Little girl meets Santa and tells him her Christmas wish—what she wants most had room in tears Little girl meets Santa and tells him her Christmas wish—what she wants most had room in tears
This toddler wanted her daddy, who had been serving in Afghanistan, to come home. And her wish came true. She got to experience the... Little girl meets Santa and tells him her Christmas wish—what she wants most had room in tears

This toddler wanted her daddy, who had been serving in Afghanistan, to come home. And her wish came true. She got to experience the true magic of Christmas, and Santa’s miracle, when her military dad suddenly appeared in front of her. Watch the beautiful reunion below.

Kensley Penney, 3, of North Carolina, wished Santa Claus to grant her two special requests during Christmas in 2008.

“I asked her if she wants dolls for Christmas and she said no,” her grandmother told WXII 12 News. “I said ‘Well what do you want?’”

The little girl didn’t just want a Barbie doll, but instead, she wanted something that held a special place in her heart. “I want a truck and my daddy,” she replied.

Kensley’s dad, Sgt. Scottie Penney, had been serving in Afghanistan since March that year. Every night before she went to bed, the tot said her prayers to ask Jesus to keep her dad safe.

“She always says, ‘Lord, take care of my daddy and bring him home,’” her grandmother said.

Kensley even had a special doll with her father’s picture on it.

When asked how much she missed her dad, the sweet little girl stretched her arms wide to show she longed to see her dad very much.

Kensley wanted her dad to come back home badly, and conveyed her wish to Santa by singing a special Christmas song, “Santa Baby, bring Daddy home to me.”

To convince Santa to bring her dad back home, she promised she would be a good girl.

Finally, Kensley met Santa in person at the local Pine Hills Church.

Kensley, who was dressed in Santa’s red suit, sat on Santa’s lap while holding her special doll. Little did the tot know that her wish was about to be granted by Santa.

“Would you like to see your daddy?” Santa asked.

All of a sudden, the jolly, white-bearded man pointed to someone in the room and asked Kensley, “Who is that?”

Kensley recognized who that person was right away. Visibly dumbstruck, she replied, “Daddy.”

Seeing her dad standing before her, Kensley immediately ran to him.

Kensley threw her arms around her dad, and exclaimed, “Daddy! I miss you!”

“I love you, daddy,” the little girl added.

Kensley’s dad embraced her tightly, and her mom shed joyful tears. It was such a sweet reunion!

“This was something we really wanted to do for her for Christmas,” said her mother.

Kensley’s Christmas wish came true, and she knew it was all thanks to a little magic from Santa Claus!

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