7-Year-old cancer survivor’s first and last day of school photo go viral
Many parents and teachers take pictures of children on their first and last day of school. But one Kansas City 7-year-old’s photo got more than 150,000 “upvotes” on Reddit, turning Sophi Eber into an Internet celebrity. “It feels amazing I’ve always wanted to do this ever since I was... Read more
Amazing photos capture 12-year-old girl delivering baby brother in what she calls “the best moment of my life”
An emotional set of photographs have captured the moment a 12-year-old girl helped to deliver her baby brother in what she says was the “best moment of my life”. Jacee Dellapena had started crying in the hospital room when she feared she was too short to see the birth.... Read more
Woman passes hours after birth of son – husband’s touching post sparks compassionate response
The happiest and most tragic events of Jean Luc Montou’s life happened within a 24 hour period. But despite his gain and loss, Montou wants to make sure the memory of his partner, Sarah Bertrand, remains. The couple’s first child was born on May 9 as Julian Charles and... Read more
One Of These Twins Was Almost Choked By These Aggressive Birthmark But Then He Miraculously Recovered
These cute twins Ethan and Ahren were born identical, but several weeks later something strange started to happen. Ethan began developing a large birthmark across his little face, and that aggressive lump nearly choked him! At first, Ethan’s mother and father discovered tiny red spots on the baby’s face,... Read more
By: Ukan Kurugh All things they say, work together unto good for those who believe in God. This may have been applicable to the experience of Mr. & Mrs. Shie Philip as their one year old only child Oryiman Philip who is suffering hydrocephalus has successfully undergone a 3... Read more
Pharrell Willams invites young Leukemia patient to his concert, serenades him with ‘Happy’ on stage (Video)
American rapper and producer, Pharrell Willams made a young boy’s dream come through by inviting him to his concert over the weekend and serenading him on stage with his hit song ‘Happy’. 8-year-old Reef Carneson, who is a huge fan of Pharell suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has... Read more
A Young Teen Is Inspiring the Entire Internet by Conquering Her Biggest Fear
The kids are gonna be alright, especially if they are all like Paris Harvey. After enduring years of bullying simply because of the way she looks, this 13-year-old queen stuck it to haters by rising above. Harvey lives with a metabolic condition that causes her to rapidly gain weight;... Read more
baby born without nose dies at 2-years-old
2-year-old Alabama boy, battling a rare medical condition, passed away over the weekend. Eli Thompson was a source of inspiration to thousands of people, including his family, as he struggled to survive without a nose. Eli Thompson died Saturday night at a medical center in Mobile, his father Jeremy... Read more
3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing
Most older siblings are protective of their younger brothers and sisters, but one Texas toddler is being hailed a hero for what she did for her two-week-old baby brother. After the birth of her baby brother, three-year-old Joze-lynn Kern quickly took to the role of being the big sister and... Read more
Most popular baby names chosen last year revealed , Jack and Emily top charts
James was the most popular name for newborn boys last year, with Emily the most common name chosen for new baby girls. Read more

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