This 10-month-old baby weighs the same as a nine-year-old
A 10-month-old baby in Mexico has a rare genetic condition which means he already weighs the same as an average nine-year-old. Luis Manuel, who was born earlier this year at a healthy and normal weight of 7lbs 11oz, now weighs 4st 10lbs – whilst the average baby boy in... Read more
Doctors were forced to amputate her limbs, now this little girl is taking her first steps
Every parent becomes overjoyed when their child takes their first step, and for Freya Hall it was no different. However, she had an even bigger reason to be excited—her daughter lost all her limbs to meningitis two years ago. When Hall’s daughter Harmonie-Rose Allen was only 11 months old she... Read more
Ohio couple receives worst news after IVF—9 months later, they’re forced to give the child away
One Ohio couple turned to in vitro fertilization to help solve their conception woes. However, the couple’s world came crashing down after one phone call from their doctor. Read more
Mom who was shot in the face confronts and forgives her assailant years later
17-year-old Shawna Hunter-Flint was working at a grocery store in January 1992, when two teenage girls rushed into the supermarket. Shawna had no idea what was going on, nor did she have any idea that her life was about to change forever. This woman, as a teen, attacked Shawna at... Read more
Mom gives birth to ‘rare’ twins—then, doctor says this never happened in his 35-year career
Thousands of people around the world get together on New Year’s Eve to count down and welcome in the new year. Major cities usually have fireworks displays for people to watch and enjoy. For some people, it can be spent working, like police officers or hospital staff. Read more
Mom goes into labor for 40 hrs—she’s surprised when doctors tell to push again after delivery
This woman planned to give birth at home, but her waters broke early in the 36th week. She went to the hospital, and then went into labor for 40 hours. Just when she thought it was over, the doctors told her to keep on pushing. Read more
7 things you must not do after a breakup
Heartbreaks are never good to anyone. But of course, these things happen even to the best people. Read more
Mom Panics After Seeing Newborn’s Body Is 80% Covered In Dark Moles – Then She Hears The Diagnosis
When Dylan Little was born with moles covering 80 percent of his tiny body, his parents Kara and Nikki panicked. On top of a massive dark mark covering Dylan’s entire back, life-threatening birthmarks also covered his legs and arms. Dylan Little Was Born With A Rare Condition Called Giant... Read more
Teen boy born without a jaw can’t speak—but now he’s making vibes in the music industry
Isaiah Acosta is a 17-year-old high school student from Phoenix, Arizona. He attends Apollo High School, where his passions include rap, music, and poetry—something he hopes to use to get into a music career in the future. “I connect with rap—I enjoy the energy of it,” he said, corresponding... Read more
660-pound 24-Year-Old Woman Loses 267 lbs and Reveals Her Unbelievable Transformation
More than 30,000 lives are being lost each year because of weight-related diseases. Health experts are warning people to get more exercise and eat healthier food to avoid getting obese. As we gain weight, chances of dying from weight-related diseases increases. Amber Rachdi from Oregon, USA has always been... Read more

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