Mum was shamed for breastfeeding at Disneyland launches an incredible comeback against her critics Mum was shamed for breastfeeding at Disneyland launches an incredible comeback against her critics
An unapologetic mum who was shamed for breastfeeding her tot at Disneyland launched an incredible comeback against her critics. Brittni Medina took to Facebook... Mum was shamed for breastfeeding at Disneyland launches an incredible comeback against her critics

An unapologetic mum who was shamed for breastfeeding her tot at Disneyland launched an incredible comeback against her critics.

Brittni Medina took to Facebook on Sunday to share a “peep of her haters” who made “snarky comments” towards her, as she nursed her hungry ten-month-old.

Initially, the mum-of-two explained she was forced to breastfeed because her tot had grown hungry, after she spent a long time in a queue for a family photo.

Refusing to lose her spot, Ms Medina began to openly feed him, since she has become “comfortable feeding anywhere” since his birth.

Instead of feeling self-conscious, or upset by their remarks, Ms Medina stood in front of the two women and took a photo of herself, smiling as she nursed her child.

In her post she said:

“These women were making snarky comments so I moved from my spot to catch a picture with these characters.

“Not for attention for me but attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.”

She posted her fury on a public breastfeeding group and remarked that she and her husband will continue to visit the theme park because they are annual pass holders.

Her post has generated thousands of comments on Facebook. Some applauded her bravery and told her to “keep up the great work”.



Obinna Onyia

  • Kenya

    2017-11-23 #1 Author

    I get so annoyed seeing mothers being critized for breastfeeding in public! There are less than a handful of states who have not legalized breastfeeding in public. If you can feed your formula fed baby in public I should be able to feed my breastfed baby ; I don’t criticize people for giving their child formula therefore don’t criticize me for breastfeeding


    • Kayla

      2017-11-29 #2 Author

      I feel the exact same way! I got the nastiest look in a Burlington store because I had my daughter under my big baggy sweater feeding her like why does it matter you guys get to eat when you want why can’t breastfed babies!


      • Dannie

        2017-12-08 #3 Author

        I just don’t understand the problem with breastfeeding your child in public..if they don’t like it then guess what they can do walk away or turn children will not starve because one individual feels it’s against the law to breastfeed


  • Sharveay

    2017-11-23 #4 Author

    A breast feeding mom is like a dog feeding her puppies outside. Thats not gross is normal thing you dont want the mother to starve the baby.


  • que

    2017-11-23 #5 Author

    its not what shes doing but how shes doing it. shoulve did in a more appropriate way!


  • Bernadette Estebar

    2017-11-23 #6 Author

    Yeah right mommy brittni. You shouldn’t be ashamed in breastfeeding your baby in public for you’re doing it not for your own good but for the baby. If I where also in your situation, I will also do the same, breastfeed my baby even in public place.


  • Princess M

    2017-11-24 #7 Author

    I breastfeed in public but I also cover out of respect for my daughter and myself. Some people go too far in my opinion


  • Gina

    2017-11-24 #8 Author

    You don’t have to be shamed of breastfeeding in public,you need to feed your baby because the child was already hungry.some people nowadays was si judgemental,the only they know was to critizes to anybody .so proud of you being also a Mom of two 💕


  • Gina

    2017-11-24 #9 Author

    So proud of you as a Mom also of two,sadly some people nowadays are too criticize on what they see. Breastfeeding is giving food to our babies,I salute you


  • Alicia Caldwell

    2017-11-24 #10 Author

    I BF in public and have been for 5 months now. At first i was uncomfortable, but i rather be uncomfortable for 10 minutes than to have a screaming and hungry baby. 🤷🏽‍♀️


  • Ariana Marshall

    2017-11-24 #11 Author

    Women should never have to feel ashamed for doing something natural that has been done since the beginning of time. Good for you mom


  • Usman

    2017-11-24 #12 Author

    Wow really cool


  • Ebony

    2017-11-25 #13 Author

    Good job mom! Way to go


  • Shana-Kay Brown

    2017-11-26 #14 Author

    Why do people think it’s right to criticise women who publicly breast feed? I mean it’s apart of motherhood & no one would wanna watch their child being hungry & not feed him or her. You’re a proud mom, continue being the woman you are!


