Baby found along highway in car seat stuffed with cash Baby found along highway in car seat stuffed with cash
A church group returning from an amusement park found a 1-month-old baby inside a car seat stuffed with $5,500 in cash — just feet... Baby found along highway in car seat stuffed with cash

A church group returning from an amusement park found a 1-month-old baby inside a car seat stuffed with $5,500 in cash — just feet away from a busy highway in Oklahoma.

Alexis Harrison said she and the group from the Abba’s House of Worship Center in Ada spotted the sleeping child on a busy stretch of Interstate 40. Harrison was riding with her husband when they made the startling find and stopped alongside the roadway with a church van and another driver.

“I said, ‘Please tell me that’s not what we think it is,’” Harrison told KOCO. “I think that church van was in the right place at the right time because they were the first ones who got the baby. It’s just surreal.”

A birth certificate, a Social Security card and about $5,500 in cash were also found with the child, who was found in “good condition,” Oklahoma City police Sgt. Gary Knight said.

“He was just fine,” Knight told The Post on Wednesday.

The boy’s mother was located a short time later by Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers.

“There was enough information found with the child that led them to the identity of the mother,” Knight said.

The woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation after being located. It was unclear if she would be criminally charged.

“Detectives are still doing their part and they’ll meet with the [district attorney] at some point and determine what charges, if any, are appropriate,” Knight told The Post.

Police on Tuesday released the 911 call made by the church group’s leader, who told a dispatcher he was driving east on I-40 toward Shawnee when he “saw something out of the corner of his eye” along the highway.

“And I was like, ‘That looked like a baby,’” Roger Prater told the dispatcher. “So I pulled over, backed up — there’s a baby here in a carrier.”

Prater said he picked the baby up and put him in his van. Emergency workers said they believed the baby was left along the highway for about 30 minutes.

“He’s real young,” Prater said.

Obinna Onyia

  • Markelyah

    2017-09-28 #1 Author

    Thanks God for people like them. I’m just glad those were a bunch on money hungry individuals that would have just taken the money and left the child.


  • Robert

    2017-09-28 #2 Author

    That’s crazy. That baby was literally sitting on money 😭💕.


  • Sabrina

    2017-09-28 #4 Author

    Why are people so heartless??


  • Joann

    2017-09-28 #5 Author

    This is a very sad.. who would ever leave an child on the side of the road so many things could of went wrong…thank god he was watching over him.


  • K’Teya

    2017-09-28 #6 Author

    That’s sad. They could’ve dropped the baby off at a public safety building instead. But you never know what is going on in someone else’s life.


  • Brinesha

    2017-09-28 #7 Author

    This is so sad, prayers for the family, 🙏🙏


  • Mariel Carale

    2017-09-28 #8 Author

    Thanks God they found the baby..


  • Selena Lyons

    2017-09-28 #10 Author

    I’m so glad good people found him , and that they stayed with him while help arrived ! I hope this handsome baby goes to people that will love him unconditionally ❤️


  • Veronica

    2017-09-28 #11 Author

    Wtf Is wrong with people 💯


  • Shekita Browder

    2017-09-29 #12 Author

    That is so sad hope the baby is okay


  • Aniya

    2017-09-29 #13 Author

    Omg where are the parents this is a sad case 😿


  • Whitney

    2017-09-29 #14 Author

    Oh wooow 😮😮😮😮😮😮


  • Kuneko

    2017-09-29 #15 Author

    That’s So Sad 😩


  • Kitty

    2017-09-29 #16 Author

    Smh people need to do better jobs of being parents man 🤦🏽‍♀️


  • Tonia Allen

    2017-09-29 #17 Author

    This is why everyone is not fit to be a parent. They didn’t have to leave that baby like that. They had a choice nine months ago to have it or not. That poor baby didn’t ask to be here, they made this choice for him. I hope who ever found him treats him well. Happy to hear he’s safe and sound now.


