How ripe do you like your bananas? Your answer may have an effect on your health How ripe do you like your bananas? Your answer may have an effect on your health
We all know bananas are healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients such as potassium, but did you know that, depending on their ripeness,... How ripe do you like your bananas? Your answer may have an effect on your health

We all know bananas are healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients such as potassium, but did you know that, depending on their ripeness, their health benefits differ? Here are a few ways the ripeness of your banana can affect your health.

Bananas are one of the best snacks between meals, as they are high in vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and fiber. They are a snack of choice for athletes, as they can shorten the recovery time after exercise and are more effective in delivering energy than sport energy drinks. Bananas can even reduce rates of getting certain kinds of cancer and can also improve one’s cognitive function.

Knowing all this, who wouldn’t choose a banana as their favorite in-between-meal snack? But there are different health benefits that vary depending on its stage of ripeness. Here is how it unfolds:

1. Green bananas

Green bananas are lower on the glycemic index, which is good if you want to monitor your sugar levels. They contain prebiotics, which are essential for gut health, but, due to their starchy content, they will keep you feeling full for a longer time. On the other hand, green bananas are low in antioxidants, which are beneficial.

2. Yellow

This is the stage right before all those brown spots start appearing. They are now ripe enough to eat, easy to digest, and taste sweet. They are also higher in antioxidants than when they were green. Thanks to this, they will help the body fight illnesses like cancer and heart diseases.

3. Yellow with brown spots

Bananas with brown spots are rich in antioxidants, and, moreover, they are high on the tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which will help break down cancerous cells in the body. They are also easy to digest, but unfortunately, due to their sweetness, they increase glucose levels in the blood.

4. Brown and soft

Fully ripe bananas are high in TNF, which will help to fight any abnormal cells. They are also high in antioxidants. According to a Japanese scientific study, the degree of ripeness corresponds to the degree of the anti-cancer effect, so ripe bananas could be most healthy in that respect. You just have to be careful they don’t go rotten!

Obinna Onyia

  • Sa’de

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    This is good information to know


  • Cecilia

    2017-11-09 #2 Author

    I personally like 5 , lol i dont like them green or too brown. 5 is just perfect is tastes good .


  • Gerrica

    2017-11-09 #3 Author

    I like them just to be yellow


  • Jessica

    2017-11-11 #4 Author

    2 or 3 is how I️ like my bananas. It’s not to hard or soft! I️ cannot stand a hard or mushy banana!


  • Stevondra

    2017-11-11 #5 Author

    I like them to be yellow number 5 and 6 .this is some good information to know .


  • Paris

    2017-11-11 #6 Author

    I Like Mine 4 Or 5 Just Perfect


  • Contrica

    2017-11-12 #7 Author

    I only like the yellow ones


  • Judy

    2017-11-12 #8 Author

    I like mine just a little green meaning its fresh and if they sitting out theyll last longer


  • Crystal

    2017-11-12 #9 Author

    I like the ones that are yellow with brown spots….a bit mushy but not as hard as the green or yellow ones.


  • Natasha

    2017-11-12 #10 Author

    5 or 6 be the best 😍😘


  • Mercedes

    2017-11-12 #11 Author

    This information was definitely helpful!


  • Aahliyaa

    2017-11-13 #12 Author

    I like #7 that’s when they are the sweetest


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    My girls love bananas 🍌


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    This information is very helfpul and knowledgeable


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    I love this I never knew


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    2017-11-13 #16 Author

    I like number 4 ❤️ Banana is life


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    Never knew about this..


  • Patty

    2017-11-13 #18 Author

    Love Bananas yellow with few spots !


  • Sierra

    2017-11-13 #19 Author

    I️ usually only eat the yellow ones


  • janari

    2017-11-13 #20 Author

    good information i like mines yellow


  • Jessica Parker

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    Yellow with brown spots!


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    This is very informative


  • Baby j

    2017-11-14 #23 Author

    I like it Light yellow


  • Brittny

    2017-11-14 #24 Author

    #5 yellow bananas are the best!


  • Jessica

    2017-11-14 #25 Author

    I like them yellow right before they get brown spots


  • Jalessa

    2017-11-15 #26 Author

    I like them yellow. I refuse to eat the green or yellow ones with brown spots it’s too mushy for me and I just don’t think they are done enough when they are green


  • Marshay

    2017-11-16 #27 Author

    This is interesting. I had no idea that it matter.


  • Natashia Chant

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    I️ love my banana bright yellow or sometimes a little with spots 😍🍌


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    I like them yellow with brown spots. They’re soft and rich in flavor


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    Yellow bananas please 😉


  • Ash

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    Learned bout this in high school


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    2017-11-23 #33 Author

    I like mine number 6


  • Latoya Hodges

    2017-11-25 #34 Author

    I like hard yellow bananas with a little bit of green on them


  • Jahniqua

    2017-11-27 #35 Author

    6 is my favorite.


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    I like my banana’s a 6!🍌


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