As Soon As She Saw What The Babysitter Did She Called The Cops As Soon As She Saw What The Babysitter Did She Called The Cops
A woman named Ismelda Ramos Mendoza is under arrest after the horrifying thing she did to the young girl she was babysitting. The mother... As Soon As She Saw What The Babysitter Did She Called The Cops

A woman named Ismelda Ramos Mendoza is under arrest after the horrifying thing she did to the young girl she was babysitting.

The mother of the 6-month-old girl came home to find enormous blisters covering the bottom of her daughter’s feet after leaving her with Mendoza as her babysitter. When the mother asked what happened Mendoza claimed she didn’t know.

The mother dialed 911 immediately and the mother reported the alleged abuse. The doctors looked at her feet and the mother was disgusted and shocked when she found out that the blisters were the result of severe burns.

When Mendoza was interviewed by the police she eventually came forward and said that she had placed the child’s feet into the pan she was cooking tortillas in out of frustration because the 6-month-old baby wouldn’t stop crying.

The baby was treated for second degree burns and Mendoza has been charged with child abuse, assault, and reckless endangerment.

It’s disgusting to think that someone that this family carefully interviewed and trusted with their child would be able to do such a despicable thing to a baby. She cruelly inflected immense pain upon a crying baby to silence her. It really breaks your heart to see what kind of vile people there are in the world.

Obinna Onyia

  • Lexxi

    2018-02-06 #1 Author

    This is just plain disgusting 🤬🤬


  • Laswan

    2018-02-06 #2 Author

    Wow people are really sick now and days


  • Viviene

    2018-02-06 #3 Author

    this is not a good thing to do the baby sitter must punish


  • Masi

    2018-02-06 #4 Author

    Please lets love children.they are innocent. She must be arrested.


  • Catherine

    2018-02-06 #5 Author

    Oh no that is horrible . Sicking


  • Jasimine Gibson

    2018-02-06 #6 Author

    Some people just don’t have no heart


  • Aaron Brown

    2018-02-06 #7 Author

    This is really fucking sad smfh


  • Osheonna

    2018-02-06 #8 Author

    She is Going To Hell…..😭😭that’s why I don’t Trust people with My Kids, and my son cries and can go for along time


  • Dasha

    2018-02-06 #9 Author

    This is just wrong 😡😡


  • Sha-Quana Leak

    2018-02-06 #10 Author

    This goes to show, you can’t trust ppl with ur kids. They should allow the mother to place her feet on a hot pan. 😢😢


  • Asia Atkins

    2018-02-06 #11 Author

    This is sickening. How can you do this to another human being, let alone the child. Praying for the family!


  • Shiawna lyons

    2018-02-06 #12 Author

    She Deserves To Be In Jail Obviously the Baby was crying for a reason some people do not deserve to have a baby sitting job


  • Legacy

    2018-02-07 #13 Author

    This is heartbreaking how can people be so heartless


  • catherine

    2018-02-07 #14 Author

    The baby sitter must punish a death penalty ! 😡😡


  • Shaborah Bennett

    2018-02-07 #15 Author

    Can’t believe that’s somebody would really do somethin like that this really hurts my heart


  • Neyssa

    2018-02-07 #16 Author

    So many babysitter stories 😭😭 we are so lucky in the Nz


  • Takota

    2018-02-07 #17 Author

    I’d kill someone over my baby


  • Ashley

    2018-02-07 #18 Author

    Wow that is unbelievable!


  • Jakara

    2018-02-07 #19 Author

    wow that is so crazy


  • Sheron

    2018-02-07 #20 Author

    I can’t believe this. It’s just very hard for mothers to trust ANYONE now. Why in the world would you burn the baby?! Sick sick people


  • Apple

    2018-02-07 #21 Author

    This is so horrible. She must be insane for hurting an innocent child. 😭😭 💔💔


  • Ma’

    2018-02-07 #22 Author

    OMG. She s so cruel and heartless.. How could someone hurt a little innocent like that! Mothers have to be very careful about the choice of nannies nowadays, cause people are crazy out there 😡 .. I don’t trust any with my little prince.. Only God knows how devastated is this mother life now. Get well soon angel 👼


  • Cadejah

    2018-02-08 #23 Author

    This just sick.. feel bad for that poor baby she had to deal with that pain this why yall cant just be lettn people watch ur kids people are cruel and sick in the head and if it aint they own they dont give af about urs praying for a fast healing


  • Kaylee

    2018-02-11 #24 Author

    This is definitely why my kids never leave my side. They can go to a daycare or school when they can talk and tell me when someone is mistreating them! Just sickening


  • Moblis

    2018-02-12 #25 Author

    This is unbelievable! How can you do this to a baby as a woman? Some women are so cruel!


  • Shrijana luitel

    2018-02-12 #26 Author

    She should be punished badly😡😡


  • Binta Montgomery

    2018-02-12 #27 Author

    It rlly sad who to trust now and even sending our kids to school is more scary Lord help us.


  • Barb

    2018-02-12 #28 Author

    This women is crazy she should get so mental help. I hope the little angel is fine. This is so sad.
    Baby’s only cry when they need something


  • Jessica

    2018-02-12 #29 Author

    Just sick as they come how can you harm babies


  • Anna

    2018-02-12 #30 Author

    This is so sad, she should also be punished the same way she did to a baby


  • Rose marie

    2018-02-16 #31 Author

    This is horrible 😑😥


  • Nelly

    2018-02-25 #32 Author

    She is a monster who deserves to be behind bars and keys thrown away. She’s a danger to society, so sickening


  • Amy

    2018-05-01 #33 Author

    I would love to stick her face in a hot tortilla pan..


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