doing damage to the entire hospital staff


  • Ahz

    2017-09-20 #3 Author

    How can you do that? It’s not even your child 😡


    • Patricia Pacheco

      2017-09-21 #4 Author

      ..Excuse me even if it was her child. She Ottawa be publicaly pissed on she Ottawa be shot and left in the gutter to rot!!


  • Eboni

    2017-09-20 #5 Author

    Absolutely ridiculous!! PARENTS PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! Smh… they should of did a full background check on her


    • Dorothy

      2017-09-20 #6 Author

      Background checks don’t really do anything.. it’ll only show you what the persons been CAUGHT doing.. many people have dirty secrets and a background check won’t tell you that.


    • Sade’

      2017-09-21 #7 Author

      Background checks doesn’t always come in handy when your dealing with a nanny. There isn’t no telling how long this bitch have been doing this to people’s


  • Keenan

    2017-09-20 #8 Author

    This makes trusting anybody to look after your little one a nightmare. An the saddest part is the justice system always seems to fail us.


  • Aziwe brown malusi

    2017-09-20 #9 Author

    This is just so sad omg how can a person be so cruel 😭


  • Marissa Phipps

    2017-09-20 #10 Author

    Omg how could you harm these precious babies 😖


  • Neicey Monet

    2017-09-20 #11 Author

    I would’ve killed her


  • Susan

    2017-09-20 #12 Author

    I hope she gets sent down , what a witch my heart ached and my womb twitched watching this .
    im sure there was so much more not captured or not shown.
    this is why I refuse to let anyone care for my child unless they can talk to me and let me know everything about their day .
    imagine im paying someone to hurt my baby
    ..God forbid.


  • Adewunmi Adelekan bakare

    2017-09-20 #13 Author

    I hope she is in jail or she is not in good shape she is so wicked… May God Judge her


  • Mike G

    2017-09-20 #14 Author

    Smh some people needs to be evaluated dealing with other people children it shouldn’t just be a quick job for some individuals who doesnt have patience


  • Precious McDade

    2017-09-20 #15 Author

    That’s so sad! This is why I don’t have a nanny!


  • Kalpana

    2017-09-20 #16 Author

    How can be some people this much heart less😢


  • Queen

    2017-09-20 #17 Author

    What a world!!! I really don’t understand humans anymore, so sad.


  • Kinan

    2017-09-20 #18 Author

    I hope she is in jail


  • Shaked

    2017-09-20 #19 Author

    This really hurted my heart , some people are disgusting this is exactly why my children wont attend daycares or schools until they can telk me whats going onwhile theure there .


  • Savannah

    2017-09-20 #20 Author

    I don’t understand how you can do such a thing to someone who doesn’t even understand. Sad


  • Maria sultan

    2017-09-20 #21 Author

    Wtf!!!…thts why as a parent i think you are the best and only guardian for you kids…damn how could one even look at such an innocent child n do tht😠😠😠


  • Joynae

    2017-09-20 #22 Author

    This absolutely horrible. What is wrong with people?


  • Jessica

    2017-09-20 #23 Author

    I hope she is in jail for good


  • Nereida

    2017-09-20 #24 Author

    Wow. People now and days are sickening. Reasons why I don’t trust ANYONE with my child!!


  • Monisha

    2017-09-20 #25 Author

    She need to be under the jail its just best if yours kids stay home family


  • Breyana

    2017-09-20 #26 Author

    see this is very dangerous this is why I tell my daddy not to let anybody get my little sister !


  • Beth Stevenson

    2017-09-20 #27 Author

    That is so crazy! She’s dumb an should never again be able to be around children anymore!


  • Anonymous

    2017-09-20 #28 Author

    You came home and noticed your baby girl had bruises on her neck and shoulders.Instead of bringing it to authorities immediately, you install cameras and leave her with your baby girl again? I’m pissed both ways. You delivered her back into harms way.


