Mom posts photo of her sleeping next to baby. But her caption was saddest thing any mom could read Mom posts photo of her sleeping next to baby. But her caption was saddest thing any mom could read
Many babies cry before sleeping, and a litany of parenting advice books, blogs, and experts will tell you a million different things you should... Mom posts photo of her sleeping next to baby. But her caption was saddest thing any mom could read

Many babies cry before sleeping, and a litany of parenting advice books, blogs, and experts will tell you a million different things you should or shouldn’t do when your baby starts crying.

But when Dayna Mager’s newborn Luella started bawling in her crib, she didn’t hesitate to climb right into the little bed with the baby and cuddle beside her.

And when she explained the reason why, thousands were shaken by the heart-wrenching story.

One of the first times Dayna and her husband Matt had left their baby after she was born was to go to a worship concert. During that concert, there was a missionary who shared a story from his trip to Uganda, and it “shook me to the core,” Dayna remembered.

During the trip, he had visited a Ugandan orphanage. He had visited many orphanages before, and each one had a nursery. But here, he heard something he’d never ever heard in a nursery before.


“He walked into a nursery with over 100 filled cribs with babies. He listened in amazement and wonder as the only sound he could hear was silence,” Dayna wrote. Silence is beyond rare in any nursery, much less one with 100 babies.

So the missionary turned to his host and asked how this was possible—why was the nursery silent?

His next words burned into Dayna’s heart.

It became a moment “that would forever be burned in my fragile, hormone raging, new mommy heart that had already become 100xs more fragile after meeting her [Luella].”

The host turned to the missionary and said, “After about a week of them being here, and crying out for countless hours, they eventually stop when they realize no one is coming for them…”

Dayna added, “They stop crying when they realize no one is coming for them. Not in 10 minutes, not in 4 hours, and maybe, perhaps, not ever.”

And then her heart broke. “I broke. I literally could have picked up pieces of my heart scattered about the auditorium floor. But instead, it stirred in me a longing, a hunger. A promise in my spirit,” Dayna wrote. That night when she came home, she held Luella’s tiny little 10-pound body close and promised she would always come to her.

“At 2:00 a.m. when pitiful desperate squeals come through a baby monitor, I will come to her.”

“Her first hurt, her first heartbreak, we will come to her. We will be there to hold her, to let her feel, to make decisions on her own, and we will be there. We will show her through our tears and frustrations at times, that it is okay to cry, and it’s ok to feel. That we will always be a safe place, and we will always come to her,” she wrote.

So weeks later, when Luella cried herself red in the face, Dayna crawled right into her crib to “soothe my screaming, teething, blush faced and tear soaked little girl.”

Her husband came home to find her in the crib with Luella, and took a picture of the two of them sleeping. When Dayna later saw the picture, she reflected on sharing it, and weeks later posted it to social media.

“Every child is different,” she wrote. “It may work for some kids/parents to cry it out. Everyone is different. And ‘coming’ to them may look different for each parent, but for me, for now, this has worked for us and it’s shifted my frustrations in those times!”

“My heart just broke I not a million pieces,” one commenter wrote.

“I cannot cry at work…This just shattered my heart and put it back together all at once. Thanks for sharing,” wrote another.

Another Facebook user said the stories were true: “My mom said she never made a peep in the orphanage because no one really cared. It’s so heartbreaking to hear stories like that.”

But one commenter summed it up: “Well I’m a crying babbling mess….. I believe your story just made me a better mom and person. Thanks for the share.”



Obinna Onyia

  • Fenil

    2017-10-27 #1 Author

    Kiss Your Children Goodnight
    I do, I do! It’s impossible to leave a room and not sneak in a few more kisses from your little ones. I told my son once that I kiss him when he sleeps and he said “I know mami, that’s why I sleep better.”


  • Faith Reyes

    2017-10-27 #2 Author

    Omg! I can feel the love of the mother..


  • Alice Casion

    2017-10-27 #3 Author

    There are so many babies that not in orphanages that cries themselves to sleep every night. It’s a blessing to see pictures like this with parents appreciating the gift that God has given us. I’m a firm believer of grabbing my baby up and showing them as much love as possible. Babies need that warm touch and the soothing sound of your voice and even that sense of protection to give.


  • Emerald Smith

    2017-10-27 #4 Author

    . This is so heart warming


  • Shayla Evanns

    2017-10-27 #5 Author

    is admirable admirable, the baby is super beautiful being a mother is a complicated but very beautiful task.


  • Lyc

    2017-10-27 #6 Author

    Beautiful story 😍


  • Kesh

    2017-10-27 #7 Author

    Touching story ❤️


  • JenniferJ

    2017-10-27 #8 Author

    This is so sad!! I couldn’t imagine the sad needs going on


  • Lassalete Barbalat

    2017-10-27 #9 Author

    Passei pelo mesmo com o meu pequeno. sei exactamente o que isso é.


  • Tea

    2017-10-27 #10 Author

    This was heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.


  • lennox hare

    2017-10-27 #11 Author

    that’s so sweet


  • Janal

    2017-10-28 #12 Author

    So humbling and touching.


  • Delisa

    2017-10-28 #13 Author

    Sweetest thing…..Brought tears to my eyes ❤️


  • Julianna ortega

    2017-10-28 #14 Author

    God bless you momma


  • Neek Clemons

    2017-10-28 #15 Author

    I just love this article !


