Parents of 1-year-old girl Batya trolled online because of her appearance Parents of 1-year-old girl Batya trolled online because of her appearance
1-year-old Batya was born with a spinal cord hernia and two rare syndromes: Pfeiffer’s syndrome and Antley-Bixler’s syndrome. Mid-way through the pregnancy, doctors weren’t... Parents of 1-year-old girl Batya trolled online because of her appearance

1-year-old Batya was born with a spinal cord hernia and two rare syndromes: Pfeiffer’s syndrome and Antley-Bixler’s syndrome.

Mid-way through the pregnancy, doctors weren’t sure Batya would survive being born and so advised her parents to abort, but the little girl resolved to defy all odds.

Only, her distinct appearance has meant her family has been forced to endure death threats and hateful comments, with her parents taking the brunt of the opposition.

“They have said that we should have killed her,” says dad Naffi Goldman, as per English newspaper the Daily Mail.

Batya suffers from two rare syndromes in Pfieffer’s syndrome and Antley-Bixler syndrome. On top of those, she’s also blind, deaf and needs help to breathe.

Her parents, who live in Manchester, UK, are now talking openly about the hatred they’re faced with as a result of not terminating Batya while she was in the womb.


In the beginning, medical professionals weren’t convinced Batya was going to survive. When she was born, she suffered from lack of oxygen at birth, but managed to pull through and survived.

“She had an enlarged head and her eyes were bulging. I could see straight away that her spine wasn’t straight. She was frightening to look at,” Naffi said, as per the Daily Mail.

“It was scary for us. We knew straight away that the future was going to be very, very hard for us.”

Nevertheless, the love the parents had for their daughter was overwhelming. What the couple weren’t prepared for, however, was the backlash they would encounter. Mom Racheli found that out when she shared pictures of her daughter on Facebook and was the subject of verbal abuse. The family have also received death threats.

One comment on Racheli’s photo of her baby read: “Do you think keeping this creature alive is the right thing to do?”

Both Naffi and Racheli have been left dumbstruck by the harshness of the opposition they’ve faced – they simply can’t fathom why there’s so much hatred.

“People said ‘why bring a creature into this world, you should have killed her’. It broke our hearts,” Naffi explained.


Of course, we should never be prepared to accept such hatred.

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Obinna Onyia

  • RyanJr

    2019-01-04 #1 Author

    Poor baby and family. Forget the trolls! She’s beautiful and doesn’t need the negativity!


  • Donesha

    2019-01-05 #2 Author

    Babies are blessings ! Some people are just SAD to target innocent kids !!


  • Carol kerr

    2019-01-05 #3 Author

    I’m not sure is she suffering are you keeping her alive for you is she able to know thing does she recognise you can she smile is she happy i am just so sad for her and her parents if they love her it’s nobodys business God bless good luck


    • Franc

      2019-01-07 #4 Author

      I think people today are very rude. They know nothing. I hold the utmost respect for the parents and against all odds the baby lived. Courageous and highly commendable for the task they are undertaking . My prayers and blessings go out to the parents. Hold your heads high.


  • Latondria

    2019-01-05 #5 Author

    The World Is So Cruel But Ill Love My Baby No Matter What Condition She Is In .


  • Keshaundra

    2019-01-05 #6 Author

    She’s still beautiful nomatter what the negative people have to say


  • Freddi Rivera

    2019-01-05 #7 Author

    They are now parents of this little girl.. Thanks Carol Kerr and you’re right it is nobody’s business but the baby’’s parents because it they that have to care for her and people should stay out of it and don’t pass judgment. And Rachel God bless you and your girl!


  • Deb

    2019-01-06 #8 Author

    May God be with you. Your little girl has been placed with you to teach you about unconditional love. May you love and give her what she needs. May she being you joy and happiness.
    I once aborted a baby from having German measles. I know God has forgiven me. I was very young. Since then, I have always been a caregiver for so many in need. Bless you all.


  • Auziauna

    2019-01-06 #9 Author

    😢 sad !!


  • Shebra

    2019-01-07 #10 Author

    I don’t care what conditions a baby is in I still think they are the most adorable, precious things ever . An to even think something negative about a baby is just wrong . She still Beautiful to me , an I pray for her an her family ❤️


  • AJnea Jackson

    2019-01-07 #11 Author

    That baby’s beautiful no matter what I wish people would go through life not judging or pointing because andother person place or thing looks different we’re all different in our own way and she a very beautiful baby girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Josalyn

    2019-01-07 #12 Author

    Prayers For Your Baby Girl 🙏🏾


  • Anna nicole

    2019-01-07 #13 Author

    That’s so sad. She’s beautiful inside and out.❤️


  • Jeremy

    2019-01-07 #14 Author

    Prayers for this baby and her family. She can’t help the way God put her together and he definitely doesn’t make any mistakes.


  • Terra

    2019-01-07 #15 Author

    Some people are just beyond cruel 😭


  • Amber

    2019-01-07 #16 Author

    Wow you both are beautiful your such a strong mother stay blessed ❤️


  • Teaja Thompson

    2019-01-07 #17 Author

    Aww god bless your beautiful baby’s heart y’all are in my prayers 😔🙇🏼‍♀️


  • Morgan

    2019-01-08 #18 Author

    Absolutely terrible. This baby is beautiful. The world is so cruel today.


  • Regina Bercilla

    2019-01-08 #19 Author

    Be brave little one 😘❤


  • Chasity Gaines

    2019-01-08 #20 Author

    Just Beautiful ❣️ God’s work🙏


  • Cheryl

    2019-01-09 #21 Author

    She such a little beauty all children are beautiful and some people just rude and heartless it’s a blessing to have children 😘


  • Diavian Burrows

    2019-01-09 #22 Author

    Pray for healing 😭❤️ So beautiful


  • jhoana jusayan

    2019-01-09 #23 Author

    Gift from God, be happy and be strong always.
    God is good all the time 😇


  • Tia

    2019-01-09 #24 Author

    Omg prayers for her! 🙏🏾🙌🏾😢😘


  • Laa’Shay

    2019-01-09 #25 Author

    Babies are beautiful inside out, there’s know way that mother knew her child was going to come out the way that she is. But for people to troll and say such awful words to someone so innocent is sickening. She’s beautiful day and night and prayers to her family


  • Dolli

    2019-01-13 #26 Author

    Just have to ask. Have you ever heard of Helen Keller? Look her up, people. I’m sure that these two parents made the choice they believed right at the time, and honestly I admit I would have made the same choice, even if it would appear wrong to others. I truly believe that God does not make mistakes, and that He blesses those who bless others. The smiles of both mom and dad are sincere and loving and they have blessed this sweet baby with love and care and protection from the cruel world. Keep on loving your baby and may you all continue to be beautifully blessed.


  • Syed umer ahmed

    2019-01-17 #27 Author

    Happy birthday batya


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