Photos: 11year Old Child Gives Birth To A Baby Photos: 11year Old Child Gives Birth To A Baby
According to a french facebook page named First Magazine who shared these photos an 11year old child has just given birth to a child, according... Photos: 11year Old Child Gives Birth To A Baby

According to a french facebook page named First Magazine who shared these photos an 11year old child has just given birth to a child, according to them she was impreganeted by her elder brother:
Seen on the net
Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here 👇 in l’ hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his handsome brother named Moussa Oulen from gueckedou

Update!!! After Carrying Out More Investigation we just found out the post was originally posted by A Page named Konia Media group

below is how they captioned it;
Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here 👇 in l’ hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his brother-in-law a criminal named Moussa Oulen aged 50 from gueckedou. What do you think of this man?


Obinna Onyia

  • Tashay

    2017-11-30 #1 Author

    She so young but she have A beautiful blessing I pray and hope that god guide her way


  • Mack

    2017-11-30 #3 Author

    Wow that’s crazy 🤔🤔


    • Ashanti

      2017-12-06 #4 Author

      She so young god bless her in the name of Jesus


  • Whitney M

    2017-11-30 #5 Author

    This is sad and I know from experience because I was a teen mom myself and I was 16 so I couldn’t imagine being 11 having a baby. Life is never the same once you become a mom


  • Lizzy

    2017-11-30 #6 Author

    Omgshhh! This is crazy but cool.


  • King

    2017-11-30 #7 Author

    Is it illegal for her to have a baby at a young age where’s she’s from but if not I hope she have a nice night


  • Carmeshia smith

    2017-12-01 #8 Author

    It’s so shocking & sad to see a child so young give birth to a child.. I find it amazing how the human body works


  • Bianca

    2017-12-01 #9 Author

    I hope all is well


  • Shanesia Bullock

    2017-12-01 #10 Author

    Wow !!!! I’m Glad That The Mother && Child Is Doing Very Well


  • Shawn goodridge

    2017-12-01 #11 Author

    I hate that she had to start motherhood so early but I am glad to see that her and the baby are healthy and blessed


  • Octavia

    2017-12-01 #12 Author

    This Is So Sad That They Did This Need To Go To Jail That’s Really Go To Jail


  • Falicia sims

    2017-12-01 #13 Author

    I’m glad they are both okay


  • Tranijah

    2017-12-01 #14 Author

    That man is a pedophile but women bodies are very strong.. But he should really be ashamed of hisself.


  • Anessa

    2017-12-01 #15 Author

    I know 50 year olds who have grandchildren that are 11. I find it quite odd that a 50 year old man would impregnate a child. I’m not sure how things work in the country they live in, but in America this is molestation and abuse. However, I wish the mother and baby an abundant life.


  • Shekinah

    2017-12-01 #16 Author

    She so young but god bless her and that baby


  • Tia monette

    2017-12-02 #17 Author

    Sad she had to deliver a baby at 11 smh I hate pervs


  • Maymay

    2017-12-02 #18 Author

    Dang this is crazy wats going on with this generation


  • Brieana kimber

    2017-12-02 #19 Author

    Wow this is so sad 😢


  • Diji Uche

    2017-12-02 #20 Author

    It’s about time she learnt from her lesson. God of second chance will see her thru.


  • Tay lee

    2017-12-02 #21 Author

    Omg wow she’s so young god bless her and the baby


  • Youngp yeayoh

    2017-12-02 #22 Author

    First time of me seeing this, Wow that’s great though


  • Margie alvarez

    2017-12-02 #23 Author

    So young
    … blessings her way !


  • Denessy Tobias

    2017-12-02 #24 Author

    Everything happens for a reasOn. A baby is gift from God. Just be happy because atleast you have your blessing frOm above. 🤗🤗


  • Mya

    2017-12-02 #25 Author

    The girl didn’t even get a chance to be a child. This is sad.


