‘The Mermaid Girl’ Survived And You Have To See How She Looks Like Now
According to the Cuban Encyclopedia ECURED, Sirenomelia “or Mermaid Syndrome is a deadly congenital deformation in which the lower limbs are completely fused by muscle or bone tissue. 98% of babies who suffer this deformity don’t live longer than seven days.” This type of disease attacks other systems such... Read more
Photo of little boy taking care of his mom goes viral
This picture is so precious, but it is the attention that it has received online that has surprised me. China Global TV Network shared a photo on their Facebook page showing one adorable little boy taking care of his mother while she has some quick, much-needed shuteye on a train... Read more
Girl Told Her Mom She Had A Stuffy Nose. Then Doctors Said She Won’t Make It
One morning 11-year girl named Sage began to act strange while getting ready for school. She told her mother that she had a stuffy nose, so her parents decided to take the girl to the doctor just to be safe. Suddenly Sage started to have trouble breathing. The girl... Read more
42-Year-Old Mother Fainted When She Saw Her Newborn Daughter. When She Revived, She Made This Shocking Decision…
Elena and Yuriy Spengler, a married couple from Krasnodar, Russia, already had two biological children and an adopted son, so they weren’t planning to have another baby. However, when Elena was 42 years old, she found out she was pregnant again. Although the financial situation wasn’t very good and... Read more
For anyone, having a limb amputated is devastating. And it’s not only heartbreaking for the person having the amputation, it is also hard on the family as well. Baby Sol was born in March of 2015. Everything seemed to be well for the baby boy. Then, at just 10... Read more
Serena Williams Playing Tennis In Her 3rd Trimester Is A Sight To Behold
Seven months into her pregnancy, Serena Williams’ backhand is still on fire. The tennis champ — who won the Australian Open in January returned to the top of the WTA rankings the week after news of her pregnancy broke in April — may be sitting out the year professionally.... Read more
This 9-Year-Old Sees His Mom Grab Her Chest-Then He Gives Her An Advice That Saved Her Life
As a rule, we don’t take advice from our children, as they seem childish and not serious. Though, sometimes it can save our life the way a boy saved this woman. Her name is Kimberly Smith, and she is a full-time mother. When she started having some chest pains,... Read more
London Fire Outbreak: How a Mother Threw Her Baby Down Nine Floors to Save Him From Death
According to a BBC report, a frantic mum threw her baby from a ninth floor window to save him from dying in the overnight inferno that engulfed their 24-storey residence. Read more
Parents Decided To Separate Their Conjoined Twins. After The Operation Was Over They Couldn’t Say A Word
The conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon. Doctors still cannot give a simple explanation why it happens. Sometimes the operation isn’t possible, and conjoined twins stay together forever. In some cases, the operation is less dangerous, and twins can enjoy the full life separately. Misty and Curtis Oglesby had... Read more
Amazing! Watch this pregnant pole-dancing mom defy gravity
Austrian model Sandy Poguter has been pole-dancing for fitness for years, so when she discovered she was pregnant she saw no reason to put the hobby on hold. Instead, the now mom-of-two continued her jaw-dropping workouts throughout the 40 weeks of her pregnancy, sharing photos with her Instagram followers... Read more

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