  • Cindy

    2017-10-28 #16 Author

    Heartbreaking 💔 The fact that little babies are and realize they’re all alone is painful to know. This story just gave me a realization and is only gonna make me a better person and appreciate the people involved in my baby girl’s life


  • Kwony

    2017-10-28 #17 Author

    That is sad, there’s a limit of letting your baby cry. If she’s fed, changed, and burped and your child is still crying. Maybe they just want to feel you.


  • Johnnai

    2017-10-28 #18 Author

    aww I Fell in love with your story


  • Dajsa

    2017-10-28 #19 Author

    That is so sad the fact that they cried their little hearts out and noone helped them, noone comforted them it kinda makes me wamna cry because no innocent baby deserves that and they didn’t ask to be here smh.


  • Kilah Hall

    2017-10-28 #20 Author

    I Do This For My Son Everyday. He Will Always Know That His Mommy Is Here!!


  • Shaterra

    2017-10-28 #21 Author

    Awe This story was amazing .


  • Jabrianna bibbs

    2017-10-28 #22 Author

    This is so sad but sweet at the same time


  • Anerae Williams

    2017-10-29 #23 Author

    Wow that made me look at my parenting in a whole new way 😍


  • Shatasha

    2017-10-30 #24 Author

    My mother went the the same thing with my little brother at 6 months of his birth 😟.everything will be okay


  • Donna

    2017-10-30 #25 Author

    Awe ❤️ The decisions that we make her tough but we make them because as moms we have no choice


  • April

    2017-10-30 #26 Author

    Awww❤️ Broke my little heart . I cry when I see tears coming down my 4 month old face . wish I could hold every little one of them 💔 they didn’t ask to be here


  • Andriana

    2017-10-30 #27 Author

    Awww what a heart felt story ❤️


  • Alexandra Rans

    2017-10-30 #28 Author

    Awww this so sweet and sad at the same time 😔❤️


  • Desirrai Mayberry

    2017-10-30 #29 Author

    A mother’s love is amazing. Cherish every moment with your children.


  • Andrea Green

    2017-10-30 #30 Author

    Such a beautiful story ❤️👣


  • Chanikquah

    2017-10-30 #31 Author

    Absolutely love this


  • Cassie Love

    2017-10-30 #32 Author

    The love of a mother will never fade. Feel so sorry for those in the orphanage


  • MartaysiaTaylor

    2017-10-30 #33 Author

    Omggg😔Broke my little heart . I cry when I see tears coming down my 4 month old face . wish I could hold every little one of them 💔 they didn’t ask to be here


  • Jhie

    2017-10-31 #34 Author

    Very touching story…
    Every kids need a cuddle and lots of kisses 😍😍😍


  • Monique

    2017-10-31 #35 Author

    It’s nice to know that she has such loving parents ❤


  • Armie capricho

    2017-10-31 #36 Author

    Very heart warming story❤️❤️ Got me teary eyed😭😭


  • Deonia

    2017-10-31 #37 Author

    This Is So Touching … Made Me Just Hold My Baby So Tight !


  • Safariah

    2017-10-31 #38 Author

    This is touching. I always turn to my son when he needs me, cuddling with him and singing him Sunday school songs are my ways to get him back to sleep


  • Aylissa

    2017-10-31 #39 Author

    that’s a mother’s love ❤️


  • Tianna

    2017-11-01 #40 Author

    This story broke my heart make you appreciate all time I take for granted with my kids.


  • Taylor Wilcoxson

    2017-11-01 #41 Author

    The orphanage is sadly a common reality in a lot of countries.


  • Mya Puckett

    2017-11-01 #42 Author

    God doesn’t give us more than we can bare when it comes down to our little ones and when it comes down to being a mother and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice is making decisions that we know are hard. That’s why we have too Trust in God


  • Raven

    2017-11-01 #43 Author

    I can’t bare to just sit and let my baby cry that one reason she’s spoiled now I want her to know I’ll always be her for her


  • Vera Nwamadi – Ezeh

    2017-11-01 #44 Author

    That makes us a mother .. The love our kids gives us is more than the stress we think.. Heart warning .. The love of a mother to her baby can’t be bought… Love this article .


  • Kadijah

    2017-11-01 #45 Author

    This story is so heart warming. And it gives you a new aspect on cuddling with your kids before bed.


  • Savannah

    2017-11-01 #46 Author

    Omg, my heart 😢💛


  • Stephanie Bass

    2017-11-02 #47 Author

    My son will only sleep when I’m right next to him.. Some say spoiled I say extra bonding and lots of loves 💕


  • Tierre Evans

    2017-11-02 #48 Author

    Touching Story ❤️


  • Rosalynn

    2017-11-03 #49 Author

    A mother’s love is amazing 💖 such a beautiful story.


  • Kianna

    2017-11-03 #50 Author

    Always kiss your babies goodnight and be there when they cry. I love my late night Mommy moments when me and my daughter can just have some bonding time and I can just hold and love her❤️


  • Valerie Grace

    2017-11-08 #51 Author

    The love of a mother for her child is undeniably, the strongest emotion in the human soil.


  • Ellianie

    2017-12-10 #52 Author

    This left me speechless…I broke down in tears while reading. A child is a wonderful blessing and the most valuable treasure received from above. I just love my twins Alexie Hope and Alexie Faith! They are my world!


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