An anonymous mother has admitted that she hates her third child and wishes he would die in his sleep. She explained that she loves... MOTHER SPEAKS OUT ABOUT “HATING” THIRD CHILD AND HOPING HE DIES IN HIS SLEEP.

An anonymous mother has admitted that she hates her third child and wishes he would die in his sleep.

She explained that she loves her two daughters, aged six and eight, and yet is unable to find any affection for her son, who is the youngest.

The desperate mother took to Reddit to ask fellow parents for advice, however, the post has since been taken down, reports the Mirror online.

She claimed to get pregnant with her son by mistake and it wasn’t until four months into the pregnancy that she realised she was expecting a child, by which time an abortion was out of the question.

She hoped that prenatal complications might require her to have an emergency abortion.

However, her pregnancy ran smoothly and she unwillingly gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The mother explained that she feigned joy when he was born and felt like she couldn’t give him up for adoption because she was afraid of what her other children would think.

She also claims to have been made redundant when she was 36 weeks into the pregnancy, which only exacerbated her anxieties about having an unplanned child.

“I honestly hated him for the first 18 months of his life,” she wrote.

While the mother noted that she doesn’t want to come across as ungrateful to parents who have lost a child, she admitted that she and her husband both had moments of thinking that their lives would be easier if their son did not exist.

“My husband and I both had a period where if he had of died in his sleep, we would have felt relief,” she confessed.

It is possible that the anonymous mother might have been suffering from postnatal depression, which affects more than one in 10 women within a year of giving birth, according to the NHS.

Symptoms can include difficulty bonding with your baby, a persistently low mood and insomnia.

For more information on postnatal depression, visit the NHS website.

Obinna Onyia

  • Donecia Moore

    2017-10-04 #1 Author

    Wow. This is a but much. I could never imagine. You never know what others are going through until you hear the story. Thanks for the article.


  • Renaya Steen

    2017-10-04 #2 Author

    Heartbreaking. Wow anything I would say would be an Understatement, just Heartbreaking. Totally insane..


  • Lalang Egbe

    2017-10-04 #3 Author

    Omg! This is horrIble. Maybe she dont know how many couples longing to have child while she is busy wishing that the child die in his sleep. She have forgotten that she too once a child, how does she feel when her mom wishing her the same. Poor boy! I feel sorry for the innocent angel.


  • lizen beypi

    2017-10-04 #4 Author

    OMG!What kind of mother she is?I am so much touching to the baby!It’s very painful so can’t controlled my tears…


  • Mylta

    2017-10-04 #5 Author

    This is so sad how you can hate someone you created 😞


  • Sierra

    2017-10-04 #6 Author

    Wow! As a mother of three children I could never imagine feeling this type of way about one of my children! This is very sad 😔 I believe that she should have given the baby up for adoption because she will most likely mistreat him due to her feelings and it’s not fair to that poor baby!


  • Ty’Asia

    2017-10-04 #7 Author

    I could never imagine wishing death on my child no matter what the situation may be


  • Selena Sawyer

    2017-10-04 #8 Author

    Wow. So sad, if you never planned on having another child then are various types that you can take or use to protect yourself from birth. Kids are innocent and didn’t asked to come here, so they should be love and treated with all the love and care this is.


  • Shawnericka Mickel

    2017-10-04 #9 Author

    This breaks my heart. I feel terrible for the baby. How can you “hate” a baby you carried and birthed. How could you hate a child PERIOD. she’s awful


  • Fly high babyt

    2017-10-04 #10 Author

    Omg I can’t believe what I just read omg praying for the babies


  • Tonette

    2017-10-05 #11 Author

    I am also a mom of 20 months old baby boy. I got pregnant at the age of 19 but it came accross my mind to have an abortion. I may not be the perfect daughter for my mom but i know that i am the perfect mother to my son.


    • Tonette

      2017-10-05 #12 Author

      *never (but it never came accross my mind)


  • Jalisa M

    2017-10-05 #13 Author

    This is beyond heartbreaking because I just had an unexpected child and couldn’t imagine living without her! Regardless of your sickness how can you hate something that you created and carried so bad 😢


  • Nene

    2017-10-05 #14 Author

    This is really sad and heart breaking 😢


  • Daphne williams

    2017-10-05 #16 Author

    This is sad 😞 and very heart breaking how can you hate your won child i dont understand


  • Mercy

    2017-10-05 #17 Author

    You are so mean and heartless, I don’t know why people like you deserve a child,poor baby,do you know what the fuck have been passing through, praying to God to bless me with the fruit of the womb for 5yrs of marriage, please let me adopt him if you don’t want him,i hope you don’t kill him out of rage


  • Andre

    2017-10-14 #18 Author

    This is really sad and heart breaking. Either unplanned or planned,a child is still a blessing.


  • Teresa Mattox

    2017-10-18 #19 Author

    I pray that someone took those kids from her til she can get help


  • anne

    2017-10-18 #20 Author

    I had 3 older kids aged, 17,16 and 14, plus a 2 week old Grand-Daughter when I found out I was pregnant again. Shock was an understatement, and as Hubby and I were separated at the time, abortion was looking likely for me. When I got the money up to fly for it, realised there was no way I could. My little Angel is nearly 9 and such a blessing. Just couldn’t imagine life without him. Hard work for sure, since he was a baby. Constant crying, being sick, not sleeping. We later got an Autism diagnosis. Just a grateful Mom here to be bless with 4 kids and a lovely Grand-daughter. Hope that Mom involved here gets help. Just can;t understand her thinking though.


  • Wytekqua

    2017-10-18 #21 Author

    Well i did not want her to die but i did not bond with her wich makes it hard now for her to talk to me r show each other affection if i could go back i would hve given her all the hug and kisses she needed. I truly understand when a child is not planned in a horrible situation.


  • Linda

    2017-10-18 #22 Author

    I think it’s disgusting that you could hate your child that’s been in you for nine months and have two others that you love you need some serious counseling


  • Crazy

    2017-10-19 #23 Author

    This is shit I suffer from postnatal depression an never wish my son dead I prayed u need prayers in your ass if u don’t want to get pregnant keep your legs closed


    • Brittany

      2017-11-08 #24 Author

      Well said ain’t that the truth


  • Cornelia

    2017-10-19 #25 Author

    this is very sad…the lil boy deserves all the love in this world,,but i think deep down in his mother’s heart she lovea him soo much is just a mother of time she will realize it…for his sisters i think they adore him….may god bless your family with lots of love among all of you…thank you for sharing this story…i now know how other moms get drowned in depression


  • Cindy

    2017-10-21 #26 Author

    I understand postnatal depression BUT this is TOO much! This article upset me so much, I’m unable to put all my feelings into words… really concerning.


  • Patricia

    2017-12-05 #27 Author

    The part that is really heartbreaking💔 is that the baby probably can feel her hatred for him. He may cry for affection her has yet to receive. I wish someone knew her identity. She needs to be reported to the authorities before she harms him or the child grows up feeling hated. This child may become a future serial killer growing up like that.😭😭😭


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