Boys Crying Because They are Being Seperated Boys Crying Because They are Being Seperated
A video has emerged of two boys crying because they are going to be separated. The video was posted by the their dad with... Boys Crying Because They are Being Seperated

A video has emerged of two boys crying because they are going to be separated. The video was posted by the their dad with Facebook name Gerrin Kimbro and didn’t state clearly the reason why they are being separated.

However we tried to contact the dad to know why they are being separated but we didn’t get a response. Following the viral post on the Dad’s page, many suggested it might be as a result of having different moms that stay in different states while others think the older boy is going back to boarding school. 

After carefully looking at the Facebook profile, it seems the boys are back together and doing well with the dad but we don’t know if they will be separated again in the future.

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Stay tuned for more and we continue to follow the development.

Dad’s Facebook profile :

Obinna Onyia

  • DreUnna

    2018-07-10 #1 Author

    This Is So sweet


  • Joshua

    2018-07-10 #2 Author

    Their bond is so strong, glad to see they are back together!


  • Hildaahamah

    2018-07-12 #3 Author

    This is Very good


  • Maris Brendan

    2018-07-12 #4 Author

    This is so nice


  • Sade

    2018-07-13 #5 Author

    This is sweey unbreakable bond.


  • Victoria Crawford

    2018-07-14 #6 Author

    This truly heartbreaking!! But their love and bond is amazing!!!


  • Sarah

    2018-07-14 #7 Author

    Such a sweet story. My daughter and her sister get to see each other about once a week and when it is time to part ways, tears start flowing 😣


  • Ciara Miles

    2018-07-14 #8 Author

    This so sweet, i will never saperate my son from his other brothers !


  • Sy

    2018-07-15 #9 Author

    This made me cry. He shouldn’t have to separate from his brother. He’s devastated.


  • Zicarria

    2018-07-15 #10 Author

    😫❤️ so sad! glad they’re back together


  • Que

    2018-07-15 #11 Author

    This story touches me in so many places , at that age I was just that attached to my older sister , when you seen me you seen her .


  • Tracy

    2018-07-16 #12 Author

    I’m praying these babies forward in jesus name.


  • Ward

    2018-07-16 #14 Author

    Aww this is so beautiful


  • Tracy Gutter

    2018-07-16 #15 Author

    Praying these babies forward..


  • Aeriana 💕

    2018-07-17 #16 Author

    I wish me and my siblings had this bond


  • Brittni

    2018-07-17 #17 Author

    Aw thats so sad 😔


  • Johnise

    2018-07-17 #18 Author

    this is by far the saddest thing ever 😞 i wish everybody could just stay under one roof 🤞🏾


  • Markeia

    2018-07-17 #19 Author

    This is so sweet!! I couldn’t imagine my children being separated 😥


  • cleo

    2018-07-18 #20 Author

    Touchy! I can’t explain how I felt about separate from my children


  • Quannasia

    2018-07-18 #21 Author

    That’s so sweet ❤️❤️


  • Keyarra

    2018-07-18 #22 Author

    Awee that sweet it’s nothing like a a special bond


  • She’Tijah

    2018-07-19 #23 Author

    So sweet , I wouldn’t want my kids to be apart


  • Myaa

    2018-07-19 #24 Author

    I Love there bond omg that’s the sweetest thing ever .


  • Jaquetta

    2018-07-19 #25 Author

    The Bond They Share .. This Is So Sweet


  • JayMoni Woodard

    2018-07-20 #26 Author

    They bond are so strong 💪🏽 and you hardly see this now days.I remember when me and my brother was separated I thought my life was over but as I speak we have reconnected and we also live together.


  • Tabitha

    2018-07-20 #27 Author

    Awww. That’s so cute they don’t wanna be apart.


  • Myisha Green

    2018-07-20 #28 Author

    Touched my heart!!


  • Juanita Thomas

    2018-07-20 #29 Author

    Aw omg I can’t imagine this 😢


  • DONNA Maxwell

    2018-07-20 #30 Author

    This is so sweet
    Nothing like a special bond


  • Oshea Davis

    2018-07-20 #31 Author

    awwww this so cute 😩


  • Fantasia Duncan

    2018-07-20 #32 Author

    This so sweet i can’t imagine something happening like that..


  • Shayslay

    2018-07-21 #33 Author

    This is so heartbreaking I couldn’t imagine this feeling


  • Krist cheers

    2018-07-21 #34 Author

    Awe that’s adorable.


  • Shay

    2018-07-24 #35 Author

    This is so sweet. No matter if they do have different moms their bond is awesome.


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