10-year-old Girl Supports Her Younger Siblings after Their Father Died and Their Mom Left Them
It is every child’s right to spend their youth by playing and enjoying time with friends while studying for their future. But for 10-year-old Xiao Ying, her younger siblings come first. She has no choice but to act as the head of the family after her father died and... Read more
Premature baby girl born size of soda can at 21 weeks—after 6 months, she defies massive odds
When a premature baby was born at less than 22 weeks, she was just the size of a Coke can. Her parents were scared and anxious she wouldn’t survive. When the mother saw her tiny baby and the fighting spirit the child had, she didn’t give up hope. Read more
Bizarre! Women now use their period for facial treatment (Photos)
A self-described ‘blood witch’ who caused a social media storm by giving herself a menstrual facial wants to inspire scores of other women to do the same thing. Read more
Libby Huffer, 45, battles with neurofibromatosis, a genetic neurological disorder causing non-cancerous bumps to form wherever nerves are present.   She’s battled the stigma for over 25 years, after fibromas rapidly multiplied all over her body – causing chronic pain that meant even a hug would hurt her. After... Read more
Serena Williams Suffers Health Complications
Serena Williams, the U.S. tennis star, who gave birth to her first child, recently suffered health complications. She had to opt for an emergency C section as her heart rate plunged to dangerously low levels during childbirth. Read more
Aww! Watch this adorable video of babies participating in a crawling competition
This video of babies participating in a crawling competition has gone viral and it’s so adorable! Watch the video below Read more
Serena Williams shares the No. 1 lesson she hopes to teach her daughter
When Serena Williams isn’t competing on the tennis court, you can find her gushing over her new baby. Read more
This disfigured slavegirl was beaten to make her cry so she would make more money while begging on the streets of Philippines… until her hero stepped in to save her
A severely disabled Filipino girl has been given a new lease of life, following years of being forced to beg on the streets after her mother sold her to a drugs gang.The girl, only known as Anabelle, would be beaten by her slavers to make her cry so as... Read more
This baby will lose all her limbs and be left 90% brain damaged after contracting a rare form of meningitis
A 10 months old baby faces losing all her limbs after contracting a rare and aggressive form of meningitis. Kia Gott, from Wyke in West Yorkshire, has had one arm amputated and is soon to have a leg removed after she was struck down with meningitis C septicaemia. Doctors told... Read more
‘The truth about my surrogate pregnancy decision’ – Kim Kardashian reveals
Though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been open about using a surrogate for their third child, Kim has now revealed that their surrogate was not used in the traditional sense.   Read more

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