Classmate calls 4-year-old girl ‘ugly’—but she shrugs off the insult with a brilliant response Classmate calls 4-year-old girl ‘ugly’—but she shrugs off the insult with a brilliant response
How do you boost your child’s self-confidence? A mom from the Bahamas may have a good strategy. Just watch how her adorable daughter reacted to a... Classmate calls 4-year-old girl ‘ugly’—but she shrugs off the insult with a brilliant response

How do you boost your child’s self-confidence? A mom from the Bahamas may have a good strategy. Just watch how her adorable daughter reacted to a classmate’s cruel insult!

Sonya Antoine, of Nassau, Bahamas, likes to instill good values in her 4-year-old daughter, Siahj Chase, by reading her motivational books at bedtime, PEOPLEreported.

Speaking to TODAY, Antoine revealed that every single day, she tells Siahj, who’s also known as Cici: “You’re the most beautiful little girl, but beauty doesn’t last. Brains and good manners will take you around the world.”

To develop Cici’s self-confidence, Antoine even encourages her to repeat these words in front of the mirror.

“I want Cici to know that beauty is only skin deep and it’s what’s on the inside that matters most,” Antoine said.

Having been taught “beauty is only skin deep,” Cici knew exactly what to say when a boy called her “ugly.”

She just shrugged off the insult and gave him the perfect comeback right away.

Amazed by Cici’s brilliant answer, Antoine asked her daughter what happened to her at school again, so as to capture her quick retort on video.

“A little boy said I look … ugly,” Cici says in the video.

Antoine asks, “And what did you say?”

“I said, ‘I didn’t come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn, not look pretty,’” Cici replies.

And that’s not all. Watch the rest of her response in the video below!

“Her response was so mature, I couldn’t believe it!” Antoine said.

“Cici is a gem,” Antoine told HuffPost. “She’s sharp …. very active, talkative.”

And many YouTube users concurred with Antoine.

“She is so cute and bright! well done miss cici,” one YouTube user wrote.

Another added, “She’s so smart lol.”

“Ahaha she’s so cute. So glad she has such a strong mind at much a young age and doesn’t take words to heart,” commented another.

Though Cici may be 4, she’s wise beyond her age.

As per a survey conducted by the National Institute on Media and Family via the University of Washington, 40 percent of American girls aged 9 and 10 years old have tried to lose weight, and 53 percent of the girls are “unhappy with their bodies” by age 13.

According to the 2016 Girls’ Attitudes Survey by Girlguiding—the Leading U.K. charity for girls and young women—80 percent of the over 1,000 girls surveyed aged 11 to 21 felt their looks were the most important thing about them.

Growing up in a looks-obsessed society, it’s wonderful to see Cici rising above the influence, and putting education as top priority.

“I want to share what I’ve shared with Cici,” Antoine said. “I want to make kids feel like they can do anything and that it’s on the inside that matters.”

Absolutely! Parents and kids can all learn a thing or two from Antoine and Cici.

Obinna Onyia

  • Donna Chisolm

    2018-02-08 #1 Author

    People are so mean and they’re teaching the little ones to act the same!! Not good at all😡


  • Candace Cools

    2018-02-08 #2 Author

    Kids can be mean but I’m so glad She has enough confidence to defend her Herat 💕


    • Kathryn

      2018-02-12 #3 Author

      She’s beautiful young girl n don’t let anyone tell u otherwise ❤️


  • Lame

    2018-02-08 #4 Author

    Wow this is beautiful


  • Drea

    2018-02-08 #5 Author

    Glad that she had the confidence to speak up and say something back because in today’s society these kids will say/do the harshest things to one another.


  • Ravonne

    2018-02-08 #6 Author

    She is very beautiful . Don’t let others get to you be strong 💪🏼


  • Makayla

    2018-02-08 #7 Author

    For her to be so young her confidence is so amazing. 😍


  • Cardia Williams

    2018-02-09 #8 Author

    She’s such a brave beautiful little girl. Her mom is instilling the greatest value in her and that’s confidence. With that she can go along way in life.


  • Mulan

    2018-02-09 #9 Author

    She is so beautiful and smart. That’s the perfect response


  • Yasmeen

    2018-02-09 #10 Author

    This is something I’ll be definitely teaching my baby girl .


  • Samm

    2018-02-09 #11 Author

    Beautiful ! Need more ppl like this!


  • Janiecea

    2018-02-09 #12 Author

    You go girl!! Young & confident!


  • Jimmonica

    2018-02-09 #13 Author

    Wow!! This is so heart-Felt! She is so beautiful ! And her level of confidence is so high!


  • Jacqueline

    2018-02-09 #14 Author

    People are so cruel your beautiful don’t let any one steal your confidence and shine


  • Eria

    2018-02-10 #15 Author

    She is beautiful and confident, may God help her through


  • Adacia Jordan

    2018-02-10 #16 Author

    I love this because her self esteem is not low at all, most kids would’ve cried in this kind of situation but she topped it off and I love that. 😍 she’s a very strong minded girl!!


  • Lovee Tee Joness

    2018-02-10 #17 Author

    Beautiful this is something all parents should teach their children if they stand up to bullies this could minimize lots of depression for our children


  • Rayne

    2018-02-11 #18 Author

    Wow people need to teach they kids better


  • Sammia

    2018-02-11 #19 Author

    I love the maturity this beautiful little girl has


  • Tyesha Bonds

    2018-02-11 #20 Author

    She is gorgeous, she has a lot of confidence to be as young as she is.


  • Ladii Glizzy

    2018-02-11 #21 Author

    && she’s absolutely beautiful ❤️


  • Isma’il Ahmad

    2018-02-12 #22 Author

    Wow!! And she’s so cute


  • Oluwaseyi Akanbi Iyinbor

    2018-02-12 #23 Author

    Why do people teach their kids to think that true beauty is from the outside in the first instance!!!


  • Mya Burrows

    2018-02-12 #24 Author

    This girl is very beautiful & her reply to the little boy is too cute ! i hate to see kids being bullied I wish the parents could teach kids not to bully .


  • Tiffany Jackson

    2018-02-12 #25 Author

    Awhh she’s so smart.. I pray my daughter is just as wise as her when she gets older. 😊 I know she will be. 😊


  • Brooke Caudill

    2018-02-12 #26 Author

    awe this is cute!


  • Keisha

    2018-02-12 #27 Author

    Yes ma’am…strong minded lil princess


  • Destiny

    2018-02-12 #28 Author

    This is honestly amazing & a very mature answer for a 4 year old 👏🏾👏🏾 I applaud


  • Jewell corbitt

    2018-02-13 #29 Author

    Awwwww she’s beautiful 😍😍


  • Tya

    2018-02-13 #30 Author

    Black Girl Greatness🌟


  • Modesti

    2018-02-13 #31 Author

    So beautiful and wise!!❤️❤️


  • Destiny

    2018-02-15 #32 Author

    Beautiful & Wise . She defended herself the right way ♥️


  • Katia Reed

    2018-02-15 #33 Author

    She is amazing and beautiful and I’m glad she knows awesome job to her parents ❤️


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