Terminally Ill Girl Won’t Make It To Her Own High School Dance, So Brother Asks Her To His
When AJ Spader, 15, thought about who he’d like to take to his first high school formal dance, he only had one girl in mind. His dying sister, Rebekah. Rebekah, 10, suffers from a myelodysplastic syndrome, a condition that disrupts the production of blood cells in bone marrow. It’s... Read more
Cops Pull Over Drunk Dad With 3 Starving Kids, And Then Do THIS…I Am In Awe!
It was like any other night as Officers Roger Garcia and Sam Rodriguez patrolled their section of town. Although they are often prepared for abnormal circumstances like this baby, tonight would be a whole new ball game for the both of them. It was a Monday night when Officers Garcia... Read more
Doctors kept this ‘Miracle Baby’ inside a plastic bag—and it saved her life!
Sharon Grant was in her 28th week of pregnancy when doctors told her the bad news. Apparently, the baby inside her belly wasn’t being properly nourished, and so the baby has stopped growing. They had to put her under emergency C-section in order to save the baby. Photo from... Read more
This little boy was left alone at home with his grandmother. He then does this!
Our parents took care of us as soon as we opened our eyes to the world. They bathed us, fed us, and helped us through every step into adulthood. While many people prefer to “send” their aged parents and grandparents to nursing homes, there are still those who choose... Read more
Boy With Rare Lung Cancer Gets Baptized Before Family Pulls The Plug. Then Doctors Witness A Miracle
Dylan Askin, 3, was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. One month after getting treatment, he collapsed at his school in Derby, England. Dylan has pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis, and it forms cysts on his lungs that make it hard for him to breathe. His prognosis was... Read more
Mom and 6 Sons Donate a Combined 17 Feet Of Hair After Friend Dies of Cancer
Phoebe Kannisto has six sons a set of 5-year-old triplets, a pair of 8-year-old twins, and a 10-year-old. The family all live in Cheektowaga, New York and decided to work together for a great cause. Three years ago, a family friend lost a son to cancer. Some of Kannisto’s... Read more
Amazing! 65-year-old grandma gives birth to quadruplets (Photos)
They are the babies that propelled their mother into the history books and earned her the scorn of millions. The Berlin teacher’s super womb has already given birth to 13 children, all by different baby daddies and she also has seven grand-kids.   Doctors were extremely concerned at the time... Read more
His Baby Was Dying And He Didn’t Know What To Do…When A Tattooed Man Came…
Sometimes things in our lives get an unexpected twist that makes us rethink everything. At that moment you understand that everything happens for a reason, certain people appear in our lives for a reason. This video teaches us an important lesson about humanity, you never know who might need... Read more
Doctors Told Her She Would Never Have Children. But She Went On To Have 10. All Born Naturally. But That’s Not All
Louise Andrew went from feeling devastated after being told she would never have kids to becoming a thrilled mother-of-ten within a few years. When Louise was 17, she received the news that she suffered from severe ovarian cysts. Doctors told her that her chance for having children was really... Read more
A Horrific Car Crash Takes Their 3 Kids Away. 6 Months Later, Mom Is Pregnant With Triplets
What Lori and Chris Coble experienced is an insurmountable amount of pain. One fateful day, while Lori was driving her three children Kyle, Emma, and Katie home, disaster struck. A big rig tow truck carrying 40,000 pounds of merchandise smashed into the back of the family’s minivan. Lori has... Read more

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