What to Know About Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Stephen Paddock What to Know About Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Stephen Paddock
The suspected gunman during a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival has been identified by authorities as Stephen Paddock. The 64-year-old gunman fired from a... What to Know About Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Stephen Paddock

The suspected gunman during a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival has been identified by authorities as Stephen Paddock.

The 64-year-old gunman fired from a Las Vegas hotel onto the outdoor Route 91 Harvest country music festival, which was taking place across the road from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

More than 50 people were killed and at least 400 were injured when a gunman opened fire at a country music festival, making it the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. Authorities said SWAT teams found the suspect dead in a hotel room with around 10 guns.

Here’s what to know about Paddock:

Who is Stephen Paddock?

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo identified the suspect as Stephen Paddock, aged 64. According to NBC, Paddock is from Mesquite, Nevada, around 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Police believe Paddock killed himself before police entered his hotel room.

The suspect had been staying in the hotel room since Sept. 28, Lombardo told the media on Monday morning. “I have no idea whether he prevented the house keepers from entering the room or not. That is a matter for continued investigation,” he said.

Paddock had been known to local law enforcement but not federal authorities. “We believe it’s a solo actor. A lone wolf,” Lombardo said.

Police are looking for a 2017 Hyundai Tucson with a Nevada license plate: 114B40.

Paddock had been travelling with a female companion, who police initially said they were looking for early Monday morning. Lombardo identified the woman as Marilou Danley and described her as an Asian female, 4 foot and 11 inches tall. After locating her, the police said in a statement that she was not longer sought as a person of interest.

“LVMPD detectives have made contact with her and do not believe she is involved with the shooting on the strip,” the Police Department said in a statement seen by CNN.

Newspaper The Australian said Danley was an Australian passport holder, possibly of Indonesian descent, but officials there have not confirmed her nationality.

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    What can cause a human to be so bitter in his heart to commit such an act to innocent people. Was any signs given by this person to do such a thing???? May the Lord be with the families of that were injured as well as the ones that were murdered victims. Lord comfort their hearts.


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    I want to know what caused this man to cause a mass casualty like this? I live in Vegas and when I heard this happened the day after I was spooked. My brother was calling me from Ohio asking if I’m safe or not or if I was apart of the massacre. I wasn’t but my heart goes out to all those who died, who was wounded, and had lost a family member that night. It’s tripping me out because those people were just enjoying the moment and some ignorant, miserable man wanted to ruin it. It’s not right! seeing the videos even made me feel worse inside. Like if I could I would save them all. They were living in fear at the moment. I just recently read another article and this women shielded her fiancé (who was already wounded) from getting shot again and she took a bullet for her men at this same event. It’s a beautiful story but should no one ever experience such tragedy like that.

    My prayers go out to VEGAS ❤️


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