X Factor judges tell him to stop singing—Then moments later they were reduced to tears
When an X Factor contestant performed his first song, judges told him to stop and perform the next one. Then something happened that left them all clearly emotional. Read more
Instagram’s hottest mum? Fitness star reveals secrets behind killer figure
Last year, Brittany Perille Yobe’s Instagram account was suspended after she posted an exercise tutorial with her pregnant stomach on show. Read more
5-year-old boy gets lost during Las Vegas shooting—brave stranger saves him and finds mom through Facebook
Amidst the horror wreaked upon concertgoers during the recent Las Vegas massacre, stories of heroism also emerged. When one 5-year-old boy got separated from his mother and aunt, a stranger took him away from danger to safety, and then used the power of social media to get him back... Read more
Mom puzzled seeing her toddler in tears—but when she asked why, she couldn’t believe her ears
It’s often hard to deal with a wailing toddler, but it is not the case for this pure-hearted little girl. The tot cried her heart out for an unbelievably sweet reason—she was overcome with emotions because of Jesus’s love for her! Read more
Woman’s naked shower photo goes viral – for a VERY important reason
Back in 2013 Kate Middleton post-baby bump sparked a debate over what a “normal” woman looks like after giving birth. Read more
Twin baby girls bop to mom’s beats in viral video—but look at what the baby on the right is doing
These two eight-month-old twins giggle uncontrollably and can’t help but to bop to the music made by mom. This is bound to bring a smile to your dial! If you are looking for a heart-melting moment, be sure to catch this one! Read more
Photo of China bailiff breastfeeding suspect’s baby outside courtroom goes viral
A photo of a young bailiff breastfeeding a defendant’s baby recently went viral and generated lively discussion. Read more
Woman gets shot while shielding wounded fiancé during Vegas shooting. But luckily, both are okay
During the deadly Las Vegas shooting last Sunday, this young lady bravely acted as a human shield to protect her wounded fiancé from further injuries. Read more
From bulky weight to super fit and healthy! Mind-blowing transformation of 7 people
We belong to an era wherein people are judged based on their physical appearances and it is quite saddening! Most times, people become mentally weak as they fall prey to their increasing weights. Here are a few people who were majorly obese but they went through a beautiful transformation.  Read more
Lady who married in a size 20 is now size 8—and she looks simply gorgeous!
When Donna Docherty from Scotland came to a realization that being overweight is going to take a toll on her health in the future, she decided that enough was enough. And it involved making some serious changes to her lifestyle and to what she consumed on a daily basis. Read more

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