  • Chantel

    2017-11-26 #15 Author

    This is what happens when you sexualize breasts!! I breatsfed my son and I am breastfeeding my tongue tied preemie and I will not cover up! You go girl! #NormalizeBreastfeeding


  • Shantell

    2017-11-26 #16 Author

    I get so pissed when hearing or reading about a woman being disrespected for breastfeeding. Like whats wrong with people shes feeding her baby not molesting him. Smh grow up… no offense but there are woman who walk around with no clothes on ass out and breast and thats cool … please just stop it already


  • Faid

    2017-11-27 #17 Author

    She’s feeding her child and shouldn’t be critized about that! I understand u should cover up a bit sometimes but moral of the story is she is feeding her child and there is nothing wrong with that !


  • Donjanae

    2017-11-27 #18 Author

    I feel like she should be able to feed her child anywhere as long as she’s covered up ! Because when a baby is hungry they need to eat and she can pop out that boob


  • TYann

    2017-11-28 #19 Author

    All about breast feeding more power to you Momma! Y’all ever be ashamed to feed your baby whenever 💕


  • Tamesha hicks

    2017-11-28 #20 Author

    Im a breastfeeding mom and I tell you the public tries to make you feel bad just for feeding your child I was covered and I was asked. To leave the restaurant.


  • Iuphakeme

    2017-11-28 #21 Author

    God bless all mother


  • Payal

    2017-11-29 #22 Author

    It’s not a crime to feed a hungry child.


  • Mary lordilyn Coronado

    2017-11-29 #23 Author

    Never be afraid to nurse in public. If people don’t see it , it will never be normalized. Breastfeeding isn’t just about the milk. It is also about love.


  • Isaly

    2017-11-29 #24 Author

    Never be afraid to breastfeed in public…


  • Tadrika

    2017-11-29 #25 Author

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing it’s the connection between mothers and child so no one should ever feel the need to shame someone for something so natural and beautiful


  • Shianna Pereira

    2017-12-01 #26 Author

    Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing,however I think that some women over do the public display. I publicly breastfeed but out of respect for myself and others I cover up with a blanket.


  • Sacoryonna

    2017-12-04 #27 Author

    I dont know why people are so bothered by breastfeeding, its natural. Also women show off their boobs all the time and are never bashed for it


  • LaTesha

    2017-12-04 #28 Author

    Breastfeeding is a natural way that we can feed our babies and extremely healthy… She did was was necessary to soothe and comfort her baby 🙂


  • Toya Slocum

    2017-12-05 #29 Author

    Personally I have never breastfed my child out in public without a cover, but if I needed to feed my child and didn’t have a cover, I definitely would go without. I don’t see any harm or anything wrong with feeding your child. By any means necessary, my child will eat whenever and wherever she is hungry. I would never not let my child eat because of what others think is “right” to them. Breastfeeding is a beautiful natural thing. I think all women should at least try it. If they were hungry, they wouldn’t want to starve! Can’t knock it til you try it. And I wouldn’t dare feed my child in a restroom (public or not). Restrooms are filthy. How about you try eating in the restroom .


  • Leah Canja

    2017-12-06 #30 Author

    Never in my life I have criticized a mother breastfeed in public. Honestly, I am jealous of mothers who breastfeed their babies because in my experience, I only breastfed my baby for 2 months. I think breastfeeding in public should be just a normal scenario. I salute this mother for not being ashamed of breastfeeding! ❤️


  • Micaela

    2017-12-07 #31 Author

    I think peopke need to get over it breastfeeding a child shouldn’t be a big problem if animals can do it and people don’t complain then humans should be sble to do it to.


  • Lisa

    2017-12-10 #32 Author

    I was once embrassed to breast feed in public


  • Kiera baker

    2017-12-10 #33 Author

    There is nothing wrong with caring for you child in public that includes breastfeeding it is very natural and DESERVES more positive feed back i love it


  • Khadijah

    2017-12-17 #34 Author

    Whooo! #NormalizeBreastfeeding

    I 100% applaud you! When you have a hungry baby and you breastfeed & didnt bring a bottle of pumped milk what do they expect you to do? If it was them in that situation then they would understand.


  • Morgan Kelly

    2017-12-18 #35 Author

    Good job mama, keep it up💕💕


  • Ingrid Palmer

    2018-01-18 #36 Author

    I can’t believe a woman would criticise another woman for something so beautiful, not just women but people!
    You see boobs everywhere and nobody says anything but breastfeeding is wrong?
    That’s really makes me sad


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