East Orange Sergeant Tahmesha Dickey Dies After Childbirth East Orange Sergeant Tahmesha Dickey Dies After Childbirth
Sgt. Dickey was a 16-year veteran who died after giving birth to her third child. East Orange, NJ – East Orange Police Department Sergeant... East Orange Sergeant Tahmesha Dickey Dies After Childbirth
Sgt. Dickey was a 16-year veteran who died after giving birth to her third child.

East Orange, NJ – East Orange Police Department Sergeant Tahmesha Dickey, 38, died on Sunday, Jan. 7, due to complications following childbirth.

Sgt. Dickey, a mother of three, passed away on the sixteenth anniversary of her date of hire at the East Orange Police Department, TAPinto reported.

The Newark native was described as a “hard-working officer” who was a “true team player,” TAPinto reported.

She is survived by her children, 20-year-old Jay’Naisha Nelson, 13-year-old Mehki Nunn, and newborn Mushin Shabazz, as well as her significant other, Mustafa Shabazz, and her parents, Hamlett and Toni Holmes, the Star Ledgerreported.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of East Orange Sgt. Dickey, both blood and blue. Godspeed, we will take the watch from here. Thank you for your service.


Obinna Onyia

  • Zakiya

    2018-06-10 #1 Author

    prayers for the family


  • Tasha,early

    2018-06-11 #2 Author

    I’m so sorry that the family had to endure so much at this beautiful wife beautiful family May the good lord always protect and guide this beautiful family May her soul Rip 😢


  • Taylor

    2018-06-11 #3 Author

    Oh wow that’s crazzy


  • AB

    2018-06-11 #4 Author

    Prayers go up as blessings come down……… Stay strong family together anything is possible.


  • Patricia Zamor

    2018-06-11 #5 Author

    May he in time find solace in remembering their life together even as I join others in praying for him, strength to carry on as he cares for their child/and her children. Condolences to dad and the extended family.


  • Victoria

    2018-06-12 #6 Author

    So sorry for everyone’s loss. Especially the children, parents, and significant other. So tragic.


  • Sue

    2018-06-12 #7 Author

    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your service Sergeant.


  • Rebecca

    2018-06-12 #8 Author

    It is a blessing for you and your daughter to have each other at this time. The way you are handling this with grace is such a beautiful memory for your family to share. Looking at this video I can most almost certainly say that she is in the same room with you two at this moment. My condolences go out to you and your family stay strong GOD is good.


    • Lisa Slays

      2018-06-13 #9 Author



  • Linda Lovett Lindsey

    2018-06-12 #10 Author

    Rip Sergeant Dickey. May God keep this family close and comfort them during this time of loss.


  • Wanda

    2018-06-12 #11 Author

    Sooo sorry for your loss, my her soul rip. I pray that God give her family peace, strength, and comfort in their time of sorrow in the name of Jesus amen.


  • Lauren Wilson

    2018-06-12 #12 Author

    Rip Officer !!! #Salute!! I wish her family well.


  • Rebecca Belton

    2018-06-12 #13 Author

    My condolences to her parents and her kids and husband and the East Orange polie department.


  • Nene

    2018-06-12 #14 Author

    Man i hope her husband is alright this is so sad. God bless his heart and lord watch over their family.


  • Mahalia Scott

    2018-06-12 #15 Author

    PRAYERS GOING UP Glory to God he covering over u doing this time. Keep the Faith an be blessed


  • Ashley

    2018-06-12 #16 Author

    So sorry for your lost I’m praying for the family that god brings you peace and many blessings


  • Traci

    2018-06-12 #17 Author

    My prayers are with this family, in their time of lost.


  • Monique

    2018-06-12 #18 Author

    This is so sad but let ther memories and good times you shared together comfort you.
    God bless you with a beautiful gift a baby train her well.


  • Rolena Baskin

    2018-06-12 #19 Author

    Follow him on instagram. Mustafa Shabazz


  • Delia Rodriguez

    2018-06-13 #20 Author

    May God bless you and the family total. My heart was touched of your giving love.I pray for her.and your big faith.I feel..


  • Mellarie Thomas

    2018-06-13 #21 Author

    Much love to this devoted father and his family! I am deeply sorry for the loss of your lovely Wife, Friend and Mother. May The Creator shine light and love on you all!


  • Angela Beckley

    2018-06-13 #22 Author

    God Bless this Family


  • Kathy Calderone

    2018-06-13 #23 Author

    My condolences go out to all her family especially her husband and her kids god had a reason for takeinh her and brought a nrw one in now she can watch out for all her family fly high my dear and thank you for all your services you havr r.i.p my dear i know your watching over one your family and friendsgod bless you. Sergeant Dickey fly highy my dear


  • Sedrick Ingram

    2018-06-13 #24 Author

    Praying that the family endures through this most heartfelt time. Brother Mustafa may Allah cover all you need and blessings are plentiful. May peace be with you.


