Unbelieveable – Girl found In Indian Forest Living With Monkeys

The fictional story of Mowgli from”The Jungle Book” appears to no longer be a fiction as a girl believed to be aged 10 to 12 was found living with the monkey’s deep inside the Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, one of India’s most famous tiger reserves and also home to other Jungle Book…

A True Hero – Mum Who Drowned With Her Child In Her Arms

The story erupts from the aftermath of the natural disaster that hit Tweed Heads a City in new south wales, Australia Where  the NSW Police has recovered the body of Stephanie King, 43, who died trying to save her two children, seven-year-old son Jacob Kabealo and her 11-year-old daughter Ella-Jane Kabealo,…

25 Ways To Help Promote Healthy Early Development In Your New Baby

Hundreds of trillions of synapses are formed in the first three years of your child’s life – whether that’s his reactions to and processing of your cold, wet glass of water, or the feeling of bright sunshine in his face, or the joy he experiences when he hears your voice…

Meet the 14-year-old running for Governor in the US
14-year-old Ethan Sonneborn who isn’t old enough to vote, let alone drive, is running for governor’s seat in Vermont, US. Read more
Clear Photos of Beyonce’s twin’s faces emerges! They are so big and cute!!
It’s been over a year – yes, a whole year – since giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter, but Beyoncé has finally shared pictures of her adorable pair. All hail, Queen B! Yesterday afternoon, the 36-year-old shared a photo of herself holding her 13-month-old twins in her lap... Read more
The Shocking Story Of A Young Woman Who Lost An Eye After She Was Shot 5 Times By Her Drunken Brother
This is the testimony of a young pretty woman who has successfully drawn strength from within, to face the challenge life has thrown her way. Read more
Man kidnapped 8-year-old girl while parents were on vacation before raping and killing her
A man raped and killed a young girl before dumping her body in a trash can, according to police in Pakistan. Read more
Boys Crying Because They are Being Seperated
A video has emerged of two boys crying because they are going to be separated. The video was posted by the their dad with Facebook name Gerrin Kimbro and didn’t state clearly the reason why they are being separated. However we tried to contact the dad to know why... Read more
‘A Little Girl’s Last Wish For Her Daddy’
Terminally ill father ‘gives away’ daughter in mock wedding ceremony Read more
Why Baby Leena Paj-dia-sias Lo is Actively Dying
Leena Paj-dia-sias Lo was recently sent home on hospice care. Hospice nurses told her parents that she is actively dying. But her parents are never able to prepare themselves for what is about to happen. They will never be able to let her go. They don’t want to be... Read more
Baby Carters Story
“You see this boy, he is rare. To you he may seem normal & carefree, but he has a story. Everyday, Carter wakes up happy & I thank God for protecting him through the night. We are part of a club (one that I wish we could escape) but... Read more
3 year old baby Darina has no lips or chin and her mother says most of her family have disowned the child because they are ashamed of her because of her disfigured appearance. Darina has no lips or chin, but her mother Elena Shpengler says most of her family... Read more
A 26-year old pregnant woman was strangled by her 37-year old husband. Umesh. The husband of the deceased, after strangling his wife to death, later tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrist in front of his two year old daughter. The couple got married five years ago and... Read more

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