Mom Pronounced Dead During Childbirth, Husband Shows Her This When Saying Goodbye (Video)
A mother was pronounced dead during childbirth and her husband was devastated. However, what happened next shocked everybody in the room. Doug and Melanie Pritchard were getting ready for their daughter to come into the world. Everything went well with Melanie’s pregnancy, until she went until labor. Suddenly, things... Read more
Doctors Deliver News No Mom Wants To Hear, But She Doesn’t Even Hesitate For A Second [video]
While we can all speculate what we would do in a given situation, it’s doesn’t always go that way when we are actually confronted with the issue face to face. We may all say that we are going to react a certain way, but realistically the result sometimes turns... Read more
Photos/Videos: Woman who delivered while in a coma wakes up, meets 3-month-old son
An Argentinian police officer, Amelia Bannan, whose baby was delivered while she was in a coma woke up and held her three-and a half-month-old baby for the first time. Her family is calling it a miracle. Bannan was nearly six months pregnant when on Nov. 1 she was in... Read more
Nothing Seems Too Remarkable About This Breastfeeding Clip…Until You See The Mom’s LEG
A mom in Brazil put her baby’s needs before her own by breastfeeding the infant after breaking her leg in a motorbike accident. According to The Huffington Post, extremely graphic footage of a woman breastfeeding her baby after a motorbike accident has gone viral after viewers realized the mother’s... Read more
Newborn Baby Boards Flight And Hands Note To Stranger Next To Her – It’s Going Viral
Traveling is a very tiring and difficult experience for every one. It’s not always comfortable nor is it always convenient. Sometimes, the seat on the plane can be too cramped, or the person sitting next to us can be highly irritating to deal with. But for those of us... Read more
Heartless Coworker Brags About ’Retard Costume,’ So Dad Throws This Photo Of His Daughter On Table.
Shannon Daughtry was talking with her husband, Dustin, when he confided in her something that made her blood absolutely boil. While at the office with over a dozen co-workers, Dustin overheard a blithe young man brag about his brother’s insensitive depiction of a person with a mental handicap. Unable to... Read more
You might think, after nine months she’s finally holding this baby to her chest. But here, nothing is what it seems.
The following people are pretty special. In addition, they all have something in common. Look at the first three photos and maybe you’ll figure out what makes them so unique. In the first picture you see a grandmother holding her grandchild in her arms. It appears as if the baby hasn’t... Read more
When this 19-year-old showed his true face most people were shocked, but then they understood
When their son, Cashel Garnder, was born, his parents, Sandy and Brandon, had no idea that he suffered from spinal muscular atrophy. This rare condition is a genetic disorder that causes the loss of motor neurons and leads to muscle wasting and paralysis as well as the inability to chew,... Read more
Her Story Broke Millions Of Hearts Across The Internet And Now The Cancer Has Taken Her Life
We all always wish that we will never get apart from the people who belong to us. We always want to live with their kind heart and love they provide to us. But whether you want or not, the person who has taken a birth must have to die... Read more

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