Babysitter lies about armed robbers—then 4-year-old reveals the truth Babysitter lies about armed robbers—then 4-year-old reveals the truth
Not many toddlers have had a “worst day” or have been called “superheroes” in their short lives, but Abby has. That’s because on Wednesday,... Babysitter lies about armed robbers—then 4-year-old reveals the truth

Not many toddlers have had a “worst day” or have been called “superheroes” in their short lives, but Abby has. That’s because on Wednesday, two men broke into her Ferndale, Washington home and stole some of the family’s and toddler’s precious belongings, and Abby helped police solve that crime.

Abby was at home being looked after by her 17-year-old babysitter on a Wednesday afternoon back in 2014, when they suddenly became victims of a home intrusion and robbery.

“They told us to get out of the house cause they wanted to steal stuff,” Abby told Q13Fox.

Two men busted through the front door and ordered the toddler and her babysitter to get out of the house, and took a handful of possessions from the home, some of which were Abby’s favorites.

“The bad guys stole my kitty bank, and they stole my iPod.” She continued, “They also stole my Xbox and my Wii.”

Luckily for the 4-year-old, she was able to get those back with some good old-fashioned truth-telling and detective work.

The toddler’s teenage babysitter told investigators that the robbery had been conducted by two armed black men, and claimed that one of them looked a lot like the next door neighbor, Cody Oaks.

He was handcuffed and questioned for 5 to 6 hours.

It was only after Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office finally asked Abby what happened, did the 4-year-old reveal something that “changed everything.”

“It wasn’t the right skin color,” she said. Abby told investigators that the thieves weren’t black, but white–and that led them to further question the teenage sitter’s story, who ultimately confessed.

The teen admitted that she, along with her 16-year-old boyfriend and another young suspect, orchestrated the false robbery. They had even planned to frame the innocent man next door to cover their tracks.

Oaks had no hard feelings about the accusation though, and he hoped it would be a lesson for the teenage criminals.

“It’s kind of sad because I don’t think she realizes the dangerous situation she put me in,” Oaks said.

A man could have been robbed of his life and sent to jail for an indefinite amount of time for a crime he didn’t commit, but luckily, a witness was present, and it was this little girl—who knew right from wrong.

“I thinked [sic] about how that was really…her being bad—she is not a good babysitter.”

Abby’s mother said she is proud of her daughter for telling the truth, helping free an innocent man, and bring the wrongdoers to justice.

In the end, Abby was delighted to get her belongings returned to her. She said, “They got it back because of me being the superhero.”

The babysitter and two accomplices were arrested, Abby got her gadgets back, an innocent man went home to his family, and order was restored.

Obinna Onyia

  • Chynaa

    2017-10-30 #1 Author

    That is just terrible trying to frame the innocence


    • Shayy

      2017-11-01 #2 Author

      Word though that’s foul .


    • Shanta

      2017-11-01 #3 Author

      That’s why you shouldn’t let everyone around your kids


  • Angalque Madison

    2017-10-30 #4 Author

    What is wrong with people these days smh


  • Jnlyn Jose

    2017-10-30 #7 Author

    It’s kinda alarming a teen age babysitter do such thing, but luckily they didn’t harm the 4yr old baby
    .. God is good all the time


  • ali lilly

    2017-10-30 #8 Author

    i think the baby girl did the right thing & i also think the baby sitter played a part in it .


  • Samantha Fowler

    2017-10-30 #9 Author

    That so sad 😭😭.


  • Trivonda

    2017-10-30 #10 Author

    This is just terrible


  • Zhane

    2017-10-30 #11 Author

    I’m proud of Abby for being such a big girl!


  • Ladii Glizzy

    2017-10-30 #12 Author

    Ow wow😒🤦🏽‍♀️ People just don’t seem to evern surprise me anymore! Thank God for the super hero tho ❤️


  • India Miranda

    2017-10-30 #13 Author

    Thank God for this little girl they got what they deserved great job Babygirl so little and so smart


  • Sedonia cribbs

    2017-10-30 #14 Author

    Smh blame the innocent for what though


  • Hannaica

    2017-10-30 #15 Author

    Never ever an innocent child will lie and be able to make stories! They’re an angel in disguise 😧


  • Jalisha Gray

    2017-10-30 #16 Author

    Kids Will Tell It All !!


  • India mckinnines

    2017-10-30 #17 Author

    This is crazy glad the little girl was smart enough to tell the truth.


  • Cooper

    2017-10-30 #18 Author

    The Bàby is truely a superhero,the neighbor was saved by a brave and honest 4year old Bàby 🙏 I hope 🤞for more babies 👶 like her to make the world a better place


  • Britney

    2017-10-30 #19 Author

    Have to be careful who you let in your household. These people put their trust in this young lady & she did such a harmful act


  • Makeala cooper

    2017-10-30 #20 Author

    People should have all the evidence before they try and frame the innocent


  • Shelly

    2017-10-30 #21 Author

    Brilliant little girl. Really a super hero. She was very observant. Thank God she got back her stuff. Wicked babysitter.People let this be an eye opener.


  • Sharkita

    2017-10-30 #22 Author

    This is just sad on all points


  • Donna

    2017-10-31 #23 Author

    It’s sad people would actually do that to person especially young kids. Just shows they have no compassion for any other person. Just goes to show some people grow their children right and some don’t . Sad world out there .


