12-year-old girl caught stealing $5 shoes. When the cop finds out why, he dies the unthinkable 12-year-old girl caught stealing $5 shoes. When the cop finds out why, he dies the unthinkable
A rookie cop had to make a choice when he responded to a call of a 12-year-old girl who was caught shoplifting a cheap... 12-year-old girl caught stealing $5 shoes. When the cop finds out why, he dies the unthinkable

A rookie cop had to make a choice when he responded to a call of a 12-year-old girl who was caught shoplifting a cheap pair of shoes from a dollar store. The officer decided to take the girl home, but when he saw inside her house, he was speechless…

It was his first call on his fourth day on the job when Officer Che Milton from Atlanta met 12-year-old Heaven Staples, who had been caught shoplifting from the local Family Dollar store. She was crying her eyes out after having been caught, and she thought she was going to jail. The cheap, $5 shoes were for her 5-year-old sister, who needed them.

“She’s crying, bawling. Tears everywhere,” Milton told CNN. “She was upset she was caught stealing.”

However, Officer Milton couldn’t bring himself to follow police protocol in her case. Instead, he decided to see what the matter was at home. “It’s officer’s discretion. I couldn’t put her in the system for that, so I’d rather just take her home to see what’s going on,” he said.

Heaven cried the whole way as Officer Milton drove her the half-mile to her home. When they got there, the rookie cop was heartbroken upon seeing inside the house. There were five other children who were younger than Heaven, and there was hardly any food or furniture in the house.

“It was very rough for them,” he said. “It just pulled on my heartstrings.”

Milton went back to work, but later he returned with pizza and drinks, paid for out of his own pocket, which brought tears to the mother Shameek’s eyes. The softhearted officer got “emotional” too.

After word of Milton’s good deed spread throughout the department and the community, support started to funnel in. Three months later, the police greeted Shameek at her home with boxes and bags full of household goods and diapers for the young ones. Milton had made four trips to the Stapleses’ home, and there would be more to come!

Shameek called Milton a “blessing.” “It’s like a prayer was answered,” she told CNN.

As a result of his generosity, and despite not having followed police procedure, Milton was not disciplined for his actions; on the contrary, he was made “Zone Officer of the Month,” on his first month on the force.

“It’s just who I am and just what I’ve been around my whole life,” explained Milton.

“When you have a lot of kids, you are constantly in need of things, and he’s helped to fill some of those needs,” said Shameek.

Moreover, Milton’s example has had a positive impact on 12-year-old Heaven. Her mom said his actions have inspired her to volunteer and donate things to others in need.

Obinna Onyia

  • Denise Tablizo

    2017-11-13 #1 Author

    The police should be like that. A good example for everyone. Kudos for Milton. ☺️


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    Love it ! Very heart warming ❤️


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    Omg, very impacting


  • Andrea

    2017-11-13 #4 Author

    There are still some good cops out there.


  • Danielle

    2017-11-14 #5 Author

    This is ridiculous


  • Tykeria Mack

    2017-11-14 #6 Author

    We need more people like him in this world he has a good heart ❤️


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    2017-11-14 #7 Author

    we should have more police officers like this , that was very sweet of him 💛😩


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    That’s awesome. You need people like that in this world.


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    Wow I love it !! Not all cops are bad cops.


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    2017-11-15 #10 Author

    That was so nice of him to do that for the family


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    Not all cops are bad 😩❤️


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    2017-11-15 #12 Author

    This is so sweet of him. Not all cops are bad.


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    2017-11-15 #13 Author

    That was very sweet of him


  • Christine

    2017-11-16 #14 Author

    Need more officers like him he need a good deed and so did the other officers and people that were involved


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    2017-11-16 #15 Author

    so awesome if him to do that


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    2017-11-16 #16 Author

    Oh my goodness ! I would love to say this happening with the single mothers struggling in my community. Beautiful


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    This warmed my heart I like reading things like this .


  • JaTonnie Ephrim

    2017-11-16 #18 Author

    This is very touching 💙😫 , keep doing a wonderful job officer Milton your blessing is on its way .


  • Cierra

    2017-11-16 #19 Author

    This was indeed a blessing to this baby and her family. You never know what people are going through. Kudos to this officer!


  • Jas

    2017-11-16 #20 Author

    Not all cops are bad this was great


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    Need more cops like him!


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    This is so sweet.. not all police are bad


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    Wow!!! That is deep!!


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    Wow!! I could not imagine going through this!!


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    Should be more cops like this ❤️


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    This Was So Heartwarming & All Cops Should Be Like This He Has A Heart Of Gold!


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    Need more cops like him!


  • Desiree James

    2017-11-18 #28 Author

    Need more cops like him! He’s awesome


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    2017-11-18 #29 Author

    That’s what’s up… he could’ve ruined her life early


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    That was amazing there are good people in the world.


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    Such a heartwarming, inspirational story ❤️


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    Amazing, such a good man!!! God bless this wonderful man!!


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    Not all cops are bad and his good deed will go a long way!!!


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    Wow that is crazy


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    We do have some good cops wow


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    This is a great story and a blessing to this family!!!!


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    Not all cops are bad ..


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    Great article!!


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    We Need More Cops Like Him In This World. Stealing Is Not Good But Her Reason Behind It Made All The Difference.


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    There are still good cops out there 💕


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    Yes this is an incredible story every cop isn’t the same


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    Not every cop is considered a “Bad Cop”. It’s still some out there with a heart! Touching to my heart!


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