After coming back from dinner with adopted black daughter. Mom finds unthinkable note on her car After coming back from dinner with adopted black daughter. Mom finds unthinkable note on her car
Tonya Keefer is the mother of two beautiful children—both of them adopted. They had both been left by different birth mothers who were both... After coming back from dinner with adopted black daughter. Mom finds unthinkable note on her car

Tonya Keefer is the mother of two beautiful children—both of them adopted. They had both been left by different birth mothers who were both addicts and could not raise the children themselves. Since the day Keefer became their mother, they have been the light of her life.
So imagine her surprise when, on a regular day out for a fun family dinner, she returned to her car to find a hateful and ignorant note.

The note read:
“Just because the girl is black does not mean you have to treat her any different than your white child.
You and your husband walked off and did not look back for the little black girl to make sure she got out the car safely.
You should be ashamed.
Seems like you’re racist.
Give the black girl back to her mother.
You and your husband are white trash.”

When Keefer read the note, she was stunned—and then she was upset, for reasons contrary to what the sender of the note might think.
“The ‘black girl’ as you call her, is so much more than the label you place on her,” Keefer wrote.

“She has a name, we call her Leah. She has a beautiful personality, a silliness that is endearing and a laugh that is infectious,” Keefer wrote.
“She is talented and creative and hilarious.”

“In fact as we drove into the Zaxbys parking lot tonight she was bouncing and giggling in the back seat, being her incredibly unique self.”

Keefer goes on to say that while the author of the note only saw a “black girl,” Keefer saw an answer to her prayers.
“You can’t see the times I’ve cried or lost sleep wondering if I was good enough for her,” she wrote.

“You see the ‘black girl’ with the white family.
But I see an answer to my prayers, my daughter, my miracle.
I’m sorry that when you see my children you judge them by the difference in skin color, I truly am.”

“Both of my children were abandoned by their birth mothers.
Both of them were born to addicts.
Both of them deserve the very best of life.
And I’ll admit they deserve more than I could ever give them.”


“They are my joy, my hope and my life. And I am so sorry that you can’t see past the differences of our skin color to be able to see any of that,”
Keefer is not angry, but she wanted to share her message in the hopes that the author would see it and see past color.
“If this note ever finds you, I want you to know I am not angry and I would love to buy you dinner and offer you the chance to get to know our wonderfully unique family,” Keefer wrote. “God bless you!”

Obinna Onyia

  • Rodnesha

    2017-10-31 #1 Author

    You can not judge a book by its cover that “black girl” is loved just because they seen something different doesn’t mean they don’t care about her she look happy in the pictures with her family even thou she didn’t give birth to her that’s who raising her.


  • Brandy willis

    2017-10-31 #2 Author

    Beautiful family… Love has no color❤


  • Jhareka

    2017-10-31 #3 Author

    Wow people can be so cruel in this worls


  • Kala

    2017-11-01 #4 Author

    Great lady with a wonderful heart. The note was rude and whoever wrote it should be ashamed.


  • Brittany

    2017-11-01 #5 Author

    Ppl r so cruel now a days so quick to throw labels on things and dnt know the half.


  • Lewa

    2017-11-01 #6 Author

    Awwwww😊😊 so touching 😘


  • Danasia Paige

    2017-11-01 #7 Author

    Never Judge a Book by its cover. You never know anyone’s true intentions. This is a nice article and more people need to read it entirely!


  • Letoya

    2017-11-01 #8 Author

    People can be so rude for no reason. This story really touched my heart. In my own opinion real love doesn’t have a face or a color love is love. If you dont have anything good to say dont say nothing at all.


  • Jamarcus cashaw

    2017-11-01 #9 Author

    This is so adorable ❤️


  • Sasha

    2017-11-01 #10 Author

    Coming from a mixed family it is very hard to deal with people ignorance. My grand father is white and my granny is black.. she did a wonderful thing by adopting those kids no matter what race you are.. be blessed ❤️


  • LAUra

    2017-11-01 #11 Author

    The told is so cruel. Love is love.


  • Sileena

    2017-11-01 #12 Author

    So adorable ❤️❤️❤️ Never judge


  • Lazaria

    2017-11-01 #13 Author

    Wow this is crazy


  • Niesha

    2017-11-01 #14 Author

    This is such a beautiful story. With everything currently going on in the world it’s takes a lot of courage for people to do things like this just because no matter what you do you’ll be judged. I’m glad she stood up for her beliefs because not everybody would. Beautiful family ❤️


  • Nicole

    2017-11-01 #15 Author

    Love has no color💜 beautiful


  • Ebony

    2017-11-01 #16 Author

    So Touching!!! Never Judging A Book By It’s Cover


  • Kelcie Brown

    2017-11-01 #17 Author

    Beautiful story. People are quick to judge based on what they see on the outside but couldn’t dream of this little lady actually being happy with her new family. Continue to love them both, they’ll forever be grateful.


