10 Shocking Things Caught On Nanny Cam 10 Shocking Things Caught On Nanny Cam
Not all moms are stay at home moms that have all the time to take care of there babies and toddlers so the option... 10 Shocking Things Caught On Nanny Cam

Not all moms are stay at home moms that have all the time to take care of there babies and toddlers so the option of getting a nanny pops up.

Most moms try as much as possible to get the best nannies for there kids but because you can’t always be 100% secure when its not you taking care of your kids, they install cameras to watch how these nannies do there job while she is away.

We have compiled 10 most shocking things nannies do on cam that we will like you to see before you make your next choice of nanny.

Obinna Onyia

  • Clarissa Ang

    2017-10-25 #1 Author

    The nanny cameras are useful nowadays.


  • Anonymous

    2017-10-25 #2 Author

    some of things people do to kids is so sickening. that’s the reason I’m a stay at home mom now. stuff like this breaks my heart & I couldn’t imagine it happening to my own child 😔


  • Kanyiah

    2017-10-25 #3 Author

    I love all the pretty babies


  • Ashley

    2017-10-25 #4 Author

    That’s crazy … It’s hard to trust anyone


  • DeSean johnson

    2017-10-25 #5 Author

    Some were funny, others were shocking. I wouldn’t know what to do if I came home to find someone standing on my child’s back…


  • Amy

    2017-10-25 #6 Author

    This is why I always keep cameras


  • Aalyiah Williams

    2017-10-25 #7 Author

    Omg that’s why I don’t want anybody watching my baby but my mom


  • Alexanderia

    2017-10-25 #8 Author

    Wowww this is really shocking


  • Ashleigh Lewis

    2017-10-25 #9 Author

    I will never have a nanny or baby sitter.. This article shows people why you cant always trust certain people


  • Rodneisha

    2017-10-25 #10 Author

    Oh wow this is pretty weird lol


  • Toniesha Walker

    2017-10-25 #11 Author

    Oh my gosh! This just scared the crap out of me! Only people to watch my baby will be family and I still want a nanny cam for them as well. This is sad.


  • Myranda

    2017-10-25 #12 Author

    Wow that’s crazy!!


  • Tori

    2017-10-25 #13 Author

    Oh my gosh thats crazy!!


  • Gabrielle Gilson

    2017-10-25 #14 Author

    OMG! That is so scary!


  • Ana

    2017-10-25 #15 Author

    Hell nah! 😡 that’s why I’m a SAHM.


  • Priscilla

    2017-10-26 #16 Author

    Can’t trust just anybody with your child. They will never treat your child the way you do.


  • Monique

    2017-10-26 #17 Author

    I just don’t know if I could trust a nanny because of reasons like this… I rather have a family member that I really trust… How could people even be like that to the innocent kids… It’s really sad…


  • Alexius

    2017-10-26 #18 Author

    This is why I don’t trust people … that’s why my grandma will always keep my child . People cannot be trusted 🙄


  • Alizé Gittens

    2017-10-26 #19 Author

    Are you serious ?? No nanny for me man.


  • Kelsey

    2017-10-26 #20 Author

    Exactly Why I Dont Allow Any & Everybody Watching My Child . Due To The Fact That Others Can Harm Your Babies Without A Care in The World & It Would Cause Me To Hurt Them For Hurting Mine . Always be Careful On Who You Let Watch Your Children.


  • Nae

    2017-10-26 #21 Author

    Wow I’m glad they have these


  • Brooklyn

    2017-10-26 #22 Author

    Sad, sad world we live in.


  • Shemael

    2017-10-26 #23 Author

    This is so disturbing! I’m glad I have an app on my phone so that I could see my baby while I’m at work.


  • Correl Gray

    2017-10-27 #24 Author

    Wow I love babies ❤️😍


  • Jonbenet

    2017-10-27 #25 Author

    Ridiculous thts just ridiculous


  • Candice

    2017-10-27 #26 Author

    This is ridiculous no one can be trusted I would of completely snapped😰


  • Tresor Brown

    2017-10-27 #27 Author

    This is crazy , but I love nanny cam to watch my baby at all times


  • bellelibrao

    2017-10-27 #28 Author

    This is so heartbreaking! Good thing my mom always take care of my kid while I’m at work.


  • Raquesha

    2017-10-27 #29 Author

    That’s horrible how could you do that.


  • Liliana kendrick

    2017-10-27 #30 Author

    See this is exactly why is moms can not just have anyone watch our kids , if you do not have the patience or tolerance for it do not get yourself into being a nanny at that kids will be kids the adults like this make me sick it’s why I stay at home now with my daughter smh .


  • Nyah

    2017-10-28 #31 Author

    I would’ve been hot


  • Charnell

    2017-10-28 #32 Author

    This is sick, I’d be in jail if I found out this was happening to my child!


  • Jai

    2017-10-28 #33 Author

    Wow that’s crazy


  • Cartier

    2017-10-28 #34 Author

    i don’t think i could ever leave my baby with a nanny just because you never know people’s true intentions.


  • Key kei

    2017-10-28 #35 Author

    Wowwwww nanny cam or not it doesn’t keep your child out of harms way u only see it after it already happens .. this is why my child couldn’t go to daycare even if her drs let her . I would lose my mind if anything happened go my precious baby 😩


  • Dezire Brewer

    2017-10-30 #36 Author

    Reasons like these are why I’m terrified to leave my baby with someone other than family not everyone has the best intentions, but I think its great that there are nanny cams available in many different disguises(stuffed animals toys,etc)and your able to check on your child(ren)at any time.


  • QueenDiamond

    2017-10-30 #37 Author

    Let her rotten in jail for the rest of her life. Babies are blessings from God to see some cold hearted people hurting them.


  • Ariel

    2017-10-30 #38 Author

    Exactly why I’m scared for ppl to watch my daughter


  • Pj Bell

    2017-11-01 #39 Author

    Exactly why I don’t trust people to watch my son


  • Cashae

    2017-11-02 #40 Author

    Wow this why Cant leave your kids with anyone


  • Mayor

    2017-11-02 #41 Author

    Security cameras are very good, because not all nanny is truly a nanny.


  • Tessa wiley

    2017-11-04 #42 Author

    Thats why i only let certain family members watch my daughter.


  • Dearra herron

    2017-11-04 #43 Author

    This why i only allow my family to watch my kids you can’t trust nobody


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