Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby’s father posts tear-jerking story and video Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby’s father posts tear-jerking story and video
A heartbroken new father is mourning the death of his soul mate who died during childbirth, leaving him with their newborn son. Ida and... Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby’s father posts tear-jerking story and video

A heartbroken new father is mourning the death of his soul mate who died during childbirth, leaving him with their newborn son.

Ida and Mustafa were a popular social media couple with an impressive followership. They chronicled their pregnancy journey and YouTube and couldn’t wait to welcome their son. Sadly, Ida did not get to meet the son she so longed for.


Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby


Mustafa, who has now been left to cater to baby Prince Mushin alone, still can’t get over the heartbreak of losing his one true love and he’s been publishing really heartbreaking posts on social media.

Shortly after she died, he wrote: “Mesh I’m ready for u to wake me up and tell me I’m dreaming. This can’t [be] real, I can’t rap my head around how u lose your life bringing another life into this world.

“U was sooo excited about having our child. All I can see is the look of fear on your face and I couldn’t do nothing about it. I haven’t cried this hard since my mom passed. This is so heart breaking.


Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby


“It’s so sad because I can’t even enjoy our son life. Damn I’m going to miss u calling right after I get off work or making sure I kissed u whenever I enter or left the house. You are truly the definition of an independent woman. My heart really hurts right now and feels so empty. Damn man?Please tell my mom I love and miss her and what I became in life. For those that know me, u know what I been through in life and this by far is the toughest. Please pray for my strength. I love u mesh aka dirt dirt.”


Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby


He wrote on her funeral: “Today had to be toughest day of my life. I had to say my Final goodbyes to a woman that made me want to be a better man.

“To a woman that loved me regardless of what anyone may have thought of me or her. To a woman that followed her heart and it led her to me. I really hope That there’s an afterlife so u and I can see each other again and two step to the beats of our hearts.

“Love u mesh. Rest peacefully. Tell my mom I miss and love her. My hearts hurts badly.”

Watch a heartwarming video of Mustafa singing to his new son here.


Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby

Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby

Popular YouTube mom dies during childbirth and her baby

Henry Okafor

  • Taylor

    2018-02-06 #1 Author

    Extremely sad. Prayers to him.


    • Lashonda

      2018-02-13 #2 Author

      Sooo sad may God Be with him 😞


  • Tonya

    2018-02-06 #3 Author

    A bittersweet story. Even though its a sad story he has apart of her to cherish for life!


  • Jude Michael Puriran

    2018-02-06 #4 Author

    I just cant imagine myself in his situation, and how will be the baby grow old without a mother, a mother who will take care, guide and,protect you from harm.A Mother who is the greatest teacher,a teacher of compassion,love,and fearlessness. Just pray and God will help you!!


  • Rashaad

    2018-02-06 #5 Author

    This is so sad, cherish every moment with your loved ones.


  • Eisha

    2018-02-06 #6 Author

    So sad 😢 my prayers goes out to her family 😢💔


  • Nunu

    2018-02-06 #8 Author

    Omg this is so sad RIP Beautiful prayers to the family’s.


  • M’Carra

    2018-02-06 #9 Author

    This is so sad. What a strong father


  • Maiya

    2018-02-06 #10 Author

    Rest peacefully ♥️ #soSad.


  • Jessica Heyward

    2018-02-06 #11 Author

    I love this rest in peace


  • Maquisha

    2018-02-06 #12 Author

    Wow my deepest condolences


  • Yvonne Pace

    2018-02-06 #13 Author

    Wow very heartbreaking, my prayers go out to the family


  • Kristin McCoy

    2018-02-06 #14 Author

    This is so sad rip he is a great man


  • Laporsha Gleaton

    2018-02-06 #15 Author

    My heart goes out to their family 💔


  • Kora Renee Davis

    2018-02-06 #16 Author

    I swear I just cried , this is such a sad story but something Beautiful came from it ! Prayers and strength to him


  • Mandy torsigbe

    2018-02-06 #17 Author

    Wow this is sad. RIP


  • Iesha

    2018-02-06 #18 Author

    So sad😢 The things is women go through to give birth to our beautiful babies. I am a survivor of Preeclampsia. The scariest thing I ever experienced.