  • ufedoojomigbe

    2017-09-29 #18 Author

    It baffles me how some people treat Such a priceless gift from God.


  • Amanda

    2017-09-29 #19 Author

    I couldn’t imagine leaving my son on the highway. What if a serial killer or an abuser found the child? I feel like if the mother didn’t want the child she should’ve went to children services and reached out. Thank God he was found by the church people, definitely will keep the little one in prayers.


  • Kimberly

    2017-09-29 #20 Author

    As long as the baby is ok that’s all that truly matters!


  • Angie

    2017-09-29 #21 Author

    Wow what’s wrong with these mothers


  • Aubree

    2017-09-29 #22 Author

    I could never See how someone can leave a baby on the side of the road that’s beyond sad


  • april perez

    2017-09-29 #23 Author

    God made the church people as an instrument to keep the baby from harm that’s why they found him at the right time. God is good


  • Tiara

    2017-09-29 #24 Author

    Who would do that to such a innocent baby!😕🙏🏾😭


  • Lasha

    2017-09-30 #25 Author

    Wow that crazy smh


  • Marissa

    2017-09-30 #26 Author

    Pray that justice is servred and thank god for the pastor and the babys safety!


  • Asia

    2017-09-30 #27 Author

    Prayers for the baby


  • Osawaru osarenmwinda

    2017-09-30 #28 Author

    Thank God the baby was so lucky


  • Leona Johnson

    2017-09-30 #29 Author

    Praying for this little guy. That’s something that you just don’t do.!!! # Justice


  • Jaionna

    2017-09-30 #30 Author

    Awe I feel so bad glad the bby ok


  • DeJa Jones

    2017-09-30 #31 Author

    Love it omg what a wonderful article


  • Quaa

    2017-09-30 #32 Author

    Glad he was safe god is so good


  • Tulips zia

    2017-09-30 #33 Author

    Thank god the baby are safe!


  • Rochell

    2017-09-30 #34 Author

    Sad smh.. Thank God the baby was found.


  • Jynecia

    2017-09-30 #35 Author

    Wow are u serious


  • Zenobia

    2017-09-30 #36 Author

    I’m glad the baby is safe and that they found out who the mother is because she need to be charge with child Endangerment.


  • Zjhaqueen

    2017-09-30 #37 Author

    prayers for up for innocent baby👐


  • Kay

    2017-09-30 #38 Author

    This is really sad…praying for the family


  • Brooklyn Woods

    2017-09-30 #39 Author

    Wow this is ridiculous:


  • Charlotte Harris

    2017-09-30 #40 Author

    WOW! I wonder what the Mom was thinking or was she in some kind of trouble🤔.


  • Cheyanne

    2017-09-30 #41 Author

    Praying fro the family


  • Keenan Bell

    2017-09-30 #42 Author

    That’s sick but god is real


  • Breione bates

    2017-10-01 #43 Author

    This is so sad I’m just happy they found the baby alive and ok and that they were able to find the mother.


  • Erica

    2017-10-01 #44 Author

    So happy the baby is safe! Thank God!


  • Brandy Bennett

    2017-10-01 #45 Author

    Why would you do this to your child😪


  • Jasmine payne

    2017-10-01 #46 Author

    Why do people wonna leave thier kids , kids are a blessing thank God for the sweet church people


  • Sharmaine

    2017-10-02 #47 Author

    His Parents are so heartless 💔😤😣


  • Vai

    2017-10-02 #48 Author

    This is so not right. People are so heartless.


  • Strawberry 🍓

    2017-10-02 #49 Author

    So sad that ppl are heartless and good thing someone kind hearted found the baby and money someone greedy would have taken the money


  • Deana

    2017-10-02 #50 Author

    Wow💔💔 that’s crazy!


  • Tai Peterson

    2017-10-02 #51 Author

    The Nerve Of Some People People!


  • Jamesia Madison

    2017-10-03 #52 Author

    I’m glad than the baby is safe and sound. It’s ridiculous someone would do that to their child. God bless this baby.


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