  • Clare

    2018-06-13 #25 Author

    Poor baby who will never know the small things about his Mom but I’m sure the family will keep her alive through memories…how lucky though is that tiny baby to have such an Obviously amazing Daddy..


  • Lisa

    2018-06-13 #26 Author

    Sending condolences from Chicago many heaven smile on you all with many blessings.


  • Diana Powell

    2018-06-13 #27 Author

    I’m praying for this family that God will give all of the the strength that they need to carry on with life.


  • Klove

    2018-06-13 #28 Author

    Rest in love and Gods blessings for healing and strength!


  • Andi

    2018-06-13 #29 Author

    “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those” John 5:28-29
    Words I live by because there is a chance hope set before us that we will see are love ones lost in death again. I hope you find comfort in knowing that.



  • Vinnette folkes

    2018-06-13 #30 Author

    God bless the family’s Cover them under your blood Especially the father he going to need all The strength in the mighty name I pray amen


  • Shirley webster

    2018-06-13 #31 Author

    My condolences to all who loved her and all those who knew her and were touched by her. Appreciate her service, she was a true hero.


  • Meltonia

    2018-06-13 #32 Author

    So sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family and know you are blessed. She will always be with you and your child in your heart ans soul. Condolences sent.


  • D. Young

    2018-06-13 #33 Author

    My Condolences to the family! God bless you all! Thank you for your service! I salute you my sister!🙏🏻💟🙏🏻


  • Robert

    2018-06-13 #34 Author

    Peace my brother iev had my son since he was 8 he is now 17 what a beautiful journey we have had so know this as a fact you are going most definitely have your seeds mom with u guys always because she left to give you ya’ll insight on what’s to come and so on my condolences to you a the lil one peace


  • Griffin

    2018-06-14 #35 Author

    My condolences to the family, I would hate to lose a member of my family on such a momentous day.


  • Lois Goodwin

    2018-06-14 #36 Author

    My God wrap his arms of comfort and understanding around this family, may this beautiful baby bring joy and happiness in this time of mourning, remember God makes no mistakes


  • Mildred Protho

    2018-06-14 #37 Author

    Very sorry for your loss. My prayers goes out to the families. Thanks for serving. God Bless You’ll….


  • Sheema W.

    2018-06-14 #38 Author

    My Prayers r with the Beautiful family


  • WardellMeredith

    2018-06-14 #39 Author

    Sending prayers from Horn Lake,Ms


  • Bernadette Nc Carthy

    2018-06-14 #40 Author

    Sad story. My condolences to the family, especially the children and significant other


  • Elizabeth Hays

    2018-06-14 #41 Author

    Prayers up
    God bless u guys !!!


  • Alecia kennedy

    2018-06-14 #42 Author

    Praise God he is watching over your family,may God keep them in perfect peace


  • Priscilla Valerio

    2018-06-14 #43 Author

    My thoughts are with the family and the children of this wonderful mother and wife and 👮‍♀️! I used to live in Toms River NJ then moved away after I lost my 14 yo son to an unexpected suicide. Loss is great but the fact she left behind 3 precious little copies of herself and a symbol of this woman and her husbands love is something that should be honored!


  • Karla Ellis

    2018-06-14 #44 Author

    God Bless you & your family, your precious New born I can tell is in the hands of a loving Father, the loss of your wife is beyond heartbreaking. I PRAY THAT GOD COMFORTS you in such time of sorrow & provide you all Blessings upon Blessings to carry on until you meet again. For sure she’s smiling down on you from HEAVEN


  • Taajee

    2018-06-15 #45 Author

    Sorry for your loss thank you for serving our country. I’m praying for the family and her friends. I’m encouraging her to make it through this sadness time thier lives . I hope they are doing well from today. God will cover you through it all, God has his arms around you to keep your family safe while they going through this tough time of life. I hope that I encourage the family and I wish nothing from the best of you


  • Martha Dorsey

    2018-06-15 #46 Author

    This is a sad thing to happen to this family may God bless you and keep your head’s high


  • K. Sutton

    2018-06-15 #47 Author

    Sorry for your lost I know she was a wonderful person and mother.may God rest her soul. I know you will be a good father to your kids.prayers are sent…


  • Kia

    2018-06-15 #48 Author

    Prayers for you Mr. Shabazz and the family of Tahmesha I will like to send you my condolences. Love that little precious baby with everything. And I hope that you will eventually be able to one day find a female family member or role model if she doesn’t already have one, whom is able to mold that beautiful , respectful that would make you and family proud of the way her mother would appreciate. May her mother watch over here and keep her safe as her guardian angel. May she always be blessed by the MOST HIGH.🙏


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