Parents kill 7-year-old son – then doctor finds a note in boy’s hand that crushes my heart Parents kill 7-year-old son – then doctor finds a note in boy’s hand that crushes my heart
This is a story about a little boy with a big heart. And it’s a story that everyone should read. The story is about... Parents kill 7-year-old son – then doctor finds a note in boy’s hand that crushes my heart

This is a story about a little boy with a big heart. And it’s a story that everyone should read.

The story is about Ivan, but ultimately, it isn’t just about him. It is, rather, about millions of other children like Ivan, living the same nightmare across the world today.

While this story of Ivan is fictional, its message hit me right in the chest. We must not ignore this issue. We must not forget Ivan.

My name is Ivan and I’m 7-years-old. I love my mom and dad, but I’m also very afraid of them. They often hit me and I don’t understand why.

This morning I woke up and went to school. I am a good student and my teacher likes me.

I like all my classmates, too, but I have no friends. That’s why I usually stay indoors during breaks. Nobody wants to play with me. I tried to make friends with the other children, but they rejected me and said I was disgusting.

They laugh at me because I wear the same worn-out jeans, t-shirt and torn shoes every day.

One day after school I went into the coat room and stole a jacket that was hanging there for a long time, nobody seemed to be missing it. Then I went home alone through the snowstorm. I was shivering with cold and it was hard to walk against the strong wind. Suddenly someone pushed me forward, I fell down in the snow and someone pressed my face into it. Then they said:

“No one likes you. Idiot!”

They kicked me in my back and in my stomach, then they ran away and left me in the cold snow.


I cried. Not because I was cold or injured, I cried because I did not have a single friend, even though I liked everyone else.

As soon as I got home, my mother ran over and grabbed me by the hair.

“Where have you been? Why are you so wet and dirty? Blasted child, no dinner for you, go to your room and stay there.”

I did as my mother told me, I went into my room and did not get out until the next day, although I was very hungry and freezing cold.

My grades got worse and worse, and every time dad was informed, he hit me hard. Once he hit me so hard that I could not move my index finger, I never got back the movement in my index finger and all the children laughed at me for it.


Time went by and one day I got a lot of pain in my chest.

Mom and dad did not care I was hurt. In the evening I lay in my bed and I only wanted one thing. I wish I would not hurt more, because I did not want to annoy Mom and Dad. I love them so much, I really do.

The next day at school we were tasked to paint our biggest dream. The other children painted cars, rockets and nice dolls. I did not.

Not because I don’t like those things, but because what I wished for most of all was a loving mom and dad. So I painted a family. One mom, one dad and their son. They played games and everyone was happy. As I painted, I cried silently. I would love to have a mom and dad who loved me.

When it was my turn to showcase my painting for the class, everyone laughed at me.

I stood in front of the class and explained:

“My biggest dream is a family”.

The laughs got louder. I began to cry and said,

“Please don’t laugh at me, this is my biggest dream! You can hit me, you can hate me, but I beg you, please don’t laugh at me.

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I want parents like you have, that hug and laugh with me, who pick me up after school and are happy to see me. I know I’m ugly and weak, I know I have a crooked finger, but please don’t laugh at me.”

The teacher tried to wipe my tears, I think some children understood me, but many continued to laugh.

One day when I got a test back, I immediately saw that I had a bad result. I knew my mother would be very upset.

I was afraid to go home, but I did not know where else I would go. I slowly walked home, but I did not want to arrive. My mother became furious.

She grabbed me and threw me on the floor, I hit my leg hard on a chair.

Then she hit me in my head twice. I just lay there, I could not get up. It really hurt. But mom just left me there on the floor.

When she came back she told me to clean up the mess, otherwise when Dad came home he would really beat me.

I begged Mom not to say anything to him, but when I looked up, I saw that he was already in the doorway.

When Mom told him about the test, he pulled me up from the floor, he shook me and hit my face.


Then I don’t remember anything. I woke up in the hospital. I looked at my hand, I could not touch any of my five fingers. I looked out the window and cried.

