This Mom Is Warning Other Parents About Phone Chargers After Her Baby Was Badly Burned This Mom Is Warning Other Parents About Phone Chargers After Her Baby Was Badly Burned
Most parents take great pains to childproof their homes once their babies start moving around the the house on their own, but there’s a... This Mom Is Warning Other Parents About Phone Chargers After Her Baby Was Badly Burned

Most parents take great pains to childproof their homes once their babies start moving around the the house on their own, but there’s a huge danger many may overlook, which is why one mom’s viral post about the danger of phone chargers is a must-read. According to BuzzFeed, Kentucky mom Courtney Davis said that her 19-month-old daughter, Gabby, received a severe burn after putting a phone charger in her mouth, and she’s got the gruesome pictures to prove it. Warning: the graphic images are included below. It’s important to remember that in a young child’s hands, a phone charger is just as dangerous as the outlet it’s plugged into.

From Davis’ original Facebook post (which has since been updated with information about her daughter’s state):

Obinna Onyia

  • Sara

    2017-10-12 #1 Author

    This is sso sad pls be ware 😔


    • Ciarra

      2017-10-15 #2 Author

      Wow this is so sad some people don’t know the dangers of plunged in wires


    • Wyneisha

      2017-10-16 #3 Author

      Omg this is so sad 😩


    • Otis Montgomery

      2017-10-16 #4 Author

      Yes this is very terrible and thanks for the heads up. Prayers for the child.


  • Asteisha

    2017-10-12 #5 Author

    Gladbaby is ok will be unplugging all chargers


  • Dazja

    2017-10-13 #6 Author

    Wow that’s very saddening


  • Keisha

    2017-10-13 #7 Author

    This is so scary and after reading this article i have been EXTRA strict around my house with chargers. Prayers for the baby !!!!!


    • Brianna

      2017-10-16 #8 Author

      I have to watch my baby because I know she’s quick.


  • Ashley govan

    2017-10-13 #9 Author

    Oh my goodness that poor baby 😔. I will definitely have to keep my charger put up we’re my little guy can’t reach it.


  • Aly

    2017-10-13 #10 Author

    Man people really have to watch their children. So glad that the child wasn’t more seriously hurt.


  • Bree

    2017-10-13 #11 Author

    That’s crazy.. keep plugs away from the babens!


  • Jessica Miller

    2017-10-13 #12 Author

    This Is Soo Sad 😭


  • Step higginbotham

    2017-10-13 #13 Author

    Poor baby. Plugs and chargers need to be out of reach of kids.


  • Queeneth Longlife

    2017-10-13 #14 Author

    This is indeed a very sad one….! Parents please be very mindful and careful 😑 especially mummies


  • Marsha

    2017-10-13 #15 Author

    I am glad that your baby is ok


  • Griffyn hale

    2017-10-14 #16 Author

    Thats so sad! I’ll be sure to keep chargers out of my baby’s way!!


  • Mrs Chinwendu

    2017-10-14 #17 Author

    Thanks for sharing


  • Eureka McMillan

    2017-10-14 #18 Author

    Wow!! Praying for that baby! That is so sad!


  • Dannika

    2017-10-14 #19 Author

    This is sad and scary
    I defo know I’ll be keeping all eletricals up high


  • Erica amos

    2017-10-14 #20 Author

    Glad the baby is ok . Gave me a different outlook in leaving my charger plugged by the bed .


  • Glory

    2017-10-14 #21 Author

    This is so sad but very alarming I hope baby girl is ok but this is an eye opener .


  • Amy Bennamon

    2017-10-14 #22 Author

    So sad! Glad the baby is okay.


  • Ke McDowell

    2017-10-14 #23 Author

    Glad the baby is doing ok and never would have thought this could happen


  • Virginia duenez

    2017-10-14 #24 Author

    This is extremely scary !!! I had to take chargers away from any reaching distance to ensure my daughter’s safety … But glad the baby is doin fine .


  • serinia gray

    2017-10-14 #25 Author

    very sad . shaking my head


  • Gcunga

    2017-10-14 #26 Author

    So sad! But the baby is ok! That’s god


  • Isis

    2017-10-14 #27 Author

    Happy the baby is ok . God is goood just pray he answers everything


  • hayley

    2017-10-15 #28 Author

    that is very sad! i’ll be sore to keep all cords away from my baby.


  • Daeanna

    2017-10-15 #29 Author

    This is very scary omg


  • grace

    2017-10-15 #30 Author

    so sad. please beware everyone. 🙁


  • Chaichai

    2017-10-15 #31 Author

    This is alarming and sad. I shud be very careful 😞


  • Ianna woods

    2017-10-15 #32 Author

    It’s crazy how things you think won’t be as dangerous actually is. I’m glad I read this article because my son has a habit of getting a hold to my charger. prayers for the little girls speedy recovery


  • Stacy Foster

    2017-10-15 #33 Author

    This is why I get so paranoid about leaving chargers plugged in 🙁


  • Tyra Jones

    2017-10-15 #34 Author

    Very sad 😞 Glad The Baby Okay 🙏🏽


  • Linda Cruz

    2017-10-15 #35 Author

    Important read …I will certainty be cautious given the article.


  • Talisha S Muckenfuss

    2017-10-15 #36 Author

    Poor baby this is a true thing so beware.


  • Tameka Fleming

    2017-10-15 #37 Author

    Wow! This is so sad! Every parent should definitely be aware and take heed!