  • Adrianna

    2018-02-06 #19 Author

    Such a beautiful family. How truly heartbreaking. 😔 prayers for that baby boy.


  • kersten

    2018-02-06 #20 Author

    prayers for this family


  • jasman lynch

    2018-02-06 #21 Author

    sooo sad! seen this on instagram. praying for him and his family!


  • Jay Camacho

    2018-02-06 #22 Author

    this is so sad prayers to him & his baby boy🤞🏽 She’ll be watching over both of them💙


  • Ashley

    2018-02-06 #23 Author

    Such a sad story praying for the family


  • Aliyah

    2018-02-06 #24 Author

    aww☹️ that’s sad


  • Kim Carla

    2018-02-06 #25 Author

    What a great man .. Pure love! 💖💖💖


  • Marquiscya Shannon

    2018-02-06 #26 Author

    He is the toughest Man I know hands down 😓


  • Jessica Alberto

    2018-02-06 #27 Author

    Omg this is so heart breaking 😪 I hope he may find peace and strength in his heart so he can be strong for his son 😞


  • Lanay rose

    2018-02-06 #28 Author

    So sad 😩 I know he’s going through it right now 😩


  • Jamaya Harris

    2018-02-06 #29 Author

    Rest In Peace This So Sad


  • Priscilla Weber

    2018-02-06 #30 Author

    Deeply saddens me that this angel has to grow up without his mom and his loving father without his wife. My prayers goes out to the both of them and their family.


  • Briasia Johnson

    2018-02-06 #31 Author

    This is so sad R.I.P beautiful 😔💗💗


  • Kayonna Woodbury

    2018-02-06 #32 Author

    Praying for this precious baby and Dad ❤️KAYONNA


  • Michelle

    2018-02-06 #33 Author

    Very sad history , praying..


  • Jasmine

    2018-02-06 #34 Author

    God Bless! Real Fathers step up to the plate. #BlackLove


  • Isis Smith

    2018-02-06 #35 Author

    I’m soooo sorry for your loss 😢 but I hope your son brings you the joy your missing


  • Tahjma Murvin

    2018-02-06 #36 Author

    God bless you I’m praying for your strength


  • Jamia

    2018-02-06 #37 Author

    Wow!! So sad… God bless this wonderful father


  • Christal

    2018-02-06 #38 Author

    It’s so hard to hold back the tears as I continue to read. May God bless you and give you the strength you need for your son and most importantly yourself.


  • Faith

    2018-02-06 #39 Author

    Prayers going up


  • Jeanelle Mary Reate

    2018-02-06 #40 Author

    Heartbreaking story. May God blessed their family.


  • Naje1999

    2018-02-07 #41 Author

    💙🤞😇Awe man R.W.G


  • Kiersten McNeil

    2018-02-07 #42 Author

    Wow this really heartbreaking


  • BriAnna

    2018-02-07 #43 Author

    Omg that is sooo sad! I’m glad the husband is being so helpful and strong!


  • Markeisha

    2018-02-07 #44 Author

    Such a beautiful story ! Prays for the family


  • Laine

    2018-02-07 #45 Author

    Sad prayers to her family


  • Cjandkeylaa johnson

    2018-02-07 #46 Author

    Omg this is so sad…


  • Myia Banks

    2018-02-07 #47 Author

    I can only imagine his pain sending prayers up for his strength an wisdom to raise his new beautiful baby boy.


  • Lashay

    2018-02-07 #48 Author

    Awww omg i shed a few tears myself! Such a beautiful family… hes a strong man


  • Krista

    2018-02-07 #49 Author

    My biggest fear of giving birth was this mans reality. I send positive energy and love to him and his baby boy.


