Mother ignored her crying daughter who had a live scorpion in her shoes thinking she was just being naughty Mother ignored her crying daughter who had a live scorpion in her shoes thinking she was just being naughty
A story of how a mother ignored her crying daughter who had a scorpion in her shoe has gone viral. The story was originally... Mother ignored her crying daughter who had a live scorpion in her shoes thinking she was just being naughty

A story of how a mother ignored her crying daughter who had a scorpion in her shoe has gone viral. The story was originally shared on Facebook by Adiela Nosu who narrated how a teacher found out her student had a live scorpion in her shoes after she couldn’t stop crying.

According to her, the little girl started crying from home and when the mom was asked why she was crying, she said she was being naughty and was using leg pains as an excuse not to go to school.

When the little girl wouldn’t stop crying, her teacher decided to remove her shoes and see what was wrong only for a scorpion to fall out from the shoes. Read the story below


I wish to express my anger and total disappointment in some Parents.

How can a parent drop a child off at school without running a proper check on uniform,shoes and content of the bag? How?
I’m totally disappointed in the kind of mothers we have today.

A child came to school with scorpion in her shoes. Yes you heard me right!!! “Scorpion in her shoes”. This happened in the class before mine. Just after I made the post about one of my pupils talking about “classes of food”

This child is Just in year 1(grade 1/primary 1). She came to school in tears,and was dragged down from the car all the way to class by her mum. The mother refused to offer any reasonable explanation and only said “don’t mind her,she is being naughty,she doesn’t want to come to school and is only using leg pain as an excuse”.
In class,this child kept screaming at intervals while crying uncontrollably. She didn’t participate in the drills as she came a little bit late. She didn’t even touch her test paper either,she kept on screaming while her classmates chanted the usual anthem, “you’ll be fine,sorry,you’ll be fine “. It was time for tea break, she let out another scream,this time stamping her feet on the floor,scattering everything placed on the table in front of her. Her teacher asked what the problem was and she said her leg. The teacher beckoned on her to come,but noticed she couldn’t move and her leg was stretched out,looking stiff. The teacher walked over to her and told her to point to the exact place but the child just kept crying and said her shoes. Well the teacher had to take her shoes off and tapped it on the floor,turning it upside down probably to get Sand out of the shoes or something.

My dear friends,It wasn’t sand, no it wasn’t, it was a black Scorpion that fell out of the shoe.
The shock! The fear! The other children didn’t even know what it was, but were smart to obey their teacher as she screamed at them to run out of class. The teacher mustered courage and hit the Scorpion while screaming for help. The cleaners rushed in and made sure that the Scorpion was dead. The school rang the mum to come over,because this is obviously not a case of Panadol or Paracetamol . The child had to be cut up and fast too but not without the consent of her mother. Her eyes had changed and were blood shot. The spot where the Scorpion stung (only God in heaven knows how many times) had turned black,I mean black! The leg was already stiff, Kai my brothers and sisters with what my eyes saw today, that child was in pains. Her mother came and they had to cut the spot open first before taking her to the hospital.

My question still remains how could a mother be this careless? This isn’t about whether the woman is a dirty woman at home or not. How can you ignore the complains of your own child without running proper checks to ensure that the child is fine and just being Crankie.
How dear mum? How?
I pray Zara survives it,i pray she gets better, God please for the sake of those little ones that held hands and prayed today, please answer us,i beg of thee. This child is just in Grade 1(primary 1)

I’m really sad! I’m tagging some parents to this. Please be more observant and pay more attention. I beg you all please.

By Adiela Nwosu

Henry Okafor

  • alexis

    2018-01-25 #1 Author

    This is horrible 😭😭


  • Teiara

    2018-01-25 #2 Author

    I’m in shock just reading this . From reading the article and then some of the comments I don’t fell bad about still dressing my 7yr for school u just can’t ignore their cry’s


  • Caitlyn Owens

    2018-01-25 #3 Author

    Oh my goodness , that is crazy


  • Jasmine

    2018-01-25 #4 Author

    Why would the mother ignore her child especially if something on her shoe


  • Ashley Hodges

    2018-01-26 #5 Author

    Very disturbing to hear about .


  • Areka

    2018-01-26 #6 Author

    Now this almost bought tears to my eyes. Every parent should be able to tell when something is wrong with their child! A child screaming for help should not have been taken to school but to the hospital! I am praying for that little girl and praying the mom gets it together


  • Javelin Asuncion

    2018-01-26 #7 Author

    lesson is that, don’t ignore your child…


  • Rosalie

    2018-01-26 #8 Author

    It’s horrible and terrible!!!I’m crying irresponsible and careless mother..Please Lord take care of this child..


  • Ami

    2018-01-26 #9 Author

    This is so terrible😢😢😢


  • Rhonda

    2018-01-26 #10 Author

    Woooow…as a mother you usually you can distunguish among different cries…poor little girl😢


  • Aubree

    2018-01-26 #11 Author

    Woooow 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ That poor baby 💔


  • shiloh

    2018-01-26 #12 Author

    careless mother


  • Naja

    2018-01-27 #13 Author

    A whole Scorpion though wow. She definitely wasn’t overreacting


  • Jasmine

    2018-01-27 #14 Author

    Wow speechless.


  • Alexis

    2018-01-27 #15 Author

    That’s why you should always see what’s wrong with your kid first


  • Courtney

    2018-01-27 #16 Author

    Crazy listen to your child


  • Jaimee Williams

    2018-01-30 #17 Author

    I can’t believe this is true 😒😒😒


  • Darnery

    2018-01-30 #18 Author

    You always have to check on your child no matter what.


  • Sco honey

    2018-01-30 #19 Author

    Why would a mother be so careless as if she never caried her in her womb for nine months 😔 😔


  • Mone’ Watson

    2018-01-31 #20 Author

    I don’t understand how a mother could be so careless, and not to check on her child and see what’s wrong!!! Sad 😪


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