Little Boy Born To Drug Addict Parents And Neglected, Totally Transformed By A Loving Family Who Adopted Him (photos)
Blaine Hamilton‏ took to her twitter handle to @Valerie_Blaine to share heartbreaking before and amazing after photo of her little brother, Coleman.  According to her, he was born to parents who are drug addicts and they neglected him completely. At 2 months old, he had dangerously lost so much weight. Her family then... Read more
Mom transforms six babies into tiny Disney princesses for one-of-a-kind photo shoot
Photographer and mom of three Karen Marie is now a real-life Fairy Godmother after she transformed six adorable babies into tiny Disney princesses earlier this month. “The amazing tales of love and heroism in Disney movies have always been an inspiration to me,” Marie tells Babble of her motivation... Read more
Baby who was the size of a tennis ball at birth wins her amazing battle for life
For two months, medics had been telling Hannah Wicks that her baby daughter would not survive. Poppy, born at 25 weeks on March 9, weighing 12.7oz, was so small that with her arms and legs curled up she looked like a 7cm tennis ball. Thinking she had little choice... Read more
First child with double hand transplant declared success as he is able to write, eat and drink independently
A US boy who made history as the world’s first child to have a double hand transplant is now swinging a baseball bat well, his doctors say. It is two years since Zion Harvey, who is now 10, was given new hands, and his doctors say they are amazed... Read more
Beyoncé and Jay-Z shares first picture of their twins Sir Carter and Rumi in a stunning photoshoot
Photo shows singer with Sir Carter and Rumi, who are one month old, in homage to pregnancy announcement picture Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has released the first image of her twins on Instagram, and has confirmed rumours of their names: Sir Carter and Rumi: The accompanying photograph is a homage to her pregnancy... Read more
Do You Know What That Sticky Thing Your Baby Is Covered In When They’re Born Is?
The big moment is here. You’ve given birth to a healthy baby boy or girl, but your baby doesn’t look anything like the smooth-skinned newborns in all the movies you’ve seen. What is your baby covered in when they’re born? Other than traces of blood and amniotic fluid, that... Read more
Selfless Old Man Takes Care Of More Than 80 Dying Children & Inspires The Whole World
Seeing their children dying is the most painful thing for every parent. Unfortunately, there are some heartless parents out there who have the guts to abandon their terminally ill kids and left them to die alone. Good thing, there are people who have big hearts and are always willing... Read more
Couple Rushes To The Hospital After Receiving A Call From An Adoption Attorney. But What They Said After Seeing The Baby Will Make You Sobbing!
Josh and Allison met in college, they fell in love and got married. They both were dreaming about having a big family. At first, they planned it would be so great to have around two babies. But, life had other plans…   Allison gave birth to three children: Abby,... Read more
Emotional farewell between 9-year-old friends goes viral 
A Louisiana high school student took three photographs of an emotional moment between her 9-year-old sister and her “boyfriend” as they embraced for the last time after a dance recital, WABC reported. The  high school student tweeted all three photos on Monday night and the heart-tugging images have gone viral. The... Read more
Nurses hold adorable graduation ceremonies for premature babies leaving NICU and the pictures are adorable
A North Carolina hospital has captured adorable ‘graduation’ photos of premature babies leaving its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Each tiny baby receives a personalised graduation hat when they are healthy and strong enough to leave the unit, which feature the wonderful message: “X days behind me, a whole lifetime... Read more

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