7 things you must not do after a breakup 7 things you must not do after a breakup
Heartbreaks are never good to anyone. But of course, these things happen even to the best people. When the ball drops and wrecks those... 7 things you must not do after a breakup

Heartbreaks are never good to anyone. But of course, these things happen even to the best people.

When the ball drops and wrecks those hearts, people often go through all the motions – shock, anger, apologies, tears, remorse, rage, blame, acceptance and eventually, resignation.

Between the moment of the break up till when you finally accept the reality, a lot of things happen in your head that might prompt you to do stupid things.

Yes, the mind suggests these things, but you can’t give in.

So, what are those things you can’t do after a breakup?

1. Drink to stupor

Especially for guys, nothing will seem more logical than going to drink your sorrow away.

But sadly we all know the sorrow will not go. It’ll be there, hugging you in the chest when you wake up the morning after. And of course, it’ll come with its friend – Mr. Hangover.

2. Shop till you drop

No, I won’t sit here and teach anyone how to spend their money; but if you think blowing a hole in your pocket, buying those unnecessary shoes and bags will help, no they won’t!

Save your money.


3. Social media purge

Doing that thread on Twitter and calling out the guy or babe that broke your heart will appeal to you so much.

Sharing the story on Facebook will look like the best thing ever, but hey, don’t do it!

Those people you are sharing the story with are actually not your friends. People just need laughs.

4. Reaching out / Stalking

It won’t be easy, but you have to quit communicating with that person that broke your heart.

Leave their social media pages alone. You’ll only get yourself sadder.

Anyone who treats you that bad does not even deserve you wasting any more time or energy on them.

It’s actually advisable to block him or her completely, at least till you heal.

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5. Hating on yourself

You do not need the extra burden of hating on yourself. If you’re a queen, you know and you should be proud of yourself whether a guy sees it or loses out on the delightful vision that you are.

Even if you’re not, what you need is to get better, not sit down and beat yourself further into the ground.

Remember, every loss is not actually a loss. That girl that left is probably not. No point crying over spilled milk, especially the one that’s sour anyway.

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6. Rebound sex

Sex will only offer temporary respite. [It’ll be worse if the guy is a one-minute man. Or if the lady you a laid is a wack one. Just imagine the waste of body count.]

Even if it’s bomb-sex or fire-works kisses, it’ll end and you’ll feel terrible afterwards. You’re not horny. You’re just sad.

Sit somewhere and cry if you must. Don’t off pant for the first person you see.

7. Pay back

Don’t  release those nude pictures on Facebook. Don’t reveal their secrets on Twitter. You both must have been on some pretty intimate level for them to send those pictures and and share those secrets with you.

Preserve that sweet memory. You deserve to take at least something good from the heartbreak.

Obinna Onyia

  • KBob

    2018-01-30 #1 Author

    Yessss, don’t ever go to social media with any relationship problems. ESPECIALLY during a breakup! That’s giving most people the pleasure of knowing that you and your partner are going through and in that moments is when someone else will see opportunity to step in.


  • Teonshay

    2018-01-30 #2 Author

    Definitely guilty of using social media after a breakup to vent lol looking back I realize how foolish it was!


  • Feesha Bramley

    2018-01-31 #3 Author

    Never stalk a ex play like they don’t exist anymore get you a new boo and boss up and never blame yourself for their jacked up ways


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