Video showing baby being slapped prompts police to arrest mother Video showing baby being slapped prompts police to arrest mother
SAN DIEGO – A San Diego mother of a 6-month-old baby has been arrested after a viral Facebook video appeared to show the baby... Video showing baby being slapped prompts police to arrest mother

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego mother of a 6-month-old baby has been arrested after a viral Facebook video appeared to show the baby being slapped and abused by an unknown person.

San Diego police said there was also a photo posted that showed the baby holding a pocket knife with an open blade.

Police arrested 18-year-old Jowi Victoria Morales at a home on South Pardee Street in Mountain View, according to SDPD Lt. Scott Wahl. She was booked at Las Colina Women’s Facility on outstanding domestic violence charges and was later released after posting bail.

The baby was found safe and unharmed and was taken into protective custody around 1:15 p.m., according to Wahl. Child abuse detectives were working to determine who was shown hitting the infant in the video.

Ashley Butcher said she was shocked when she saw the video on Facebook shortly after midnight Thursday.

“My head was spinning around in circles,” Butcher said. “I was mad. I was infuriated. I was asking myself, why would a mother do this to her child, especially a child so small and defenseless?”

Butcher immediately rallied her friends to alert authorities and FOX 5.

“It was just a big group of girls trying to figure out what is happening, where is this girl,” Butcher said. “We just wanted her to get the baby safe.”

After hours of research and persuasion, Butcher was able to get in touch with Morales via Facetime.

“I just wanted to talk to her to make her come to her senses, to turn herself in and do what’s best for the baby,” Butcher said.

Obinna Onyia

  • Megan

    2017-12-05 #1 Author

    This mother should be arrested for that horrible thing she did !


  • Krobea

    2017-12-05 #2 Author

    Such a bad mother


  • Niyanna

    2017-12-05 #3 Author

    Elk mother should be jailed


  • Paris

    2017-12-05 #4 Author

    Wow this is sick


  • Joycelyn Thomas

    2017-12-05 #5 Author

    My heart goes out to this baby. Parents shouldn’t leave their kids with anybody… I hope they get justice for this case.


  • Karla Nutler

    2017-12-06 #6 Author

    That mom should be arrested. No questions asked


  • Carolina

    2017-12-06 #7 Author

    this Is so sick. This woman should be in jail


  • Mekiella Risher

    2017-12-06 #8 Author

    This a very sad story and I’m glad that the cops has intervene to stop it. My prayer goes out to this little one.


  • James

    2017-12-06 #9 Author

    Poor baby glad they arrested her


  • Xiomara Gutierrez

    2017-12-06 #10 Author

    She should get sent up for life. This is sickening


  • Jacquita

    2017-12-06 #11 Author

    Wow this is disturbing


  • Dajsa R

    2017-12-06 #12 Author

    To me this is very heart breaking that a mother would let this happen to her child whether it was her who did it or someone else. And the mother is only 18 so maybe she just couldn’t handle the responsibility of having a child but even if she loves her child its best for the child to be in better care


  • Haven

    2017-12-06 #13 Author

    This is completely horrifying


  • Ashley Russell

    2017-12-07 #14 Author

    This Is So Sad And Disturbing


  • Chavon

    2017-12-07 #15 Author

    Mother should be in jail and never get out!!!


  • kendal

    2017-12-07 #16 Author

    this disgusts me 😡


  • Radasia Williams

    2017-12-08 #17 Author

    Some people just shouldnt have babies! 😡


  • IssaTwinn

    2017-12-08 #18 Author

    She should get sent to prison and mfs should whoop her ass


  • Vantazia

    2017-12-08 #19 Author

    😡 I could never do this to any child..this is sad.


  • Shanequa

    2017-12-08 #20 Author

    Smh some people shouldn’t have kids


  • Rose

    2017-12-09 #21 Author

    wow that is horrifying


  • Kelley Carlberg

    2017-12-09 #22 Author

    She needs to be jailed and BEAT UP in jail just like the child molesters this is really disgraceful


  • Chan’Jerra

    2017-12-09 #23 Author

    This IS Ridiculious SHE NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL !


  • Kyira

    2017-12-10 #24 Author

    Why do that to your child


  • Nisha

    2017-12-10 #25 Author

    She should stay in jail for life a innocent baby this is so sad 😭


  • Alexandria

    2017-12-10 #26 Author

    This is so sick that’s why every don’t need to have kids😒


  • Audrianna

    2017-12-10 #27 Author

    Wow this is cazy


  • Celines Cristina

    2017-12-10 #28 Author

    What kind of mother is she? Disturbing !


  • Shaundrae

    2017-12-11 #29 Author

    Did she get arrested poor baby didn’t deserve that some people just shouldn’t be mothers 🤷🏽‍♀️


  • Lexy

    2017-12-12 #30 Author

    She Deserves To Be In jail That baby didnt Deserve That


  • Renetta Shaw

    2017-12-14 #31 Author

    People like this do not deserve children 😡


  • Likaa Blizzard

    2017-12-18 #32 Author

    Weird a** female should be under the jail


  • Iymaani

    2017-12-21 #33 Author

    This is why I don’t let anybody watch my babies. This is so sad and horrible!


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