Viral Video: Mom Attacked While Holding Baby, Teen Arrested Viral Video: Mom Attacked While Holding Baby, Teen Arrested
A teenage girl has been taken into custody in connection with a fight involving a woman holding her 6-month-old son. Police and Janie McCoy’s... Viral Video: Mom Attacked While Holding Baby, Teen Arrested

A teenage girl has been taken into custody in connection with a fight involving a woman holding her 6-month-old son.

Police and Janie McCoy’s father confirm that the altercation occurred the afternoon of Oct. 18 in Broken Bow, Okla.

Now cell phone videos of the confrontation are going viral on Facebook.

And an online petition calls for arrests in the case.

The juvenile was apprehended Tuesday afternoon; then she and her mother appeared before a judge, a police dispatcher said.

No one else has been arrested, the dispatcher said.

Jeremy McCoy, of Broken Bow, Okla., posted a video on Facebook about 6 p.m. Monday with the explanation: “Hate to post this of my daughter being assaulted by 2 girls, and nothing has been done yet 5 days later. So please share.”

That post has since been shared about 121,000 times and viewed more than 6 million times.

A related video was posted the same day on YouTube by a user identified as Ray McElhaney. Accompanying it was the comment “Broken Bow, Okla., cops never arrested the other 2 for punching the girl holding the child.”

Janie McCoy told KSLA News 12 in a phone interview Tuesday that she and her son were invited to a friend’s home six days ago.

She says she was swinging with her son when three girls started running toward her and shouting.

“In that moment, I did not want to fight. I had my son with me; and if you know me, then you know that my kid comes first.”

The video shows her asking the girls why they were confronting her.

“They said that I said something about somebody wanting to fight somebody that I had no idea what they was talking about,” Janie McCoy recalled.

The video also shows one of the girls yelling at Janie McCoy then turning to someone and asking them to “get her baby.”

“She said she didn’t care if I had my baby in my hand or not,” Janie McCoy said.

“I tried to get away from the situation and, as you can see, they struck me anyways.”

In the YouTube video, Janie McCoy can be seen being struck once on the face and knocked to the ground with her son in her arms.

In the video her father posted on Facebook, Janie McCoy tries to drive the other girls away by urging them that her son is only 6 months old.

One of the girls then says in the video “I don’t give a-” and strikes Janie McCoy in the face again.

That same girl later follow Janie McCoy and her son all the way to the door of her friend’s apartment, striking Janie McCoy on the back before she could disappear inside.

Janie McCoy said she suffered bruising on her cheek and a busted lip but her son made it out unhurt.

“I took him to the doctor to make sure everything was OK. He wasn’t hurt or anything, thank God.”

Meantime, a petition that was started early Monday morning at has since gotten more than 2,000 signatures.

The “McCurtain County Sheriff’s Department: Justice for Janie McCoy” page created by a Ken McKinney includes a screen grab of McCoy’s Facebook post and the following comment. (The person’s name has been deleted because she is a minor):

“Janie was assaulted and mistreated by the girl (name deleted). (Name deleted) not only assaulted Janie, but put the life of that innocent child in danger. That went to far and anyone who assaults a mother with a child in their arms deserve punishment at the fullest extent of the law.”

Jeremy McCoy told KSLA News 12 on Tuesday afternoon that he now is overwhelmed by the back and forth with police over whether a report about the altercation has or has not been completed.

He referred further questions to his daughter.

Obinna Onyia

  • Genesha Hamilton

    2017-11-05 #1 Author

    How could someone do such a thing


  • Lewa

    2017-11-05 #2 Author

    Man I hope she’s alright ☺


  • Renieka

    2017-11-05 #3 Author

    Thats just sad.. But I would have gave the boy my baby after I was hit and we all been fighting


  • Keiosha

    2017-11-05 #4 Author

    Stuff like this really makes me mad


  • Samantha

    2017-11-05 #5 Author

    This is completely unacceptable.


  • Jeremiah

    2017-11-06 #6 Author

    Such a shame!!!!!


  • Kera

    2017-11-06 #7 Author

    This makes me so mad. I couldn’t imagine if it was my child.


  • Oshala Williams

    2017-11-06 #8 Author

    OMG I cannot Believe someone would do this while you have your child with you


  • Dajaniqua Johnson

    2017-11-06 #9 Author

    Ugh this just infuriates me!!!


  • Ashley Fudge

    2017-11-06 #10 Author

    Completely Unacceptable!


  • Ashley Fudge

    2017-11-06 #11 Author

    This is Unacceptable!


  • Vera williams

    2017-11-07 #12 Author

    Just sad people has no respect for their self


  • Karen

    2017-11-07 #13 Author

    This is aweful and senseless! I️ was so disturbed while wat hung this. Thank god the baby is ok!


  • Jessica Marie

    2017-11-07 #14 Author

    That is unacceptable!


  • Kaprice

    2017-11-07 #15 Author

    So sad for a person to have no heart. Glad something was done.


  • Kianara Franklin

    2017-11-07 #16 Author

    And this is the generation we live in 🤦🏾‍♀️


  • Nailah

    2017-11-07 #17 Author

    This is so foul , she needs to go to jail smh


  • alicia

    2017-11-07 #18 Author

    So sad that he could hurt the mother of his own flesh and blood


  • Kadisha Oneal

    2017-11-12 #19 Author

    This hurt me to my stomac! How could she do such a thing?


  • Krysten

    2017-11-13 #20 Author

    That girl wasso messed up for that. I mean come on she had a baby in her hands (I think it was her son). If it was that deep to her she could have waited until she put that baby down! Everybody in this video should have said something. Not just her boyfriend or who ever that guy was.


  • Destinee

    2017-11-19 #21 Author

    That’s unbelievable:(


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