  • Danisha

    2017-10-31 #24 Author

    Wow that’s so sad. People are so crazy now days!!


  • Shabreka

    2017-10-31 #25 Author

    This Is Crazy I’m just glad That They Are ok and nobody got hurt


  • Alexis

    2017-10-31 #26 Author

    This is sooo sad 😞


  • Breonna

    2017-10-31 #27 Author

    Wow…big high five for abby


  • Chyann Harris

    2017-10-31 #28 Author

    wow.. this is crazy


  • Momma S

    2017-10-31 #29 Author

    This is crazy! How could you lie about something like this?


  • Momma S

    2017-10-31 #30 Author

    This is crazy! How could you lie about something like this?!


  • Chas’Tyana

    2017-10-31 #31 Author

    Dang This Is Very Sad. Very Bad World


  • Chas’

    2017-10-31 #32 Author

    This IS So Sad To Me


  • Kayla

    2017-10-31 #33 Author

    Kids are smarter then you think 💯


  • Laujune Thomas

    2017-11-01 #34 Author

    Horrible you never know whose dangerous, could’ve been a lot worse


  • Shawn

    2017-11-01 #35 Author

    This is horrible to do! Especially after someone trusted you with thier kids!


  • Tot

    2017-11-01 #36 Author

    That is terrible 😩


  • NyNy

    2017-11-01 #37 Author

    I Still Dont trust baby Sitters


    • Abriyonne White

      2017-11-03 #38 Author

      Why Would She Lie? Parents Watch Who You Let Keep Your Babies 😩


  • Stacey alford

    2017-11-01 #39 Author

    Wow thats interesting


  • Georgetta Johnson

    2017-11-01 #40 Author

    Why would the babysitter lie? That’s crazy


  • Porcha

    2017-11-01 #41 Author

    The little girl did the right thing and the baby sitter was involved it all makes sense smh so sad


  • Taquanna

    2017-11-01 #42 Author

    Wow 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


  • Curtis peters

    2017-11-01 #43 Author

    Good job baby….


  • Tashara Thomas

    2017-11-01 #44 Author

    It’s crazy you can’t even trust the sitters anymore…but it’s a very good thing that Abby Was Old enough to talk&actually could tell what happened.


  • Justine

    2017-11-01 #45 Author

    WTH! People are crazy!


  • Lexy Sontoyo

    2017-11-01 #46 Author

    This is sad and disappointing 😑


  • Antonisha

    2017-11-01 #47 Author

    Lol This Amazing Kids Say And Come Up With The Darnest Things


  • Destany

    2017-11-02 #48 Author

    She did great at helping out solve the crime. Give that little girl props.


  • Deshaun

    2017-11-02 #49 Author

    Cool article Baby


  • Ceola Dorsey

    2017-11-02 #50 Author

    This would have been sad…but TYJ for the 4yr old


  • Miteasha

    2017-11-02 #51 Author

    Why would the baby sitter lie on someone that’s innocent?


  • Alanie

    2017-11-02 #52 Author

    This children know the truth these days .


  • Brittany gordon

    2017-11-02 #53 Author

    That’s so sad the innocence from a child is taken away. Smh for the child to have to witness that and has to be the one to tell the truth is very wicked


  • Kassiopeia Lawrence

    2017-11-02 #54 Author

    This is so terrible and selfish!!!!


  • Tyshay

    2017-11-02 #55 Author

    smh, this is crazy.


  • Misha Mckellar

    2017-11-02 #56 Author

    Young teenage babysitters is not really responsible to look after the kids well. Their minds are addicted to gadgets😂 Well, whether young or old they can do a bad thing. There’s no one to trust nowadays. Because this generation is really *****d


  • Shay

    2017-11-03 #57 Author

    That is terrible, thank god for 4 year olds. Some people may not think so, but four year olds are very smart and have a great memory


  • Zahira brown

    2017-11-03 #58 Author

    Wow that is crazy


  • Lennie

    2017-11-03 #59 Author

    Yeah little do people know kids listen to everything and know a lot


  • Tanesha

    2017-11-03 #60 Author

    Exactly why I do not trust people outside of my family to watch my child.


  • Darren Head

    2017-11-03 #61 Author

    That is so sad. If it wasnt for the little girl they would got away!


  • Lovia money

    2017-11-03 #62 Author

    This is so sad 😭


  • Jameria

    2017-11-03 #63 Author

    That’s why you be careful by who you let in your house


  • Shakyia thompson

    2017-11-04 #64 Author

    Poor lil babies How sad


  • Anthony Brown

    2017-11-04 #65 Author

    Bittersweet…. but ultimately sweet.


  • LaShanna Jenkins

    2017-11-04 #66 Author

    I’m so glad that the the little girls was smart enough to tell the truth. Because some kids are afraid to be honest. This incident could have caused someones life to be taken away from them for something that they did not do.


  • Mikael Wilkerson

    2017-11-04 #67 Author

    This is horrible. lord bless those babies.


  • Katrice

    2017-11-04 #68 Author

    Good Job Abby you did the right thing..I know your neighbor is proud of you 😊👏🏾


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