Outside, I saw parents playing with their children, throwing balls together and hugging.

Do you know why I cried?

I don’t know how a hug from my mom feels like. My parents just beat me, but I love them anyway. I’ve always done my best, I’ve been good at school, but they do not like me still.

One day I spilled some of my tea, then they hit me again.

Suddenly I got pain in my chest again. I told my mom – but she did not care. After a while, I had to go to the hospital again, no one came and saw me.

The doctor said that mom and dad would probably come the next day, but they did not. I waited and waited, but nobody came. I love my parents anyway.


Two days later, Ivan died of his injuries. In his hand the doctors found a letter that he had not written clearly.

“Dear mom and dad, I’m terrified because I’m ugly, disgusting and stupid. I’m sorry because you can not love me.

I never wanted to annoy you. All I wanted was to get a hug and hug from mom, and hear that you loved me once. Dad I just wanted you to play with me, hold my hand for a walk or sing for me.

I know I’m a shame for you. I will never be those things.

Then Ivan’s little heart stopped.

This story was originally written in Russian. I’m not sure if it’s been true, but I think that matters little. It’s incredibly important anyway!

All children are entitled to be loved. Still child abuse happens every second, every minute, every hour and every day. In all countries, all cities and all schools.

A child’s home should be free from violence and a safe place. Children need love, tenderness and closeness, and a hug can sometimes be worth a lot more than you could ever imagine.

Please share this story with all your friends on Facebook to remind everyone that no child should ever feel hurt or unloved.

Obinna Onyia

  • Kashonna

    2018-10-14 #1 Author

    Such a horrific story


  • Justina Twitty

    2018-10-14 #6 Author

    This is just so sad, prayers for the family.


    • Kayykay

      2018-10-18 #7 Author

      This so sad brought tears to my eyes 😭


  • Tk

    2018-10-14 #8 Author

    This is so sad. No one deserves this 😭


    • Blu

      2018-10-19 #9 Author

      This is just So sad 😞


  • latisha henderson

    2018-10-14 #10 Author

    my prayers are with his loved ones


  • Sway

    2018-10-14 #11 Author

    Omg may he rest in peace now


  • Tinaya williams

    2018-10-15 #13 Author

    Prayers this is so sad man 😩


  • Sierra Goldstein

    2018-10-15 #14 Author

    Oh my 😞 this breaks my heart. nobody deserves this. ! may he rest in paradise


  • Keyana

    2018-10-15 #15 Author

    Oh my heart. Parents that get to have children should realize how blessed they are to have precious angels and treat them to the world. Harsh words and always raising your hands at them is not raising a child the right way. I feel for this baby boy and all the boys and girls that have parents like this praying so hard.


  • Davia Brown

    2018-10-15 #16 Author

    This is so sad😩😭😭


  • Drea

    2018-10-15 #17 Author

    You never know what a child or anyone is going thru be kind always


  • katasha

    2018-10-15 #18 Author

    this is so sad 😭💔


  • Shynesha Stewart

    2018-10-16 #19 Author

    Omg So Sad Prayers 🙏🏾


  • Shykel

    2018-10-16 #20 Author

    Sad kid 😔 nobody deserves to feel like he did I would never treat my kid like this .


  • Mshelle

    2018-10-16 #21 Author

    That was definitely hard to read because so many children get treated this way and the system allows things to go on to long and bad things like this happen.:( definitely making sure i hug my babies tighter tonight and tell them I love you!!


