‘I lost my whole world,’ mother says at funeral of 4 kids killed in S.C. crash ‘I lost my whole world,’ mother says at funeral of 4 kids killed in S.C. crash
Hearts were heavy Wednesday when at least 100 people filled St. John’s Baptist Church on Bramhall Avenue for the funeral of four siblings killed in... ‘I lost my whole world,’ mother says at funeral of 4 kids killed in S.C. crash

Hearts were heavy Wednesday when at least 100 people filled St. John’s Baptist Church on Bramhall Avenue for the funeral of four siblings killed in a South Carolina car crash this month.

Mourners passed tissues to one another as they listened to words of faith, comfort and hope. Loved ones leaned on each other as they tightly gripped hands. Moments of silence were filled with uncontrollable sobs and sniffles.

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“I lost my whole world,” Jackie Brown, the mother of the four children, told The Jersey Journal after the funeral. “But I’ve got to be strong because they made me who I am today.”

Brown, formerly of Jersey City, moved to South Carolina several years ago and was raising her four children there. Their names were Arnez Yaron Jamison Jr., 4, Robbiana Evans, 6, Jamire Halley, 8, and Ar’mani Jamison, 2

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During the emotional ceremony, the grieving mother leaned over her four children and kissed them.

“It’s like my heart was ripped out of my chest,” Brown said.

Many broke down in tears during Wednesday’s service as they viewed the children’s bodies in white caskets, which were decorated with the children’s nicknames and favorite cartoon characters, the Minions. Each casket was highlighted with its own set of Minion-shaped balloons.

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“Nobody knows the pain of losing four kids like that,” said Dena Allen, Brown’s aunt. “There are no words … it’s indescribable,” adding that the tragedy shows tomorrow is not guaranteed to anybody.

In the aftermath of the Dec. 7 crash, authorities arrested Arnez Yaron Jamison — the 27-year-old father of two of the children — and charged him with four counts of felony DUI resulting in death and other offenses, according to The Greenville News. Authorities allege Jamison was behind the wheel of the car when it crashed in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

The religious service offered faithful words of comfort to those who gathered to mourn the children.

“You can’t have a real Christmas without Christ. So they went home,” pastor Roderick Allen said.

But for Brown, the prospect of her first Christmas without her four “angels” now looms.

“It’s hard to cope when you lost everything you have,” she said. “It’s never going to be the same without them.

“But I’m trying to stay so focused and positive for them.”

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    No words can express my sadness for this mother RIP little angels


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    This is so sad to hear


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    I know it feels to lose a loved one I lost my grandma this past week


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    May the lord comfort the mother its really sad rest in peace angels.


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    Condolence to Mrs. Allen, I can’t even imagine what you going through. But I think it’s just sad that a parent have to go through this. God have them and they’re in good hands. Be strong Mrs. Allen until you meet your kids again. Sending love and prayers to you and your family.


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    Such a sad thing that happened to her family 💔 it just breaks my heart wishing her a marry Christmas and sending her many many prayers


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    Beautiful family


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    Wow prayers to her and her family!!! I couldn’t imagine. Rest up babies


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    This so sad. I cant think or even dream of how this mom is feeling and to lost not 1 2 3 but 4 of her precious babies. I pray for her strength and healing during this time.


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    Sorry for your lost praying for you


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    Life is so crazy I hope the kids are okay.


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