They told mom ‘leave her at orphanage’—baby with huge swollen head recovers They told mom ‘leave her at orphanage’—baby with huge swollen head recovers
This little miracle soul is letting her light shine through–overcoming a condition that had left her totally incapacitated. Now, with a smile and a... They told mom ‘leave her at orphanage’—baby with huge swollen head recovers

This little miracle soul is letting her light shine through–overcoming a condition that had left her totally incapacitated. Now, with a smile and a giggle here and there, she is charming hearts, especially that of her new brother and her loving and devoted parents.

Roona Begum is from Jirania Khola village on the outskirts of Agartala Capital in the North East State of Tripura, India. She was not expected to live past her first birthday but has made it to 5 and a half years. She is suffering from an extreme form of hydrocephalus also known as ‘water on the brain.’ The circumference of her head swelled to 37 inches, which is 3 times larger than normal.

After Fatima’s daughter, Roona Begum was born, she was admitted to Fortis Memorial Research Institute and Hospital in Gurgaon, near New Dehli. The loving parents Fatima and Abdul prayed for a miracle to help Roona. The devoted parents love their daughter unconditionally and cared for her dutifully.

“The palm on your fevered brow, the soft kisses when you need them most, the grip that steadies you on rocky roads, the hand that feeds and nurtures you, the voice that tells you that you are loved, the shadow that walks beside you unconditionally and enduring a mother’s love,” wrote Roona’s mom on her Facebook page.

‘The pain she suffered in the past led to constant tears in her eyes. I remember the time one person told us to leave our daughter at an orphanage; my wife was devastated and she told them so,” related her father.

Roona’s story made the headlines and won international sympathy. Donations poured in from all over the world, even as far as Norway, Europe. Support for Roona Begum was phenomenal, with prospective donors contacting news organizations. Online campaigns were created to cover her surgeries and to support research on the disease.

Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon, New Dehli, offered to accommodate the surgical procedures free of charge. Roona was admitted and seven rounds of surgery were carried out on Roona’s head, led by neurosurgeon Dr. Sandeep Vaishaya and his team.

Emergency surgery reduced the circumference of her head successfully from a staggering 37 inches to 23 inches. Surgeons drained around 10 liters of excess fluid from Roona’s brain cavity. In a sequence of seven operations to Roona’s skull, she spent 105 days in Fortis Hospital.

The extent of the damage to Roona’s skull was considerable and surgeons at Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon were very concerned that Roona would not survive the operations. Yet, in 2014 Roona returned home, after 105 days in the hospital to her mother’s loving arms and warm home.

“She survived even when doctors thought she would not,” said Fatima Roona returned to the hospital shortly afterward for reconstruction. “Dr. Sandeep Vaishya said pressure bandages must be applied to remodel the shape of her head. He said there was still a long road ahead.”

Roona later returned to the hospital for further reconstruction.

“On July 21, 2014, Roona flew to New Delhi for a health check up. She is able to hold her head straight up, without any help. And she is also able to sit, but she is in a need of little bit support,”wrote Fatima on her Facebook page.

Roona survived further surgery and participated in the celebration of the birth of her brother in 2015. Her parents are certain that Akhtar’s birth has encouraged Roona.

Roona has improved so well she communicates by shaking her hands and feet when she is excited and crying when she’s hungry. Abdul and Fatema Rehman are optimistic and say that “it’s absolutely amazing to see her happy and lively…She can speak a little,  and laughs and giggles with her brother.”

‘We are content with what we have now and I feel happy knowing Akhtar will take good care of his sister when they are older,” said his parents. With just a tiny thread of hope, this family displayed courage and so much wisdom. They continued to pray for their daughter and supported her through the darkest of her days. Roona’s father said “I am glad that day came and the awful comments stopped. People now express only love and concern towards her.”

”Roona loves to interact. She loves to see people talking to her and trying to play with her and wants more. She is extremely social and wants people to pay her attention,” her parents say.

Roona turns five!

Roona’s recovery is just so special, she is improving day by day…Roona’s parents have also noticed her appetite pick up. Her delighted dad says, “She now eats dal and rice given to her by her mother…She shakes her hands and feet when she is excited and cries when she’s hungry. She shouts ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ and then we forget all our worries and problems.”

“It’s good to know that our second child is normal and well…Her bother holds her hand and plays with her. He tries to communicate with her and she responds to him equally with smiles and giggles. It’s so beautiful,” say the parents.

Fatema says that, “The help we received was a message sent by God. I am certain she is a blessing on this earth…I only hope to see her getting better so that she can live a life filled with dreams and aspirations.”

Obinna Onyia

  • Nolhi

    2018-02-19 #1 Author

    miracles do happen all thanks to the women who never gave up on her child


  • Lesia James

    2018-02-19 #2 Author

    She’s a wonderful parent to still love and care for a child that everyone was pressuring her to just push away because on the way she was born which she can’t control. God makes no mistakes, she is indeed a miracle baby❤


  • Lesia James

    2018-02-19 #3 Author

    God bless this child ❤


  • Cheri

    2018-02-20 #4 Author

    A parents love for their child is unconditional, thank god she stuck by her child’s side instead of abandoning her. Miracle.


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