  • Kc

    2018-10-16 #22 Author

    So sad 😞 rest in paradise 😭😭


  • Deedee

    2018-10-16 #23 Author

    This touched my heart


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    2018-10-16 #24 Author

    WOW! That’s sad 😢


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    2018-10-16 #25 Author

    Omg 😭😭 Rest In Peace 💔


  • Shekeria

    2018-10-16 #26 Author

    This story is deep. False or not it may be kids in the world experiencing this. Really brought tears to my eyes


  • Shanika

    2018-10-16 #27 Author

    This Is A Very Sad Story.. Praying For The Family


  • Staphany

    2018-10-16 #28 Author

    Sadly so many kids are feeling this way now In days 🙁


  • Mercedes

    2018-10-16 #29 Author

    People like this don’t deserve kids , this touched my heart


  • armani

    2018-10-16 #30 Author

    please appreciate and love and take care of your children .. some people cant even bring children into this world


  • Brendaliz

    2018-10-16 #31 Author

    So sad may he Rest In Peace deff touched my Heart ❤️


  • Ke’shawn Robinson

    2018-10-16 #32 Author

    Wow. So sad prayers for this family no child deserves this kind of treatment.


  • Kendra Lynn

    2018-10-16 #33 Author

    My goodness 😢 kids do not deserve this! So sad!


  • Makaya young

    2018-10-16 #34 Author

    This is so sad😪


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    2018-10-16 #35 Author

    This is so sad touched my heart tremendously no one deserves to be treated like that.


  • Bessie Armstrong

    2018-10-16 #36 Author

    This was a very sad and heartbreaking story


  • Philicia Joe

    2018-10-16 #37 Author

    Wow !! 😩😩❤️ This Is Amazing Like Really


  • Cindy Fuentes

    2018-10-17 #38 Author

    This is so heartbreaking 😢😢😢


  • Brenda

    2018-10-17 #39 Author

    This story is amazing 😓 had me crying.
    No one deserves this.


  • Jasmine Lane

    2018-10-17 #40 Author

    This is just so heart breaking 💔😫


  • Kyla Nyre

    2018-10-17 #41 Author

    It’s so sad that this happened to him every child deserves loving parents but not all parents deserve a child poor Lil boy


  • Guartico, Joelle Jane

    2018-10-17 #42 Author

    I felt so sad for the parents, they waste Ivan’s life, actually they are so lucky to have a son like Ivan, but they threw like a garbage.


  • Tiara

    2018-10-17 #43 Author

    This is so sad . I pray for the family .


  • Vacynthia

    2018-10-17 #44 Author

    So sad 😭 no one should have to feel this way but it’s an amazing story


  • Desha Pittman

    2018-10-17 #45 Author

    Wowwww this is very sad, some people don’t deserve the title “Parent” .


  • Nadia valentine

    2018-10-17 #46 Author

    Wow this is so sad. Prayers to the family


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    2018-10-17 #47 Author

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    2018-10-17 #48 Author

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  • Latijera tittle

    2018-10-17 #53 Author

    How sad 😞 whats wrong with people in this world niw days !!


  • Sheebra Moore

    2018-10-17 #54 Author

    I could never understand how someone could ever bring themselves to harm a child to this extent. It seriously breaks my heart 😩💔


  • Jay

    2018-10-17 #55 Author

    This Is So Sad 😭


  • Paige

    2018-10-17 #56 Author

    This is heart breaking no child deserves this . 😭😭


  • Cece

    2018-10-17 #57 Author

    Just sad rip lil man


  • Chaquavia bellamy

    2018-10-17 #58 Author

    This is sad . This is Proof that everyone don’t deserve kids .


  • Bresha Fowler

    2018-10-18 #59 Author

    Omg this breaks my heart


  • Anna

    2018-10-19 #60 Author

    Breaks my heart


  • Samm

    2018-10-19 #61 Author

    People are so heartless in this world it’s sad ..


  • Teresa Triplett

    2018-10-19 #62 Author

    What a tragic story. If people don’t learn to value our children today, how do they expect for people to exist in the future. Heartbreaking


  • Dayana

    2018-10-19 #63 Author

    All he wanted was his parents to love him as hard as he loved them , so sad some people dont really appreciate their kids . No one deserve to feel useless .


  • Takiya

    2018-10-19 #64 Author

    This really made me cry I can’t belivev this parents need to do their job an if they can’t their are multiple resources the child this was really 😞😫😢


  • Andrea Hardrick

    2018-10-19 #65 Author

    To read this very sicken. Like why do you people have children just to beat them and kill them? If you feel like parenting is too much give the baby to someone who cant have kids. Also why didnt the teacher check on thw child if she knew about the injuries.


