The story of the wicked wife The story of the wicked wife
Long time ago, A man married two wives, the first wife was very religious and beautiful but she had problems of conceiving while the... The story of the wicked wife

Long time ago, A man married two wives, the first wife was very religious and beautiful but she had problems of conceiving while the second wife who was very wicked had 3 female children.

Although people love the first wife because of her humility, the second always make sure she remind her of her barren status “LOOK AT HER! BARREN WOMAN! The first wife will cry unto God. After 15 years, God decided to step in and prove himself! The first wife got pregnant and after 9 month she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The boy quickly became their husband favourite since he is the only male child. The man became found of his first son and will not allow anyone to touch him. The second wife became jealous and planned to kill him.

One day while the husband & the first wife went to the market, the second wife took the little boy to the farm and led him to the dangerous snake forest. She left him there and went home satisfied.

The whole family started looking for the boy when they found out he was missing! The searched for him for 2 days & after searching the whole village they decided to check the farm the next day.

That night the first wife cried and prayed to God to bring back her son. On their way to the farm, they heard the boy crying to them inside the forbidden forest!

The husband broke down in tears “That must be his ghost, no one enters the forbidden snake forest and come out alive!

The first wife rushed in with no fear and saw a big snake curled around the boy but to her surprise the snake did not harm the boy!! She took her son and rushed back to meet her husband.

They got home to meet the second wife wriggling in pain from snake bite. She confessed her sins and explained how a snake came into the house and bite her. She died later that day.

Now listen, I prayer! Every strong woman in your family denying you of your testimony! DIE BY FIRE IN JESUS NAME. Every evil snake sent eating the fruit of your womb, be destroyed in the name of Jesus. Type Amen & share. Don’t ignore.

Obinna Onyia

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