  • Raven

    2017-12-02 #26 Author

    Wow , learn some new everyday


  • Alisha

    2017-12-02 #27 Author

    Wow this is crazy


  • Tykia

    2017-12-02 #28 Author

    God bless you . You gone be a great mother. Thats so sad god got you babygirl


  • Neerajdhall

    2017-12-03 #29 Author

    Wow but shocking news !


  • 360dopes

    2017-12-03 #30 Author

    hmmnn…wonders shall never end


  • Ron Walker

    2017-12-03 #31 Author

    Wow, babies having babies


  • Rose

    2017-12-03 #32 Author

    This is crazy is , i pray for her and her situation. I wish i can give them some help .


  • Asya Smith

    2017-12-03 #33 Author

    I’m so shocked she is so young but every baby is a blessing 😍


  • Destiny prewitt

    2017-12-03 #34 Author

    Omg 😳So young but yet both are so beautiful 😍 wish nothing but blessings


  • Adekogbe Abefe- Ade Adeola

    2017-12-03 #35 Author

    Incredible May the Gud Lord Be wit u n ur child


  • Michelle

    2017-12-03 #36 Author

    Sorry to say but this is sad absolutely sad a child raising a child it’s gonna be so hard I’m a grown up and it’s already hard for me …. I hope whoever he is he gets put in jail for a very very long time …😢


  • Vivian

    2017-12-04 #37 Author

    Wow I’m so glad they’re doing good!


  • Tatianna

    2017-12-04 #38 Author

    That crazy i couldn’t imagine my daughter being 11 years old and pregnant


  • Tiara Chambers

    2017-12-04 #39 Author

    This is sad parents need to pay more close attention to their kids especially girls, This is a child with a child she haven’t even lived her life properly, whoever her mom is needs her ass kicked for allowing her child to give birth and think it’s cute.


  • Kentassja

    2017-12-04 #40 Author

    This has to be fake if not god bless.


  • Katrice vines

    2017-12-04 #41 Author

    She so young but beautiful baby


  • Carrie

    2017-12-04 #42 Author

    Omg, I couldn’t imagine having had a child at 11, her childhood is gone, poor little girl.


  • Quebake

    2017-12-04 #43 Author

    Omg!! This is so sad 😞. It’s sad that she is so young and experienced this but also sad that it was her brother!! My goodness


  • Danielle

    2017-12-04 #44 Author

    Wow that’s interesting


  • Akeyoh

    2017-12-04 #45 Author

    So sad , She’s so young !!! Gorgeous baby of hers !!!


  • Zeek

    2017-12-04 #46 Author

    Wow. She is way to young!! But hope all is well.


  • Tosha Tucker

    2017-12-04 #47 Author

    So sad! Her childhood was stolen.


  • Madison Lafleche

    2017-12-04 #48 Author

    Omg I can’t imagine having a baby at 11 years old , her childhood is gone now 🙁


  • Bobbie

    2017-12-04 #49 Author

    All we can do is be there for are kids……


  • Alexandra

    2017-12-05 #50 Author

    This is a crazy story 😩 , I don’t know how I would feel if this was my child but I hope god guides her down the right path to take care of her child and also herself


  • Olivia bethel Morris

    2017-12-05 #51 Author

    That’s sad 😞 why and who could do this to a child take there innocence’s from them what is this world coming to


  • Jeann

    2017-12-05 #52 Author

    She’s so young and already have a baby? How so sad,


  • andisiwe mkonko

    2017-12-05 #53 Author

    Ohh my God she to young to have a baby


  • Andisiwe Mkonko

    2017-12-05 #54 Author

    Still to young to be a mother


  • Tytiuna

    2017-12-05 #55 Author

    I know she so is so scared … WOW , did anyone get charged ?


  • Vanessa

    2017-12-05 #56 Author

    Wow this is crazy she’s so young but hope she’s doing good ☺️


  • Briana

    2017-12-05 #57 Author

    Wow , so young …


  • Danielle

    2017-12-05 #58 Author

    wow but beautiful baby, hope everything goes well for the both of them.


  • Nina

    2017-12-06 #59 Author

    So sad where is her parents


  • Lexx

    2017-12-06 #60 Author

    Omg She is really young, But strong💕


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