  • Liah

    2018-02-07 #50 Author

    💔💔 this is so sad. Just broke my heart


  • Nandi

    2018-02-07 #51 Author

    What’s so beautiful is , that in this tragedy he looks at that baby like it’s his world 😭❤️ Rip to that mother but that father will be amazing


  • Rubelyn Santiago

    2018-02-07 #52 Author

    Oh my God, rest in Paradise. No words can explain how sad I am at the moment. Giving birth to a child is not easy, it comes with a great fear, fear that we, women might lose our life but we still want to be pregnant so that we can make our man happy.


  • Khadijah

    2018-02-07 #53 Author

    This Is So Sad , RIP Beautiful!


  • Traci Fletcher

    2018-02-07 #54 Author

    OMG this is extremely sad 😢


  • Lynn Fletcher

    2018-02-07 #55 Author

    Prayers for him


  • Chastene

    2018-02-07 #56 Author

    Such a beautiful story💖


  • Nesia

    2018-02-07 #57 Author

    Prayers of strength for him and baby boy…i couldn’t imagine


  • Tkeyah

    2018-02-07 #58 Author

    Omg This breaks my heart,so sorry for your loss 😭❤👶🏾🕊


  • Dajanae Renee

    2018-02-07 #59 Author

    Wow how sad, they look so beautiful.


  • Aracely Rodriguez

    2018-02-08 #60 Author

    This is so sad!! I’m in tears! 😔😫😢😢


  • Stephany Dade

    2018-02-08 #61 Author

    So heart breaking😔 I pray for her family his family and all of their love one’s affected by their loss. Their precious baby will always have a guardian angel surrounding near their side. ❤


  • Jasmine

    2018-02-08 #62 Author

    So sad…never know when it’s your last day


  • Deisha

    2018-02-08 #63 Author

    Wow This is so sad !!!! 😢


  • Raekel

    2018-02-08 #64 Author

    Cherish your loved ones because you never know when it will be your last. Such a tragedy praying for the family


  • Agape chigozie

    2018-02-09 #65 Author

    What a tragedy.. I want to use this opportunity to say women are the greatest.. Any time I see a pregnant woman I will feel like crying cos of what they go through may her soul rest in peace


  • Santajha

    2018-02-09 #66 Author

    This is soo sad😔 it’s gonna hurt the dad wen the baby grows up and ask where is her/His mother


  • Ebonie smith

    2018-02-09 #67 Author

    This is so sad! I know that has to be the toughest thing for a new father to deal with, prayers to the husband and baby!


  • Stephanie

    2018-02-10 #68 Author

    😢😟 this is so sad. RIP


  • Angela

    2018-02-12 #69 Author

    Rip this is so sad


  • Jacquileen

    2018-02-12 #70 Author

    Issshh this is so heartbreaking 😭😭😭 only God knows..


  • Emhabib

    2018-02-12 #71 Author

    Am so sorry for your loss it’s the worst feeling to lose someone you love deeply


  • Laquasha

    2018-02-12 #72 Author

    This is so heartbreaking 😭 I couldn’t imagine what he is going through and how his life will be in the future. I’m sure he is a great dad & his son will grow up to be a good man. ❤


  • Jay britman

    2018-02-12 #73 Author

    Aint no way in the world Thats Crazy 😳


  • Claudia

    2018-02-12 #74 Author

    Omg This is so sad 😒😥


  • Amber

    2018-02-12 #75 Author

    Sending my condolences! This is truly a bittersweet story because he has a piece of her physically with him forever. I hope all goes well and he is able to stay strong for his son <3


  • Redd coco

    2018-02-13 #76 Author

    CUtest saddest story really heart breaking 😩 r.i.p❤️


  • Pretty shaay

    2018-02-14 #77 Author

    So sad , she was so pretty❤️ Praying for the baby and the dad😇


  • Raven Watson

    2018-02-15 #78 Author

    This is so sad like omg


  • Tiffany

    2018-02-16 #79 Author

    So so sad my condolences to the family thankful for a healthy baby to carry her legacy an have to cherish her memories


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