‘A Little Girl’s Last Wish For Her Daddy’ ‘A Little Girl’s Last Wish For Her Daddy’
Terminally ill father ‘gives away’ daughter in mock wedding ceremony When 10-year-old Forsyth resident Nakeol Wells found out her father, Johny Wells, who has... ‘A Little Girl’s Last Wish For Her Daddy’

Terminally ill father ‘gives away’ daughter in mock wedding ceremony

When 10-year-old Forsyth resident Nakeol Wells found out her father, Johny Wells, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, didn’t have much longer to live, she became sad he wouldn’t get to watch her grow up and, most importantly, walk her down the aisle.

Nakeol’s family decided to host a mock wedding ceremony Sept. 29 in Johny’s Kansas City hospital room and film it to replay on her wedding day — a video that has become a YouTube sensation garnering attention from around the globe and more than 71,000 views as of Thursday afternoon.

Nakeol said the ceremony meant a lot to her.

“It reminds me about when my dad’s not going to be there,” she said. “If I get lonely, I can play that video and it just makes my day. That’s the special day my dad gives me away.”

Nakeol’s aunt, Gena Hedgpeth, said the family found Nakeol a white dress to wear and made a cake for the occasion.

“Our photographer friend came in and took pictures,” Hedgpeth said. “My husband, Len Hedgpeth, is a pastor and he came in and did the ceremony.”

Johny Wells was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease about five years ago, according to his wife, Glenda Wells.

“He’s had difficulty breathing for a long time; he was a longtime smoker and it’s taken its toll,” she said, adding the 63-year-old had been smoking nearly all his life — since he was 10.

With the exception of a few weeks, Johny has been in the hospital since Christmas, unable to care for himself, and there is no real prognosis as far as how long Johny has left, said Glenda, who is a float nurse at Cox clinics in Branson.

“As I always tell my patients, ‘Only God has the answer,’” she said. “Johny is still alive because he loves this girl so much. By all practical purposes, he really should not be here, but he keeps fighting. They are each other’s world. They’re so close, and it tears me up to watch my baby hurt.”

The speed at which the video has spread — about 3,000 views a day during the past week — is blowing Nakeol’s mind away, she said.

“I’ve been going places and people will be staring at me (because they recognize me),” she said.

The ring used in the ceremony is a symbol of the promise that Nakeol and Johny made to each other, according to Hedgpeth.

“People think a 10-year-old couldn’t understand, but she promised her daddy she would wait for and seek out a Godly man who would love her like her daddy did and that is worthy of her love and that (Johny would) approve of,” she said. “As she gets old enough to date, it’ll be a reminder to her of the kind of man she should desire in her life. It’s also just a reminder of how much her daddy loves her.”

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