Daycare puts blames on toddler after baby apparently beaten Daycare puts blames on toddler after baby apparently beaten
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/CNN) – As a 1-year-old in Indiana recovers from injuries he received at daycare, his mother says the incident is both “negligence” and... Daycare puts blames on toddler after baby apparently beaten

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/CNN) – As a 1-year-old in Indiana recovers from injuries he received at daycare, his mother says the incident is both “negligence” and “child abuse,” no matter who hurt the boy.

Mother Tiffany Griffin rushed to Indianapolis’ Kiddie Garden daycare Monday afternoon after a worker called and said her son, Jesse Harris IV, had a swollen face.

When Griffin arrived, she found the 1-year-old badly swollen and cut. She called for police and an ambulance.

The daycare’s owner says a 2-year-old girl caused Jesse’s injuries.

“I’m at a loss for words. I’m upset,” Griffin said. “It shouldn’t have happened whether it was a 2-year-old. It shouldn’t have happened if it was an adult. It shouldn’t have happened if a 2-year-old did it under the care of an adult.”

Jesse is recovering and stable at a local children’s hospital, his mother says. Doctors are still examining him to make sure he is OK.

“My son has been crying. He hasn’t had no sleep. He’s very uncomfortable, and hopefully, we can get him comfortable and back to his good health and back to being the happy baby that he is,” Griffin said.

The daycare owner says on the day of the incident, a worker heard a commotion, walked into the room and saw Jesse hurt. She says the worker called the boy’s parents, police and daycare management.

“It was negligence, any way it goes. It was child abuse, anyway it goes. If it was me or [his father], we would be arrested. So, I think it should be a full investigation, and they should do something about it,” Griffin said.

The daycare owner says she’s cooperating with police. A statement was released, saying in part, “We are deeply saddened by what took place” and “our hearts go out to Jesse and his family.”

Griffin says her son is strong, and she’s praying for his recovery.

“That’s all I could do – be a great mother to him and make sure we support him, make sure he gets all the service and care that he needs,” she said.

Police are investigating the incident.

Obinna Onyia

  • Beverly Newson

    2018-05-03 #1 Author

    This saddens my heart deeply. I don’t know what I would’ve done! A 2 year old couldn’t have caused these injuries. Kids this young can’t harm each other in this way! Praying for you sincerely😞😞


  • Brianna

    2018-05-06 #2 Author

    This is so said !!! 😩😩


  • Latrice Gray

    2018-05-07 #3 Author

    This is why my son will not be in daycare


  • Tykeisha

    2018-05-07 #4 Author

    Omg that’s terrible that’s why I hate daycares. That’s so sad


  • Krstyle

    2018-05-10 #5 Author

    This is sooo heartbreaking😭😭😭 to here i pray Jesse gets better and recovers back to the healthy baby he was. I truly don’t know what i would have done if it was my son seeing things like this makes me not want to put my son in daycare at all 🙏🙏🙏


  • Andrea

    2018-05-10 #6 Author

    Kids this young can’t do no harm like this😭😔


  • MeMe Thomas

    2018-09-03 #7 Author

    This is the worst thing ever. Who could do a baby liike this


  • SIlbo

    2018-10-14 #8 Author

    AFter seeing this, and other incidents where children have been suspiciously harmed in Day Care or any school care, It should be a law, that cameras be fully operating I. Educational and child care facilities, where students are below the age of grade 1. Toddlers and babies can’t speak for themselves in a way that age 6 and up may be able to. All primary care and possibly, all elementary schools should have live cameras while students are in attendance


    • Eva Chapman

      2018-10-15 #9 Author

      Babies under Three years of age should NOT be in Daycare. They need their mothers.


      • Andrea

        2018-11-04 #10 Author

        Not every mom can be a stay at home mom… I do not use daycares but I do have family and friends watch my child. Either way, some mothers have to earn money to take care of the family too.


  • Tonya L. Crawford

    2018-10-15 #11 Author

    absolutely TRUE, no toddler could do this to another toddler, they DON’T have the strength or mindset for THIS kind of VIOLENCE to a child!! #DUMBCOVERUP OF ABUSE!!!


  • Rene Woods

    2018-10-15 #12 Author

    Somebody’s Lying! Those scares didn’t come from another child!


  • Alice Munyawiri

    2018-10-16 #13 Author

    This is so sad..lm happy the child is recovering very well


  • Anna stone

    2018-11-02 #14 Author

    Prayers So sad damn day care need b investigated it had b adult …sad glad baby is doing good that’s bs he had go threw something like that…justice needs to be served


  • Mrs McLean

    2018-11-02 #15 Author

    If that was my child nothing would have stopped me from going off and someone would have got arrested right there on the spot how can you do calm about that listening to this comments doesn’t make a bitter of sense to me at all I glad I, not that child’s mother I would be like a gorilla or big grizzly bear who protects there babies no matter what until death and that’s is me .


  • Amy Bernet

    2018-11-04 #16 Author

    Please pray for this baby and his family! Please pray for the truth to come out and for earthly justice to be served!


  • Joe Fidel

    2018-11-04 #17 Author

    They would be arresting me for assault and battery, with intent to do great bodily harm, and or arson. If I couldn’t find out who did it, I’d burn that MF place down. A two year old did it? BS


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