  • India longmire

    2018-10-19 #66 Author

    Nooooo omfg so sad 😞


  • Mariyha Pendergrass

    2018-10-19 #67 Author

    The Main key to a child’s life is making sure that they can come to you about any and everything! Yes being a mom is a first but to always be their best friend is a very important piece as well. May this little boy rest in heaven ❤️


  • Sona

    2018-10-19 #68 Author

    So Heartbreaking 😭💔


  • Cheyenne

    2018-10-19 #69 Author

    This is soooo sad!!


  • Indonesia

    2018-10-19 #70 Author

    I don’t know why people have kids if they’re not going to love them 😞 #HeartBreaking😭


  • Tashay Mcgee

    2018-10-19 #71 Author

    This story might not be true, but I’m sure its alot of children out here that’s begging to be loved by their parents.


  • Paris

    2018-10-19 #72 Author

    This is a really sad story. No child deserves this!


  • Cheyenne brown

    2018-10-19 #73 Author

    So sad 🙁 prayers


  • Sumalee Glasgow

    2018-10-19 #74 Author

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  • Nasha foster

    2018-10-19 #75 Author

    Soo Sad . How Could Someone Do That


  • Nasha foster

    2018-10-19 #76 Author

    Omg How Could Someone Do That ?


  • Vanessa

    2018-10-19 #77 Author

    Rip baby boy🙏🏽🙏🏽


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    2018-10-19 #78 Author

    Its sad people are like this 😟


  • Natasha Robinson

    2018-10-19 #79 Author

    So sad story really touched my 💜


  • Tenn Myers

    2018-10-20 #80 Author

    How could you ever harm a kid 😢 May his soul rest.


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    Brings tears to my eyes 😞


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    😞this is so sad


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  • Brittany sparks

    2018-10-20 #85 Author

    This is so sad and heartbreaking


  • Britt

    2018-10-20 #86 Author

    People like this shouldn’t be able to have children.


  • Kaylee

    2018-10-20 #87 Author

    That’s just Horrible☹️ RIP


  • Brecia

    2018-10-20 #88 Author

    This is just terribly heart breaking!😭 prayers go out to this boy🙏🏼


  • Reyna Anne Gabriel

    2018-10-21 #89 Author

    Regardless if this is true or not.. it’s heartbreaking to read such story.


  • Reyna Anne

    2018-10-21 #90 Author

    Regardless if this is true or not.. it’s heartbreaking to read such stories. 😢😭


  • Kristyn

    2018-10-21 #91 Author

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  • destiny smith

    2018-10-21 #92 Author

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  • saphire galloway

    2018-10-21 #94 Author

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    2018-10-21 #98 Author

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    2018-10-22 #99 Author

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  • Jasmyne leonard

    2018-10-22 #100 Author

    This is so sad. Everyone doesn’t deserve kids.


  • Jasmyne leonard

    2018-10-22 #101 Author

    Omg. Lord continue to keep my kids out of harms way.


  • Tiesha

    2018-10-22 #102 Author

    OMG this is so sad smh. R.I.P baby boy no one deserves 2 get killed especially not a kid..


  • Savannah

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    2018-10-22 #104 Author

    Ridiculous. What is this world coming to?


  • Wanya Owens

    2018-10-22 #105 Author

    Wow!! Kids are not for everyone!


  • Alasha

    2018-10-22 #106 Author

    Wow, that is so wrong, I don’t believe any parent should treat their kids bad let along not sit and have talks with them about how they are really feeling on the inside. So sad, rip baby boy🙏🏽


  • Crista Mrtinez

    2018-10-23 #107 Author

    This is so sad 😭


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    2018-10-23 #108 Author

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    2018-10-25 #109 Author

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    2018-10-27 #111 Author

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    Omg this is so sad. He didn’t deserve to be treated like that he didn’t ask to be here😢


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