  • Laetriona

    2017-09-20 #29 Author

    Are you freaking kidding me? This is so horribbllleee 😥😥😥


  • Courtney

    2017-09-20 #30 Author

    This is so sad. Idk what I’d do if someone did my baby that way.


  • Holly

    2017-09-20 #31 Author

    I would be in jail if this ever happened to my son!


  • Ana

    2017-09-20 #32 Author

    This is so sad 😭


  • LaCresha Brown

    2017-09-21 #33 Author

    Thats why my babies stay at home with me.


  • Tameka

    2017-09-21 #34 Author

    How can you harm such a helpless innocent child? I would say the death penalty for this sick individual. But she doesn’t even deserve to Rest In Peace. Let her sit in jail and someone should make her their punching bag


  • Princess

    2017-09-21 #35 Author

    How could anybody do this to a child ???


  • Maggy

    2017-09-21 #36 Author

    I hate her.hope she stay in jail can she do that to a innocent child.


  • Arikibraa pearson

    2017-09-21 #37 Author

    This is exactly why I don’t trust anyone to watch my son because u have some really sick people in the world that don’t have patience for children


  • sheenalyn furio

    2017-09-21 #38 Author

    this not good. i hope she’s in jail right now😡


  • Matthew Zeus ugokpa

    2017-09-21 #39 Author

    She should be jailed for life 😬😬😬😬😬😬


  • Matthew Zeus ugokpa

    2017-09-21 #40 Author

    She should be jailed for life 😬😬 😬😬 😬 😬😬 😬 😬


  • RenRen Ognita

    2017-09-21 #41 Author

    This so sad..I hope the baby is OK..


  • Dana mitchell

    2017-09-21 #42 Author

    Right place for her


  • Kendall Bugatti

    2017-09-21 #43 Author

    Wow this is so sad, how could you have it in your heart to do such thing.


  • Daja

    2017-09-21 #44 Author

    Crazy !!! I would never leave my child alone with anybody God bless the baby


  • Mercedes

    2017-09-21 #45 Author

    I would of beat her ass then turned her in


  • Anna yeager

    2017-09-21 #46 Author

    Wow that’s crazy


  • Anna yeager

    2017-09-21 #47 Author

    That’s crazy I would’ve hurt that woman.


  • Beatrice

    2017-09-21 #48 Author

    That’s Why You Can’t Trust People With your Baby


  • B

    2017-09-21 #49 Author

    Family will get justice this is so sickening!


  • Laydia

    2017-09-21 #50 Author

    That’s one of the main reason why i don’t leave my son with anyone but him father. So sad😓😓


  • Kaila

    2017-09-22 #51 Author

    How can ppl be so heartless


  • Flora

    2017-09-22 #52 Author

    You’re so bad.😈. 😢😭


  • Evelyn

    2017-09-22 #53 Author

    Sickening, i would have went off on her ass !


  • ShamEka muhammAd

    2017-09-22 #54 Author

    Wow this is crazy


  • Shemekia

    2017-09-22 #55 Author

    This is sad. People can be so cruel.


  • Daria Daniels

    2017-09-22 #56 Author

    I hope she gets everything she deserve


  • Ramiah

    2017-09-22 #57 Author

    This is why I don’t trust anyone with my babies


  • Breasia

    2017-09-22 #58 Author

    that’s why I don’t trust people around my baby brother !


  • Mwengwe

    2017-09-22 #59 Author

    Who does that to the innocent baby. I don’t think I can get a nanny for my son. May the good lord forgive her


  • Shirrel jones

    2017-09-23 #60 Author

    I will had call the police ass well if someone would die my baby like that to that had broke my heart.


  • Tiff

    2017-09-24 #61 Author

    How can somebody ever be this heartless , babies are so innocent. She deserves to be put UNDER the jail cell 😑😡


  • Eleisha Walters

    2017-09-25 #62 Author

    The nerve of these people! That’s why I only have family keep my child!


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