Unbelieveable – Girl found In Indian Forest Living With Monkeys

The fictional story of Mowgli from”The Jungle Book” appears to no longer be a fiction as a girl believed to be aged 10 to 12 was found living with the monkey’s deep inside the Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, one of India’s most famous tiger reserves and also home to other Jungle Book…

A True Hero – Mum Who Drowned With Her Child In Her Arms

The story erupts from the aftermath of the natural disaster that hit Tweed Heads a City in new south wales, Australia Where  the NSW Police has recovered the body of Stephanie King, 43, who died trying to save her two children, seven-year-old son Jacob Kabealo and her 11-year-old daughter Ella-Jane Kabealo,…

25 Ways To Help Promote Healthy Early Development In Your New Baby

Hundreds of trillions of synapses are formed in the first three years of your child’s life – whether that’s his reactions to and processing of your cold, wet glass of water, or the feeling of bright sunshine in his face, or the joy he experiences when he hears your voice…

Little girl’s puppy taken by thieves—after learning pup’s big secret, they promptly return it
A 4-year-old girl was heartbroken when her beloved puppy went missing after their home was burglarized, and the family appealed again and again through the media to have their little dog returned. Three days later, to their surprise, they saw something moving around outside in their backyard. Read more
Grandma dangerously ‘dozes off’ at the wheel—but her 6-year-old grandchild knew what to do
This Florida grandmother seemed fine when she decided to take her grandchildren out for a meal. But not long after they left, the grandchildren noticed the car began to swerve oddly, and they looked over to see their grandmother “dozing off” behind the wheel. They knew they were in... Read more
‘My daughter, 5, grew breasts at two and started period aged four – now she’s being forced to go through menopause
Emily Dover also developed strong body odour and acne before she turned five – her mum says: “She hasn’t even had a chance to be a little girl” Read more
Michele’s Lost to Ovarian Cancer
Michele Stevenson lost her long battle to Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer December 12, 2017.. This was very devastating for me and our only child Cory and everyone else who knew and loved her. Read more
7 men kidnap girl for forced marriage—but when cops track her, they find 3 lions at her guard
A 12-year-old Ethiopian girl who was kidnapped by a group of men allegedly forcing her into marriage was saved by three lions, according to a police officer who witnessed the scene. Read more
Tyrese leaves a message for his critics
American actor and singer Tyrese Gibson is still not over the excitement that came with winning a lawsuit against him by his ex-wife. According to him, he lived  with 10 years of false claims and had his career and opportunities tied to my image and Brand, literally go away because of... Read more
Remember the 6-year old left to die after he got ran over by terrorist truck? He’s back from surgery and looks amazing!!
The six-year old Boko Haram victim, Ali Ahmadu, who underwent a successful spinal surgery in Dubai, returned to the country through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Monday. Read more
8-yr-old girl was sexually abused by priest then had her arm broken by nun who found out about it
A girl of eight was sexually abused by a priest – then had her arm broken by a nun who found out about it, an inquiry heard yesterday. Read more
Video of Mother Clearing Out Her Toddlers Snuffy Nose Goes viral
‘I don’t care how disgusting this is, that baby is cuteness overload!’ Read more
The identity of the mystery guy Malia Obama was kissing at Harvard has been uncovered (photos)
Few days ago, we reported that Former President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia Obama was pictured kissing a mystery guy and also smoking cigarette at her first Harvard-Yale football game. Read more

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