  • Tyronica Christaw

    2017-11-01 #18 Author

    I love everything about this post ❤️


  • Cathy Jones

    2017-11-02 #19 Author

    So sweet! Love has no color


  • Lapresha

    2017-11-02 #20 Author

    This is so adorable and I feel like no matter the color or race we all are equal .


  • Cathy Castro

    2017-11-02 #21 Author

    Very touching!
    Very true.. love has no color. 😍❤👍


  • Tasha

    2017-11-02 #22 Author

    Thank God for parents like you and your husband! So much ignorance in this world we live in. Thank you for remaining positive in your response to such negativity. May you continue to have a happy and healthy family! Your children are adorable.


  • Esther

    2017-11-02 #23 Author

    This is so wonderful so touching😍


  • Bradley

    2017-11-02 #24 Author

    Beautiful fAmily!


  • Briana Berry

    2017-11-02 #25 Author

    Beautiful family. People judge but do not know the story behind what they judge. Good job Mama!


  • Latazia

    2017-11-02 #26 Author

    Happy , beautiful family😍😍


  • Lisa Ann fox

    2017-11-02 #27 Author

    Its some very rude people in the world we all bleed the same color blood although our skin color may not be the same we were all created in Gods image


  • sienna

    2017-11-02 #28 Author

    people can be so rude


  • Darreka Lewis

    2017-11-02 #29 Author

    Aww this is so touching , you never judge a book by its COVER


  • Sarah

    2017-11-03 #30 Author

    Beautiful family


  • Chalanique Jones

    2017-11-03 #31 Author

    Its not about skin color ,its way deeper than that ,love has bo discrimination,a family is a family


  • Kenneyada crosby

    2017-11-03 #32 Author

    This is so adorable 💕😍


  • Tamiko Williamson

    2017-11-03 #33 Author

    I don’t look at the skin because we’re all equal no matter of race or religion



    2017-11-03 #34 Author

    I don’t look at the skin because we’re all equal no matter of race or religion


  • Khammy

    2017-11-03 #35 Author

    Smh . Beautiful family ! Just an outsider looking in ! Beautiful family 😘🤞🏽


  • Melanie

    2017-11-03 #36 Author

    Such a beautiful family ❤️


  • BreAnna S

    2017-11-03 #37 Author

    I’ve always wanted to adopt a child and give them a better life! You are awesome. There will always be a negative person everywhere you go.


  • Tiki

    2017-11-03 #38 Author

    Love has no color❤️💋


  • Hazel rosales

    2017-11-03 #39 Author

    Beautiful family😍


  • Lavontai

    2017-11-03 #40 Author

    we are all equal


  • Melissa

    2017-11-03 #41 Author

    Love has no color! Beautiful happy family ❤


  • Nat

    2017-11-03 #42 Author

    What a great article? I wish the hate would stop in this world and we can begin to heal and love one another.


  • Deniss

    2017-11-03 #43 Author

    This is really heartbreaking


  • Shekaela Stennis

    2017-11-03 #44 Author

    Beautiful!! Love def doesn’t have a color ❤️😍


  • Sara sandoval

    2017-11-03 #45 Author

    😍😍ve you ever seen this before, I ignored it because I thought it was a fake page. Now I’ve even tried it for myself and got it real! COOL!

    Like · Comm


  • Caress

    2017-11-03 #46 Author

    People should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking that way


  • Seaondra

    2017-11-03 #47 Author

    This is beautiful. Every child deserves a loving home


  • Nick

    2017-11-04 #48 Author

    People assume way to much . How does the saying go?
    Assume -Makes an (as* )out of (u.!)
    Not ( me)


  • Angela N.

    2017-11-04 #49 Author

    I love this because while the person who left the note saw color, the mother was able to describe beyond the eye who the girl was and not what she looked like! Love has no boundaries and racism is taught. I love how her family is different and I’m sure because of those differences they will be a stronger and more loving family!


  • Laura Robinson

    2017-11-04 #50 Author

    Beautiful Girl Beautiful Family. Love Has No Color


  • Rachael

    2017-11-04 #51 Author

    What an awful thing to say. She’s looks so happy and loved


  • Ava

    2017-11-04 #52 Author

    This is really Sweet ❤️


  • Yasmeen

    2017-11-04 #53 Author

    This is really sweet


  • Velvet

    2017-11-05 #54 Author

    I hate that people are so hateful and judgemental .!Why does it matter that she is a black girl with a white family ? All that matters is that her family loves her and that she is well taken care of .


  • Tiffani

    2017-11-05 #55 Author

    People love to hate, why be cruel to someone who’s spreading nothing but love? She loves her daughter so who cares what anyone thinks? ❤


  • Myrissa Owen

    2017-11-05 #56 Author

    I hate racism!!! This family is absolutely beautiful ❤️


  • Trinicia

    2017-11-14 #57 Author

    There’s nothing wrong with this . I see loving & caring ❤


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