  • Sheeka

    2017-10-15 #38 Author

    Ohmygosh this is really sad


  • Tennille Myers

    2017-10-16 #39 Author

    So sad & scary 😓


  • Shun Jones

    2017-10-16 #40 Author

    Oh wow I didn’t know that at all very educational for me !!!


  • Tayyaba

    2017-10-16 #41 Author

    My husband use to threat me when my baby was 12 months old
    He does so that i will be attentive all the time for baby
    That i should not ignore hus activities
    And that anger of his is good for every mother
    Or other wise we should be ready for such incidents


  • Davina C

    2017-10-16 #42 Author

    This is sooo sad! Before I had my son I used to sleep with my phone next to me in bed while on the charger… now I make it my duty to put it on the dresser every night before I go to sleep.


  • Kenya

    2017-10-16 #43 Author

    Omg praying for the baby !!


  • Nickcole Carter

    2017-10-16 #44 Author

    This is so crazy 😥 please be aware


  • ger

    2017-10-16 #45 Author

    this is so scary.. should be more careful when babies are around


  • Keish

    2017-10-16 #46 Author

    This a scary i would never want my child to get a hold charger…poor baby i hope it gets better 😔


    • Keish

      2017-10-16 #47 Author

      Of a (insert missing words)


  • Siera

    2017-10-16 #48 Author

    Wow this is so sad😔


  • DaDa

    2017-10-16 #49 Author

    Glad I seen this 🙌🏼 Makes me want to hide all the chargers in my house. My children have a bad habit of getting ahold of them & placing them in their mouths.


  • Alexis

    2017-10-16 #50 Author

    I hope the baby is okay 😔 Definitely keeping my chargers in a better place now.


  • Crystal

    2017-10-16 #51 Author

    im definitely about to start unplugging my charger when the little one is crowning around. She is way too quick!


  • C’Asia

    2017-10-16 #52 Author

    This is so sad . This is exactly why i take any object that I feel is dangerous from my child and put things away.


  • Kaliyah

    2017-10-17 #53 Author

    😱 prayers for the baby!!! Gotta keep things like this away from children


  • Shanqueeka leggett

    2017-10-17 #54 Author

    Omg no!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


  • Liyah

    2017-10-17 #55 Author

    Poor baby ): I’m definitely moving where I charge my phone after reading this.


  • Grace

    2017-10-17 #56 Author

    Thanks for sharing this, I also sometimes forget my charger unplugged, this will be a reminder for me.


  • Tatyana Mitchell

    2017-10-17 #57 Author

    Wow this is terrible.. god bless them !


  • Aleli plata

    2017-10-17 #58 Author

    Nothing is more important than keeping your love ones safe, this will be a reminder for me.


  • Mark Anthony Camacam

    2017-10-17 #59 Author

    this is why i dont leave my charger plugged in when im not around 🙁 poor baby 🙁


  • Erica

    2017-10-17 #60 Author

    This is sad! I read this article on another site and now I am very cautious with my babies around phone chargers.


  • Terri

    2017-10-17 #61 Author

    Wow this is incredibly scary, from now on I will make sure to keep my charger away from my child.


  • Erica

    2017-10-17 #62 Author

    This is sad! I read this articles on anothe site. I am very cautious now.


  • TyEsha smith

    2017-10-17 #63 Author

    Wow… that poor baby


  • Dereanna

    2017-10-17 #64 Author

    pour baby I’m glad the mother shared her story so this doesn’t potentially happen to another child


  • Jachala

    2017-10-17 #65 Author

    Good thing the child is fine after the incident. This just made me more cautious of my household items since I have a baby now.


  • Chantel

    2017-10-17 #66 Author

    This is so scary. I never thought about my kid doing this.


  • Kassidy

    2017-10-18 #67 Author

    Omg! So sad poor baby 💜


  • Mike

    2017-10-18 #68 Author

    Very sad, feel sorry for the poor kid


  • Kelvin Raph

    2017-10-18 #69 Author

    Thank you for this information, I wish your baby quick recovery


  • Carla wilson

    2017-10-18 #70 Author

    So sad, sending my prayers for baby.. Glad I know now to be more carefull with chargers around my kids.. Thanks.


  • Angelica Wolfe

    2017-10-18 #71 Author

    Omg!!! This is absolutely terrible!!! VERY informative & it’s something I will now watch out for


  • Dominique

    2017-10-18 #72 Author

    This is GREAT information because a lot of times parents are moving and running and not fully paying attention to what their little one is doing .. PRAYS FOR THIS ANGEL


  • DyamonJ

    2017-10-20 #73 Author

    aaaaw poor baby … I’ll be definitely paying more attention to my child !


  • Armaine Abutin

    2017-10-23 #74 Author

    This is so sad and scary. I will be very cautious from now on.


  • Alexandrea

    2017-10-25 #75 Author

    This is so scary! Will definitely be more careful next time!


  • Kaylinne sevoor

    2017-10-28 #76 Author

    This is so sad..😞


  • Kaylinne sevoor

    2017-10-28 #77 Author

    This is so sad..😞 I always put my charger away I’m too scared my baby put it in her mouth


  • Olga

    2017-11-02 #78 Author

    Omg I’m so sorry that happened. I definitely won’t put my charger near my baby!


  • Wendy Sheen Labrador

    2017-11-04 #79 Author

    This is heartbreaking. 💔 Parents must always keep an eye on their child. Inattentiveness can lead to injuries or worst death.


  • T gold

    2017-11-06 #80 Author

    My son does it also but now I think we will start unplugging the chargers,thank God the baby is okay


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