Pregnant Doctor takes break from giving birth to deliver another woman’s baby
A doctor in Kentucky and her patient will always remember their babies’ birthdays. Amanda Hess, an OB/GYN in Frankfort, Kentucky, was in the hospital as she prepared to give birth to her daughter. While she waited, Hess heard another expectant mother who was closer to giving birth. The doctor... Read more
Young British woman leaves everything and moves to Uganda to ADOPT a little boy she once cared for
Life tends to write the best stories. Moreover, what is interesting is that the events that happen during life are usually unexpected; we tend to plan one thing, but life has another plan waiting for us—and in the end, we never know what lies ahead of the corner! A couple... Read more
From army officer to Mrs India 2017 : Single mom, Shalini Singh’s inspirational story about fighting towards success
At the age of 23, she found herself widowed with a 2-year-old son but Shalini Singh decided to change her situation for the better! In 2001 late Major Avinash, Shalini’s husband passed away in a terrorist encounter in Kashmir. Shalini was left to raise their son alone.  She considered... Read more
Meet the world’s BIGGEST and HEAVIEST babies ever born—they sure are a handful!
The heaviest baby on record was a boy weighing 22 pounds (9.98 kg), born in Ohio in 1879, who sadly lived for only 11 hours. Today, many babies are born big, bouncing and heavier than the normal expected weight, all over the world, and here are a few! 1. Baby born... Read more
10-year-old girl leaves note on Facebook asking for help; what followed next is overwhelming!
Ever wondered why millions of people share their stories on Facebook? People have imprinted in their minds that Facebook is a companion who comes to our rescue, not physically but virtually. On those grounds, this story of a small girl from Indore whose aspirations are never ending leaves a ‘Help... Read more
Cancer stricken toddler who loved firefighters, meets New York fire department heroes before passing away!
A three-year-old boy who suffered from cancer had inspired many people in his short life. With a love for fire departments and fire trucks, he was even made an honorary junior firefighter by the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY). Trucker Dukes from Maui, Hawaii, was... Read more
Mom decides to amputate the leg of her ‘abnormally’ born baby, but look at her now!
It’s a difficult decision to make, to have the doctors amputate your daughter’s leg. This is an inspiring story of how we can face reality and overcome any tribulation that life may throw at us. Little Jemma Kelly was born with a deformed leg and hands. Her mom Tamara was shocked when she... Read more
Heartwarming Video Of A 4 Year Old Boy Crying As His Step Mom Read Him Her Vows During Her Wedding
This video of a little boy crying at his dad wedding has gone viral for the most beautiful reasons. US Marine Corps Sergeant Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan said their vows in an emotional wedding on Saturday at Quincy Cellars in Ripley, New York His son, Gage broke... Read more
Little Boy Born To Drug Addict Parents And Neglected, Totally Transformed By A Loving Family Who Adopted Him (photos)
Blaine Hamilton‏ took to her twitter handle to @Valerie_Blaine to share heartbreaking before and amazing after photo of her little brother, Coleman.  According to her, he was born to parents who are drug addicts and they neglected him completely. At 2 months old, he had dangerously lost so much weight. Her family then... Read more
Mom transforms six babies into tiny Disney princesses for one-of-a-kind photo shoot
Photographer and mom of three Karen Marie is now a real-life Fairy Godmother after she transformed six adorable babies into tiny Disney princesses earlier this month. “The amazing tales of love and heroism in Disney movies have always been an inspiration to me,” Marie tells Babble of her motivation... Read more

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