Photo of exhausted firefighters resurfaces as California continues battle against wildfires
As of Monday evening (last night), the most recent spate of California wildfires have claimed the lives of 42 individuals and left thousands homeless and without livelihoods. Read more
5-year-old boy apologies to mom, just hours later he’s dead
Everyone has some kind of connection to cancer. Most of us have been touched by it in some way either through a loved one, friend or has had a scare themselves. Read more
Mom sells dead son’s crib at garage sale: Days later, buyer returns and asks her to look in trunk of his car
Getting pregnant and knowing that a tiny life is growing in your belly is an incredible feeling — one that only those experiencing it can truly understand. Read more
Mom shares inspiring video of tot with spina bifida learning to walk
When 2-year-old Roman Dinkel‘s parents went in for mom Whitney’s 20-week ultrasound during her pregnancy, the couple had expected nothing more than an update on their son’s growth and measurements. Read more
11-month-old twins keep making each other laugh, but keep your eye on baby in blue
Give people a genuine laugh and you’ve put them at ease and made a quick connection. Read more
Young mom with virtually no muscles told by doctors she can’t have baby – gets pregnant with miracle child
Anyone who has children will know that things are rarely a walk in the park. Read more
Doctors gave “World’s Tiniest Girl” a death sentence – but she keeps proving them wrong
As an expecting mother, there can be nothing worse than learning there’s something wrong with your unborn child. Read more
Mom looks at newborn baby’s face and instantly knows it’s not hers – takes DNA test to prove it
Rich Cushworth and Mercy Casanalles fell deeply in love when they met at Christ for the Nations missionary school in Dallas. Read more
Mother who did nothing as her boyfriend violently abused her baby is jailed for 8 years
A mother and her boyfriend who violently abused a baby boy have been jailed over his death, police said. Katherine Cox and Danny Shepherd were convicted of causing or allowing the death of four-month-old Eli Cox, after he succumbed to a catastrophic brain injury in April 2016. Read more
Researchers confirm: Babysitting your grandchildren makes you live longer
“Grandkids are god’s gift for not killing your children,” this old saying is not meant to be taken seriously. However, we can agree that it’s an amazing experience to be a grandparent. Read more

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