This Mom’s Viral Hack for Getting Babies to Take Medicine Is Pure Genius This Mom’s Viral Hack for Getting Babies to Take Medicine Is Pure Genius
Mary Poppins recommended a spoonful of sugar for getting the medicine down, but one British mom’s tip for administering infant medications seems a lot more... This Mom’s Viral Hack for Getting Babies to Take Medicine Is Pure Genius

Mary Poppins recommended a spoonful of sugar for getting the medicine down, but one British mom’s tip for administering infant medications seems a lot more practical (and probably healthier!) when it comes to a run-of-the-mill fever.

Helena Lee, a nurse practioner, posted it on Facebook yesterday as a PSA to all parents with little ones. She’d been struggling to give her baby Calpol — an acetaminophen like Tylenol — for 24 hours. Each time she’d try to administer a dose to baby Alfie, he would end up “covered up in half of it.”

The she remembered seeing a clever trick. With the unfamiliar syringe disguised in the nipple of a baby bottle, the child didn’t think twice about it. “Not one bit got wasted,” she wrote. Even better, there were no tears!

Moms couldn’t get enough of this simple tip, with over 110,000 people sharing her post and tagging their friends. After all, it doesn’t require anything more than what most parents already own. Others chimed in with more insider tricks, like putting the syringe at the corner of the mouth or using a special pacifier-like dispenser designed just for this purpose.

But before you rush to put this genius idea to use, call your doctor first. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises talking to your pediatrician before you administer any medicine to a child younger than 2. An expert can help you calculate the proper dose (based on the toddler’s weight, not age) and answer any questions as needed. Parents should generally use the dosing device that comes with the medicine to measure, never regular teaspoons or tablespoons.

Used correctly, acetaminophen can help a child with a fever feel a lot more comfortable — but only if the medicine goes down, of course.

Obinna Onyia

  • Skylan Reide

    2017-10-18 #1 Author

    Wow I wish I would’ve thought of this ! This is incredible!


  • Destinee

    2017-10-18 #2 Author

    This is literally the smartest idea ever!!! Definitely storing it in my memory bank next time my baby gets sick. Loving how us mothers can get together and share wonderful ideas!


  • Norma

    2017-10-18 #3 Author

    Never thought of this before, glad I know now!


  • Keiara

    2017-10-18 #4 Author

    I definitely recommend this method! It helped a lot with my two year old when he was younger. A great way to get your tiny ones to take the full dosage with no spills !!


  • Danesha walker

    2017-10-19 #5 Author

    This is so smart .


  • Jordan Loveless

    2017-10-19 #6 Author

    Such a smart mom ! Wish I would’ve thought of this


  • Diamond

    2017-10-19 #7 Author

    That’s very very smart something I should had done a while back, I’m going to start though lol


  • Christina Weeden

    2017-10-19 #8 Author

    I need to do this to give my daughter her medicine.


  • Jennifer Fernandez

    2017-10-19 #9 Author

    It’s tricky but it worked. How I wish this article was publish before. Smart idea. 😊


  • Kira

    2017-10-19 #10 Author

    This is so smart! I’m going to do this with my daughter.


  • Kenyara

    2017-10-19 #11 Author

    This is so creative !


  • Phantasia Scott

    2017-10-19 #12 Author

    Very smart idea lol! I should try this!


  • Cheyenne

    2017-10-19 #13 Author

    This article is just amazing and I will be using this hack!


  • Tay

    2017-10-19 #14 Author

    Very Smart idea!


  • Carla dickerson

    2017-10-19 #15 Author

    Great ideal I’m def go un to use this ideal this is a helpful hint. For all new mommies


  • Erica Autry

    2017-10-19 #16 Author

    Dang i wish i would of thought of this ! My little one hates taking medicine😩


  • Bria

    2017-10-19 #17 Author

    Now I know what to do ! This is amazing


  • Latricia clark

    2017-10-20 #18 Author

    Love this idea very smart !!


  • Tkeyah

    2017-10-20 #19 Author

    Wow this is such a great idea!! I def will try this


  • Darius

    2017-10-20 #20 Author

    Have to try this !


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    2017-10-21 #21 Author

    Definitely haven to try this 😩


  • criselda buasa

    2017-10-24 #22 Author

    such a great idea! 🙂


  • SEllena Elle

    2017-10-24 #23 Author

    The best ideea !!! In this night i will try this !! All will be so easy 😊


  • Mika

    2017-10-24 #24 Author

    I’m definitely going to try this bc it was a hassle with my oldest to take medicine.


  • Jasmine

    2017-10-25 #25 Author

    I learned this the hard way lol. It’s so much easier this way !


  • Nokuthula

    2017-10-25 #26 Author

    Weldone mommy! Smart move. ☺


  • Dreeann

    2017-10-26 #27 Author

    My daughters hate taking medicine i wish i would have tried this hack on them. But im definitely gonna try with my new baby if i need to


  • Mom1

    2017-10-26 #28 Author

    Smart Idea I Will Have To Try It !


  • Kenisha

    2017-10-30 #29 Author

    After leaving the hospital with my son this became my new technique. His nurse came up with this bright idea and it has worked like a charm every since…


  • jill abellana madriaga

    2017-11-02 #30 Author

    nice idea!!:) i should do this to my little one 🙂


  • Jenny

    2017-11-02 #31 Author

    This really caught my attention, and realized why haven’t i thought of this before?! Will definitely try this! Lol


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