The Beautiful Story Of Uriah The Beautiful Story Of Uriah
This is my oldest son, Uriah. As many of you know, Uriah was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (commonly known as Brittle Bone Disorder). He... The Beautiful Story Of Uriah

This is my oldest son, Uriah. As many of you know, Uriah was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (commonly known as Brittle Bone Disorder). He was born with several healed fractures and the odds had been stacked against him from 19 weeks gestation. He’s now entering the 2nd grade and shutting down the naysayers, one by one. We were a homeschool family for a few years and we LOVED it. This was Uriah’s first year in any educational setting outside of the home. The biggest challenge that I faced as his teacher was teaching him to read. Not because he was having difficulty, but because teaching someone to read when you already know how to yourself is difficult! The English language has fifty-eleven rules that make absolutely no sense when you CAN read…so imagine the frustration when you’re trying to teach someone who can’t?! Lots of tears were shed and I doubted my ability more times than ever. I share this video to encourage you to keep pouring. .
While your kids are home this summer, get into the routine of spending time with them and showing them a partnership; when they benefit from knowing that you shed tears and “can do it” attitude as much as their teachers do throughout the year, they know that you stand in support of them and the effort their teacher puts in. .
Other kids remind Uriah often of the things that he “can’t” do because of his size, but we try to instill in him and build his spirit to be confident that his ability to read and speak well, will take him as far or further than any physical attribute alone ever could. Your kid may not be the most athletic or best looking or wear the best clothes, but a strong mind and willingness to be a good person is the key to a successful life. It starts at home and spreads to every person that they touch. Keep pouring into your kids and see the fruits of your labor

Obinna Onyia

  • Shamika Robinson

    2018-09-08 #1 Author

    God is awesome!!!


  • taylor

    2018-09-08 #2 Author

    Such a strong boy! prayers!


  • Crystal

    2018-09-09 #3 Author

    God Bless Uriah


  • dej

    2018-09-09 #4 Author

    he is so strong and is very much in my prayers 💛


  • IESha. Harris

    2018-09-09 #5 Author

    Hope everything well


  • Daniqua Studwell

    2018-09-09 #6 Author



  • Amber Burgos

    2018-09-09 #7 Author

    Praying he continues to did excellent mama


  • cindy

    2018-09-10 #8 Author

    god bless her..


  • Christina

    2018-09-11 #9 Author

    Atticus Shaffer shows us that brittle bone disorder can and will not limit your abilities. Reach for the stars Lil man! God bless you.


  • Theresia

    2018-09-11 #10 Author

    God bless his heart


  • Eva

    2018-09-12 #11 Author

    His bighest blessing is that God loves him so much so to give him amazing parents!
    It’s the parents that made him strong and didnt allow the devil to take advantage of him. This boy is nlessed and a blessing.


  • Lois Harman

    2018-09-13 #12 Author

    Uraiah is the name of a mighty soldier that was one of only 37 closest soldiers to King David in Israel [2 Samuel 23:39]. These were the most valient of all in the kingdom. You have been named well, you have fought hard to live & be strong. May God bless you all the days of your life. May you also become a great leader, true to your Creator & valient in His will for your life. 😃🙏🇺🇸
    Lois H


  • Stephanie

    2018-09-13 #13 Author

    Praise God what an awesome story.


  • Carolyn Hogan

    2018-09-13 #14 Author

    Isaiah, what a beautiful name for such a handsome young man.. am a prayer was sent to our Father.


  • Ceekay

    2018-09-14 #15 Author

    My son has OI and he is a genius like Uriah. We should connect and hopefully they will strike a long lasting friendship. My son is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. Hope to hear from you. Happy you shared Uriah’s story. He is an inspiration for us all.


    • Sharon Carstarphen

      2018-09-16 #16 Author

      Praying for Uriah, I fell in love with this beautiful baby with the contagious smile when I first saw him. I would love to meet him


  • Starr Moreno

    2018-09-16 #17 Author

    He’s awesome I love him may god continue to bless him.


  • Anne

    2018-09-17 #18 Author

    You are amazing parents he’s such a lovely little boy hope you all continue to do well & his health is ok keep you all in my prayers .🙏🙏🙏


  • Patsy Dennis

    2018-09-18 #19 Author

    This baby reminds me of my youngest gson when he was little. He was the smallest of my grand children. URIAH u r a true BLESSING. It’s warms my heart to see u and no u have wonderful parents to take good care of u and continue to encourage u 2 reach for the stars. Keep on keeping on big man u r loved by many.


  • Linda Norwood

    2018-12-19 #20 Author

    My grandson was born premature and later at 3 years old was diagnosis with cerebral palsy. He later started walking at 3 after an work related accidental death of my oldest son. He met every challenge that was facing him. Children with a disability are some of the most amazing kid. My hat off to Uriah he is facing his challenges, may God continue to bless him and his family.


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